Bungie Says Thank You

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Bungie Says Thank You

We’ve had a great summer at Bungie, and many of you have a been a big part of that. On the heels of your first glimpse at our new frontier, we journeyed far and wide to introduce the world to Destiny. Our adventure truly began on stage at PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference, where we revealed the gameplay that awaits you and other brave Guardians. Then, we voyaged to Germany to bring the mission to fresh eyes at gamescom. Every step of the way, gamers like you have been the wind at our backs.

Bungie Says Thank You

Throughout our travels, we’ve been greeted by excited faces who are anxious to explore the wild with us. The reception has been inspiring and humbling. As this season draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to express our excitement that you can finally join our community.

You’re the reason we’re making this game. You will add the most important ingredient to this living, social world. And we’re already looking forward to the next adventure. Stay tuned, PlayStation Nation. This exploration only gets better over time.

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  • We all have high hopes for Destiny , and it seems to be the game of all games.

  • We thank you back for bringing Destiny to Playstation platforms we are really excited to see and learn more about the world of Destiny

  • Looking forward for some hands on with this game, and can’t wait to play see the expansions of the game as we progress.

  • I can’t wait for Destiny!! Game looks amazing. :)

  • Hunter class ALL DAY ALL NIGHT!

    • Warlock is the only true faith. Although there were about half-a-dozen Hunter cosplayers at PAX who would gore me with their knife if they heard me say that.

  • Unless Destiny is announced for PC, I guess I’ll be playing The Division instead.

  • I’m so so so so so so so so excited for this game. I can’t wait to explore the world and customize my characters, and fly in my own spaceship, maybe even fly through space? So beautiful, I’m in love.

  • The more I see the less patient I get! I want this game noooooow!

  • i haven’t liked halo after halo 3, YES i liked an xbox game everyone lol, honestly the only good game xbox ever had was halo, i loved the halo 3 multiplayer, and im really glad bungie can finally make what they want and go crazy with it and not be locked in on one system and let their ideas go nuts, destiny and ps4 makes me want to quit my job and never leave my house lol

    • Don’t quit your job, bro. We’re making a game that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle. You can enjoy it a few hours at a time, and you’ll still be able to play with your friends if they pull ahead in rank – or vice versa.

  • I’m excited for this game, Bungie always makes their games with love. It would be my first “next-gen game” if it was released on launch date =/.

  • I’ve been playing video games since I was 3, and for along time now games don’t keep my attention like they used to because they are just an 8 hour 60 dollar play through with millions of glitches, destiny makes me feel how i first felt when i played a video game online for the first time and how amazingly fun it was and socially entertaining, halo 3 was fun to play with friends and destiny looks to be that and more

  • It feels odd to see the highlight of a console generation so close to the beginning of it, but that’s what Destiny genuinely seems to be. Cannot wait to immerse myself in this universe. For once, hyperbole seems to be matched with ambition and execution.

  • Thank you for the T-shirt at E3 and the great conversation. When I wear it someone always stops me and comments on their anticipation.

    Thank you

  • What about dedicated servers?

  • This is easily one of my most anticipated 2014 titles already. I can’t wait to hear the time frame for it’s release… I’m hoping it arrives in time for the summer doldrums, although I’d bet it’s probably a holiday release.

  • Thank you guys for finally making a game for the PlayStation Nation!

  • No Bungie thank you for giving the PlayStation audience one of your games! Next stop bring it to Wii U as well xD

  • So glad to get a chance to play Destiny on PS4. You guys are my favorite developer from “over there” and the only reason I bought a 360…I’m serious, I only ever got live Gold when a Halo game was coming out. Can’t wait for the sony fans who haven’t experienced Bungie yet get a chance to play.

  • The grand scale of Destiny is like a game i always imagined in my imagination. I can’t want to play with my friends and explore.

  • I love the look of the characters and the environment.

  • And thank you for giving me something to stay hype for. Now give me a release date so I can go in to a coma until then! I needs this game!

  • can’t wait for this Bungie!!!

  • Seeing a Bungie Icon on the PS Blog makes me happy. It always saddened being on the outside looking in when seeing Bungie interact with its gamers. Even if I only have a 360 for Halo 3 – Reach, I was never able to stay there for long enough to benefit from the community. Well, it’s been official for a while but, the Playstation Community welcomes you. Just treat us right, respond to some comments, acknowledge us, and you get treated well in return =D

  • Please Please Please make a collectors edition with artbook or something, love the art direction and can’t wait to see myself lost in this universe you’re creating!

  • Dear Bungie,

    Can we see a viddoc ALL about the competitive multiplayer already? That’s one of the main reasons everyone loves Bungie and we’ve barely seen anything

  • Bungie, I was with you from the day ONI was released on PS2 when I was just ten. Not even a year later, I saved up and bought an Xbox for Halo CE. I was on a ride with your studio all through my years as a 360 player. Now that I’m going Sony/Nintendo exclusive, I feel oddly comforted to still have a game by you right there with me. I grew up with your games and I’m excited to play Destiny – it’s shaping up to be a true giant of a game.

