VVVVVV Coming to PS Vita

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VVVVVV Coming to PS Vita


Hello fellow Sony fans! Tyrone Rodriguez with Nicalis, Inc., here. I’ve been given some time to introduce you to something vvvvvvery awesome. When last I posted on the official PlayStation.Blog, I told you a bit about 1001 Spikes on PS Vita. Today I’m going to introduce you to the incredible world of VVVVVV (pronounced like the letter “V” six times etc), coming to PS VVVVVVita!

What’s this VVVVVV I speak of? Thought up by professional nice guy and game designer Terry Cavanagh, VVVVVV is a game where you’ll die a lot. Yes, I know it sounds like 1001 Spikes, and I know that it has lots of spikes, but it’s a totally different game. Stick with me, I promise this will be awesome.

So VVVVVV. I’ve never been one for spoilers, but the story goes something like this: you’re Captain Viridian (like the color) and you, your ship, and your crew are stranded in some crazy alternate dimension that, of course, is in the process of imploding. Of course it is. Your crew has been lost in this weird dimension and you’re the leader; it’s your job to go find them and maybe save the dimension. Maybe. That’s all I’m going to give you as far as the story.

The play is where VVVVVV will really trap you and keep you hooked. There’s no shooting, and there’s not even a real jump button. Instead, you can move left or right, and you can invert Captain Viridian’s gravity. This is the main play mechanic, and also how you’ll solve puzzles and navigate through the game world. Pressing the X button while on the ground or ceiling will cause Viridian to spontaneously ascend or descend. While airborne, Viridian can move left and right as well. It might sound like a jump, but it’s not. You’ll literally stick to ceilings, which will technically become the floor.

The gravity switch is an insanely awesome concept that allows for hundreds upon hundreds of clever puzzles. What you’ll find after a few minutes of playing is that you need to change and redefine your perception of a platformer, and how you think and find solutions to the challenges in front of you.

You’ll probably die a lot. Because of that, checkpoints are strategically placed throughout the world. And there are no lives. You basically will keep going as long as you can, as long as it takes to save Dimension VVVVVV.

While you’re doing your best avoiding death and saving your companions, you can appreciate the chiptune music by Magnus Palsson.

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  • I clocked a plenty of hours into the PC version and I can’t wait to do it all over again on the Vita. Thanks for bringing it to Vita!

  • Vita?

    You can’t tell but I’m throwing large wads of money with questionable origin at the monitor right now.

    Heard a ton about this game but have never had the pleasure. Can’t wait!

  • Keep the Indie explosion going, Sony! Very excited about these late night announcements.

  • I’m down. Keep in touch with us alright?

    • Definitely, and you can always keep in touch with us directly. We’re pretty vocal and try to communicate with all our fans as much as we can–that is, when we’re not making games.

  • This was unexpected! I really wanted to buy this game (on PC), but now I’m gonna wait for this version to come out because it’s gonna be perfect on the PS Vita! Thank you so much!

  • Hey man. You’re awesome. Thanks for bringing VVVVVV to the VVVVVVita! Can’t wait.

  • @ #6/martinirage1 !!!!! I wanted to do something like that! D=.

  • Please make good use of Terry’s gentlemaness and also give us Super Hexagon for Vita OK?

  • As if having this on browsers, PC, and 3DS eShop hasn’t been enough for me…!

  • Oh boy, do I have a list for you:

    Existing games I would love to see on VITA (that I can think of right now):
    -Demon’s Souls (Phyre Engine apparently supports Vita, so it should be somewhat possible?)
    -Mercenary Kings
    -Final Fantasy Type-0 (localize that good thing, doc)
    -Freedom Wars
    -Dungeons of Dredmor
    -Torchlight 2
    -Castle Crashers
    -Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
    -Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale (very unlikely, I would guess, but doesn’t hurt to try!)
    -Super House of Dead Ninjas
    -They Bleed Pixels
    -XCOM: Enemy Within
    -Metal Gear Rising
    -BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
    -Injustice: Gods Among Us
    -Persona 4 Arena (the new version that’s been recently announced)
    -Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    -Devil May Cry HD Collection
    -Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

    Games I would like to see made:
    -inFamous for Vita
    -New Legend of Dragoon game for PS4 or Vita
    -Soul Sacrifice 2 for Vita
    -New PaRappa
    -New Ape Escape games for both PS4 and Vita
    -Bioshock Vita (Whatever happened to that?)
    -A new Action RPG IP similar to Soul Sacrifice but with exploring instead of just fighting monsters in arenas.

