Diablo III Out Today on PS3 With Exclusive Items

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Diablo III Out Today on PS3 With Exclusive Items

Diablo III on PS3

Greetings from Sanctuary! Our devilish team of developers has poured blood, sweat, and hellfire into bringing our epic action-RPG to consoles. While the reviews are still coming in, we’ve been excited to see that the critics are loving Diablo III on PS3.

I hope that you’ll love it too. You can pick the game up on Blu-ray disc starting today or save some gas money by downloading a digital copy from PlayStation Store. Either way, you’ll be primed for countless hours of fun with one of the most action-packed adventures around.

Don’t forget about the five PS3 -exclusive in-game bonus items you’ll score:

Diablo III for PS3: Hero's Journey (exclusive PlayStation item)Diablo III for PS3: Leoric's Gauntlets (exclusive PlayStation item)

“The Hero’s Journey” – A Legendary shoulder item that includes a Journey style scarf
“Drake’s Amulet” – A Legendary amulet that bears a striking resemblance to the ring that Drake wears around his neck in Uncharted
“Leoric’s Gauntlets” – These Legendary gloves summon a ghostly skeleton to fight for you
“Crimson Angelic Wings” – Call forth a set of red Angelic Wings
“Leah’s Ring” – A Legendary ring that provides bonuses to Magic Find and Gold Find

Diablo III for PS3: Crimson Angelic Wings (exclusive PlayStation item)Diablo III for PS3: Infernal Helm

Be sure to invite your friends over too — Diablo III on PS3 features local co-op play for up to four players on the same screen. Here’s a taste of what the Lord of Terror has in store for you and your friends:

Pick up and slay

Take a stand as one of humanity’s last defenders, choosing from among the most badass demon slayers gaming’s ever seen: the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, or Wizard. Directly control your character against the hordes of the Burning Hells and unleash devastating powers — we’ve custom-built this version of Diablo III to feel perfect with a controller in hand.

Dodge all the things

Avoid incoming attacks or reposition yourself for more strategic use of your skills with a simple flick of the right analog stick. This maneuver is especially useful for ranged classes, but even a Barbarian can appreciate being able to sidestep a fireball.

Items and loot

You’ll find epic loot on your adventure and the PS3 version of Diablo III provides you with an easy way to know whether something you’ve picked up is an upgrade — without having to pause the action. Simply press up on the direction pad to scroll through the latest pieces of gear you’ve gathered. A green arrow pointing up lets you know you’ve found an upgrade, so press X and equip it!

No escaping your deadly skills

It’s always smart to focus fire. If you spy a demon that looks particularly menacing, you can hold down the left trigger while targeting it to lock on. All your attacks will then be aimed right for its face, right where they belong.

Did someone say “Epic loot”?

The game features targeted loot drops, too, so you’re more likely to find upgrades that are tailored for the class you’re playing. And since Diablo III is an equal opportunity treasure hunt, everyone playing together in local co-op can reap the rewards!

One couch to rule them all

It’s no fun having to wait around while your local co-op buddy answers the door or takes a bathroom break. We’ve designed the game so that when a break is needed, the rest of the group can keep playing—idle party members will automatically keep up with the group while they’re away!

After spending months laser-focused on creating a true Blizzard-quality console-gaming experience, we’re super excited that the game is here—and we can’t wait to see you all in Hell!

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  • will pick this up when I finish platting Dragon’s Crown.

  • The reviews are claiming that the game suffers from frame rate issues is it true and if so are you planning on fixing?

  • This game is going to be awesome, four player co-op should be pretty cool, not the typical party game. I’ve been away from Diablo since playstation 1 and this is a great welcome back

  • I’ll probably just wait for the PS4 version whenever it comes out. =)

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this later today! Really looking forward to it!

  • I’ve already dl’ed the game this morning and I got to say this got to be the longest day of college of my life so far.
    So i have question: how long does the game let a person auto tag along with the group and do they still get loot or any XP if the other members are taking down any bosses, challenges , etc. ?

  • Can’t wait until I get home tonight so I can play this!

  • How do I get the exclusive items? I never received a code.

  • I would love to play this on my Vita. The pick-up-and-play experience of a Vita has quickly made that my main console and my PS3 and 360 are not seeing much play these days.

  • You can repackage a turd with new wrapping but it still doesnt make it taste good. The game was a disappointment on PC and this hasnt changed for the console version.

  • Got this. Can’t wait to finish the download to dive into it. All that loot waiting for me to nab it.

  • Oh, when you say, “save some gas money,” you mean that literally and are not referring to some sort of digital version discount. Disappointing, but okay.

    The big question is, will saves carry over to the PS4 version when that is released? Will this game also be a part of the upgrade to next-gen versions promotion that some of the games this fall are a part of?

  • The game looks great, but I think I’ll wait for the PS4 version. Right now I’m so busy with Dragon’s Crown.

  • Any kind of deal for those of us who already have it on PC?

  • @14 I dont think so, but if you played it for PC why would you play the same game again on PS3 unless you haven’t beat it. I will wait for the PS4 version or a Playstation Plus sale on the PS3, whatever comes first

  • How do you get the 5 exclusive items? Do you just pick them up in the game?