  • Bungie, just wanted to say I have never been a fan of Halo. I always hated that game. Soooo much! (sorry). Just wasn’t my cup of tea. At first I didn’t know what to think about this game as the thought of Halo put me off it. But when you showed some gameplay, you…blew…..my….mind!!! So thanks for winning me over! I’m not easy to win over. Can’t wait to get my hands on this and will play it flat out! Who needs jobs now when all we need is this!!

    Hope to hear you more often in the EU blog. Seems the U.S gets more post. :( Dying for more news and more videos so keep them coming!

    So… three questions
    1) Can the vita play via remote play?
    2) Does the touch-pad do anything special?
    3) Can you release it day one? :D This would be great!

    You want this game to be as big as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Hell I may just put a few empty spaces before them for some sequels. hehe

    p.s. I’m going to be a Warlock!

  • Cant wait for destiny ! :D

  • Destiny will be my drug just like Halo! :)

  • I am awful at aiming a weapon, leading a target, shooting, and killing them.

    Is melee going to be as viable as some of these gameplay clips imply? Because that would be very, very awesome.

  • Can’t wait to play this through my Vita, Bungie. :)

  • Why wasn’t this game at PAX, at least in a closed booth?? What are you doing letting an inferior game like Titanfall steal the show and spotlight?

  • I’ve been playing Bungie’s games since I wee Macintosh gamer back in the day. Glad to see them developing for PlayStation again. I put so many hours into Halo: Reach. Can’t wait to do immerse myself in Destiny.

  • Destiny is my most anticipated game in a long, long time. I’ve pretty much decided to get a next-gen console because of this one. I have loved the Halo games, and I can’t wait to see what Bungie has in store for us next.

  • I just want to welcome Bungie to the playstation.
    I have never had the pleasure of playing one of your titles and absolutely love the the world and ideas you are bringing to the table with Destiny. It has been on preorder since the first trailer at E3. I hope it is early 2014……….
    Thank you

  • I’m looking forward to the single player experience on this game and thats all.Game looks good so far.

  • Thank you bungie! not only for the amazing job with Destiny and bringing it to us Playstation owners, but also thank you for epic halo games! I never had an xbox, but I had Halo ce on pc and it was a joy to play it.

    Destiny was my first pre order for PS4. Can’t wait for having more epic bungie moments in gaming again :D

  • Demo please before its out or asap! saw the preview it looks epic! Call Of Duty your days are numbered!

  • are there any (playable) GLBT characters in the campaign? can those personal expressions be made in multiplayer?

    will we be able to use the PS4 Eye to “scan” our face as a customization of our avatars?

    any Move and/or 3D support on PS4 planned?

  • The game looks amazing! Can’t wait to play this and Titanfall :)

  • Wow, you guys should also make a movie with this storyline. I heard a rumor that Naughty Dog would partner with some movie company and incorporate the game Watch Dogs. I honestly think that if you guys made a movie it would as epic as the Star Wars movies!

  • And people had doubt about this game please, better look at there track record 1 of the best in the industry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By far my most anticipated game on the PS4 so far!

    I am extremely looking forward to the new worlds and lore Bungie will flesh out.

  • Destiny is looking to be epic.

    Can’t wait to play this on my PS4 next year. :)

  • No no Bungie thank you, for all the great games you’ve given over the years. I’ve been a Bungie fan since Marathon ^^ and the Halo franchise was easily my top reason for getting an Xbox (besides the fact that im a huge nerd and feel like I have to own all the big consoles lol) and im glad you guys are finally back to making whatever you want I mean look at the result Destiny looks like it could easily be game of the year material even a defining title of this coming console generation. Im definitely picking it up for my Playstation 4 (btw so glad you can publish on any console because I’ve always preferred Playstation XD)

  • you are one of the main reasons im getting a ps4. so thank you for bringing this amazing looking game to next gen.

  • Except I can’t join your community because you don’t care about anyone who doesn’t like the first person perspective.

    I would love to join your community, it looks like an interesting world, but that’s a dealbreaker for me. Sorry Bungie.

  • Funny I always thought Microsoft bought out Bungie to get their paws on Halo

  • @48, Bungie got away from MS after Halo: Reach. Halo is now handled by 343 Industries.

  • 48 – bungie wanted away from microsoft not long after halo 2 but was under contract. they had originally been a multi-plat team and before that mac team making halo a rts.

    49 – 343 has done nothing but abysmal things with halo 4, if i wanted to play cod i’d play it. i feel bad for people getting their start with halo 4 or 5 for that matter.

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