  • Oh crap, the previous comment was posted on the wrong thread! Sorry ya’ll, just happens when you’re looking at various threads and you’re sleepy!

    VVVVVV coming to VVVVVVita is a great thing, by the way!

  • OMG, VVVVVV is coming VVVVVVita? That game and the music is awesome, it would really be fun to play this on the go.

    Can’t wait!

  • Looks interesting. I’ve heard a lot about this but never looked into it. Now that it’s coming to Vita, I’ll definitely keep my eye out for it. Keep up the Vita games dump!

  • Great news!

  • I will buy this game! Any idea on a release window yet?

  • Oh… my… god. If I could express to you how excited I am, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. I bought this game on day one when it initially released via it’s website. I downloaded it again when it was released on Steam. I downloaded it again on the 3DS eShop. And you bet yourself I’ll be buying this unbelievably brilliant game again when it launches on Vita. I… love… VVVVVV.

    Terry Cavanagh is one of the nicest guys on the planet, and it brings special joy to my heart to see other people get so excited about this game. Many times, I feel like I’m the only one.

    Now that VVVVVV is coming to Vita, how about that N++???

  • Awesome news! Keep those indies rolling in, but don’t forget AAA titles to keep the mainstream going

  • Ah retro game aye, let’s remember to stay well balanced when bringing games to PS Vita. Because that is most important.

  • This is nice but Tyrone, how about you get 1001 Spikes out on the Vita first. I’ll get this VVVVVV that you’re talking about here but I WANT 1001 Spikes as soon as possible on my Vita. With Spelunky already on it, 1001 Spikes would be super awesome to have as well.

    Masochists unite!

    • We’re working-away at 1001 Spikes for Vita AND PlayStation 4. You’re going to LOVE the single and multiplayer aspects.

      We have different teams working on each game so the development is running concurrently. You might get both sooner than you expect.

  • Haha, why didn’t “VVVVVVita” come to mind by itself?

    @19 tusunami – The main VVVVVV game is well-balanced, I’d say. There’s liberal checkpoints which are quick to load from (frequen) deaths, each game has two save slots (one automatically at teleporters, the other manual), and the trinkets are definitely do-able with a D-pad (though if you’re having trouble, there’s a slo-mo option available). This game is great charm and a great sprawl — it’s a “Metroidvania” sort of game without upgrades, meaning any area is only barred by player capability (like Knytt Underground’s third act). And the MUSIC. Love ya, Souleye.

  • When we will be able to play Crash (1, 2 and 3) on PS Vita?

  • Porting Journey to PS-Vita and selling it preinstalled in the system could really help the PS-Vita sales.
    Altought it is risky, if you are able to sell more Vita units then the number of games bought by the costomers will also increase, you should really consider making people buy PS-Vita because you can see nintendo is really doing stuff with the 3DS (Pokemon, 2DS, etc.)
    So you should try to make the console a better deal itself, simultaneously increaseing the library, drastically increasing the number of games while retaining the quality for games like pixel junk games, etc. and each retailing for $5-$10 would be excellent.
    Although I am aware of the upcomming price cut, I am not very sure it will help a lot if the games itself are worth $40+.

  • the pc version was pretty fun(and hard), and i will be glad to replay it again on my PsVita!

  • Oh, COME ON. I bought myself a monster hand held with monster specs and what games do I get with it? Too many platformers and puzzlers. More game choices please! For the last 2 months I found myself just getting either PS1 classics or PSP games because I didn’t like any of the Vita games I didn’t have yet.

  • will we be able to cross-play it on the ps3?

  • can you put gta san andreas on the vita store?

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