  • Josh Mosqueira u guys should have made a demo for the average console player, ya see it looks interesting but i never played these type games before to just drop 60 bucks on a genre i never even experience, I’m sure many people who heard of diablo on Pc but never played it before feel the same way..so as of right now u lost a sale on the game…soooo can i get any response on a demo release date,

  • @snakeeyes211 Sony just stocks the game in the digital store like any game retailer does for their stores…they didn’t make it. For questions about fixes etc, you should ask the guys making the game, in this case Blizzard.

  • @ informal_geek I understand that I was hoping one of the developers would take a look at the site.

  • I had the game downloading this morning while i slept. I plan to start it when i get home from classes.

  • @12 yeah a plus discount at least would have been great. But i’m happy to play this game.

  • @21
    I was hoping you would join me on PS4.
    Waiting on the PS4 version, already have 350 hours on PC. with a paragon level 30 DH and numerous other characters.

  • Please add the necromancer as a playable character back to diablo 3! please add season pass to psn store. will diablo 3 be coming to ps vita?
    See you all in the cow lvl!! LoL

  • is by subscription???

  • @15 – Well that’s the point. If I have it on PC, why buy it on PS3 unless they’re offering us some kind of incentive or deal. That’s why I asked.

  • I love this game!!!!!

  • Just waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. So excited to play. Hope to make some cool online co-op friends to play with. =D

  • Blizzard, any chance we see Diablo Collection on PS3 or PS4?

    Considering we had Diablo I on PS1… and now Diablo III on PS3/PS4… how about a collection with the three games in the series??

    No offense to Diablo III, but Diablo II is IMHO the best of the series and we could use it on PlayStation systems!

  • @24: nope, Diablo III does not need a subscription to play, if that is what you are asking.

  • Hi guys! Id i buy this game today i William Getafe the ítem bonus?

  • Lol stupid traslator! If i buy this game today i can get the exclusive items?

  • @30
    You get the items mentioned above but not the pre-order ones.

  • I preordered this from Gamestop and received the Infernal helm bonus, but didn’t get a voucher for the Journey Scarf, Drake’s Amulate, etc.

    Where was the voucher for those items? I called Gamestop, but they told me they didn’t offer those and since I opened it, (because they told me those vouchers were also inside) I can’t get a refund.

  • They might just be on disc as part of the game since it says in-game items. I won’t have mine for a few days, so I can’t tell you if it’s in the box or not.

  • I really think ranged weapons/skills would have worked a lot better in a dual-stick shooter control scheme. Didn’t anyone at Blizzard play Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light?

    Either way I’m still looking forward to playing the game with my girlfriend as soon as I get home. Dozens of hours on the PC, but now I get to play couch co-op!

  • the bonus items are in your stash after you make a character =)

  • @33

    Three of the items are in your storage box whn you start the game (basically), but the two coolest items, the gauntlets and the crimson wings aren’t in there. I’m not sure where to find those. Maybe someone else could chime in andtell us where they’re found.

    The framerate seems solid to me, not sure which reviewer said otherwise. But it’s not like I’ve played the whole game either.

    I love the game, and am happy the king of the genre is back where it belongs, on consoles where the genre was born. My one major gripe is that the camera can’t be rotated and zoomed out like most of the genre. At least zoomed out since the rest of the environments probably aren’t there. Maybe you guys at Blizzard could add a simple camera zoom in the pause menu? The one other thing that could be tweaked to make the UI expeience a bit better, would be to make the Equip./Skill menu bigger to fill the screen to see stuff better and to make some of the text more readable.

  • @33 the guantlets and wings are both in your stash. you can equip the wings from your inventory, and if you die, you’ll have to re-equip them.

    if I’m not mistaken, the guantlets can’t be used until your level 30

  • hmm will wait on PS4 version since they might add the expansion with it :P

  • if i download today can do i still get the items

  • Aint got no time for this…gta 5 is coming soon!

  • Please fix Diablo 3
    -frame rate issue
    -the ability to actually just use your regular main weapon(without skills)
    -Skill tree, to make it more like diablo 2 where you had choices, not just auto level up.
    -Ability to move around and zoom camera angels.
    -Inventory system, to make it like pc.

  • aye i need some heroic friends to help me run threw act1-nightmare (master1) reighn of the black king. very good loot iv figured out. my playstation name is NikoLasSanchez. hope to see some friend requests

  • And please add a pvp!!!

  • Really loving this game. Loved D2 but when this sequel came out almost a decade later it I did not keep up on computers so I could not play it. I was very happy it came to PS3.

    BTW… the Crimson Angelic Wings, where are these? I have not seen anything like that in my chest.

  • Found them, they are in the “Bag” part (one with potions and such).

    This whole time i thought it was a potions only option… lol.

  • Hey all I pre ordered it from GAME about 2/3 months before it came out… i was disappointed by the art book and i never received the KEYCHAIN :@ also i now here everyone who buys a new copy gets the art book and pre order bonuses even if they didn’t pre order I… ANYBODY else know this as i am really disappointed with BLIZZARD :@

  • Yea the bonus items will be in EVERY character I make right? Not just like the 1st one. cause i gotta play around a bit

  • @Darklurkr23

    Stash, Blacksmith, Jeweler and their upgrades are shared across all characters.
    Simply put those items to the Stash and you get it on the other character ;)

  • How do you obtain the exclusive 5 items ??

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