Samurai Gunn Coming to PS4, PS Vita

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Samurai Gunn Coming to PS4, PS Vita

This roaming ronin of a game has been many places during development, but now its sanguine sword rests in place. And if the sleek, black samurai shoe fits, wear it.

Samurai Gunn on PS4 and PS Vita

And why are PS4 and PS Vita a perfect fit for Samurai Gunn? Well, that’s a dumb question.

  • Samurai Gunn brings people closer together through tight controls, deadly matches, and commonly occurring bouts of friendly rivalry.
  • PS4 actually brings people closer together. With magnets.
  • Only PS4 and Vita have enough power to run these intense pixel graphics at ludicrous speed.
  • The PS4 and Vita versions emit sounds at sub-sonic frequencies which trigger endorphins in your brain that make the incomparably smooth plastic of the square button actually feel like the worn cloth binding of a samurai sword. Combining that with the unique way PS4 pumps color into your television, you will actually believe that you are a samurai.
  • Sony is not responsible for any damage caused by you fighting your way out of the soft center of battle — or to your television, home furnishings, pets, close friends, and relatives. Teknopants Ltd. might be, but will be in Hong Kong at the time.
  • By using the PS4 microphone alongside Doseone’s phat beats, this game will make you better at freestyling.
  • The microphone doesn’t have to be on or anything, you just get better with practice.

If you find that after one round with Samurai Gunn your heart beats passionately for it, Sony will happily cover the cost of getting a neck tattoo of the Samurai Gunn logo.*
*Not really but do it anyway.

Technical Requirements:
Samurai Gunn on PS Vita plays best when installed alongside Luftrausers, Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Hohokum, and Lone Survivor.

If you have any questions about Samurai Gunn or where to find the right tattoo parlor for you, feel free to comment below.

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  • This looks Vita breaking good!

  • I didnt pay 250USD in a vita to play THIS kind of game!!

  • Cool, Layon, then buy Ys when that comes out later this year, and killzone, and understand that variety is a good thing.

  • @2

    Then you’re doing it wrong.

    Those technical requirements aren’t too steep as I’ve got those components that have already been released. Ill make a folder for them entitled “Kick ass must own games”.

    Also just watched the video for the game on your web site…for the love of god tell me this has online/crossplay because it looks like something I’d want to have sexual relations with.

  • #2 is absolutely correct. I’m sorry, but this is just embarrassing for the Vita that these types of games now seem to be the sole focus of Sony. If I had known that this what would have happened to the Vita, I would never have bought one.

  • I love the playful attitude of this post, and that MORE games are coming to PS4/Vita!

  • Damn you!!! /s
    You’re plug worked. But only because I saw Spelunky xD

    Kill Bill x Afro Samurai x 8-bit?!
    Hand me a price tag no higher than $10 and you got yourself a download!

  • Can’t wait. Dat Vita catalogue getting deep, yo. Keep putting out titles like this and it’ll be the best handheld since the GBA.

  • Is this gonna be realeased this year? Can you give us an specific date?

  • @ #2/LayonD_BR I don’t know, there are many Indie games for all tastes. You don’t have to underestimate them just for being “Indie”.

    And well, Vita has more “AAA” games:
    Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation.
    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.
    DJMax Technika Tune.
    Dragon’s Crown.
    Persona 4: The Golden.
    Little Big Planet: PS Vita.
    Muramasa Rebirth.
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1/2 Plus.
    Rayman Origins.
    Soul Sacrifice
    WipEut 2048.
    Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

    Then, we’ll have:
    DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havor.
    Killzone: Mercenary.
    Rayman Legends.
    YS: Memories of Celceta.

    If you decide to ignore indie games you might lose a great experience, anyways.

  • Hey thanks for supporting the Vita. I’m glad you’re bringing this game to both the ps4 and vita. Keep up the good work.

  • Don’y worry, all the indie criticism is unneeded, all of them will find That One Game, that they love so much but it’s also indie. Just let the games do the talking.

  • Hell Ya!! more fun for me ;)

  • Thank you for bringing your game to the best family gaming platforms in the world. We appreciate you! Right Nick S, Sid S, and Justin M?

  • Awesome, is this game online?

  • Great news!

  • Yo, guys….. waiting to play your games….

    And Sony, Thx for bringing more variety to the vita… I’m loving playing indies in my vita at my job, or goin’ to /coming from work… or even at my work

    Love my vita, bring more games

    We S2 indies…

  • I guess there is a demand for retro games on the PS Vita aye. Just keep more games on the level of Soul Sacrafice, Dragon’s Crown, etc. coming out, who cares if we don’t have Monster Hunter when you have the 2 games I just named really. The PS Vita is going to really start selling because of the Indie Developers support & Third Party support. Keep it going Doods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait to play this on the Vita! Happy to see so many other people are excited as well. More games the better I say!

  • @4 – – Well put this game must have online/cross-play. This is going to be a hit for the Vita.

  • I hope it comes to Atari 2600 also.

  • HA! Your write up alone sold me on this game. Funny stuff.

    Anyway, I love retro graphics and the Vita’s OLED screen makes pixel art sing.Will buy, right along side eye candy like Killzone: Mercenary.

  • I’m sick and tired of these indie games. why the Vita has games like this so much?

    look at the 3DS and PSP, they’re succeed because they have real games and all the Japanese games that people want.

  • @Monterossa — Hey, that’s not a nice thing to say! Indie games are real games, too! Get with the times!

  • @23: Plenty of Japanese games, but most aren’t being localized.

    And 3DS has eShop games, and PSP had a bajillion PS Minis.

  • Just found this trailer on your website. Game looks way cooler than I expected. I cannot wait.

    You guys should put that video in this blog.

  • Guys, i am just saying that the hardware power of the Vita is MUCH better and powerful for these “8bit-weirdo-and-most-low-cost-indie” games. These Indies and independent games should cost 1$ or less…I like these too, i also own some of them. But i preffer to spend money in big games and sucessful series.

    Vita is a expensive plataform! Make it worth with good improved games!

    Just to help some requests: SPYRO, CRASH AND DIGIMON FOR VITA PLEASE!!!!


  • so wait? the ps4 has a microphone????

  • At this rate, the PS4 will have more games than the PS3 before it even hits store shelves lol.

  • F*** PS4…..thanks for bringing this to Vita it looks interesting.

  • @ 21 Scaramanga1983 – That was funny…ha cant stop laughing.

  • PSV can handle much more than that !! Go on studios and Bring the best in PSV . PSV rocks

  • Found a video and looks bloody awesome. Now it’s on my radar.

  • Lol what a post.

  • This is great news!You have my Vita purchase.

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