Octodad Gets PS Move Support

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Octodad Gets PS Move Support

Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PS4

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a PS4 game where you play an octopus masquerading as a human, trying to get through your daily life. Unfortunately, since you have no bones, doing even the simplest task without revealing yourself to your normal human wife and kids can become quite the challenge.

Part of the joy of Octodad is making him fumble and flop around, and we’d like to announce that we are bringing that joy into the real world with PlayStation Move support! You, too, can flail your arms like an octopus! (Don’t worry; you can still use a DualShock 4 if you’re feeling timid.)

We’ve been itching to do motion controls for a while now. Since Octodad is a game about wiggling your tentacles in 3D space, involving the player’s body has always seemed like a perfect fit. Controlling Octodad’s limbs 1-to-1 feels natural, and luckily doesn’t dampen his wacky movements.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PS4

Our current setup requires only one Move controller. You alternate which leg you’re moving using the front Move button for the right leg, or the back trigger for left, and then wave the controller in the direction you want to stumble. When you’re commanding Octodad’s arm, you simply move the controller where you want it to go, and press the Move button to latch your suckers on to nearby objects. Even if you’re not into swinging your arms like a cephalopod, we’ve found it’s still fun to sit down on the couch and play with more subtlety.

When we first started thinking about PS4 development, we were worried we’d be stretching ourselves too thin adding another platform. But porting to PS4 was surprisingly quick, and since we’ve got it running in ship shape, we’ve been able to experiment with unique features like PlayStation Move. We like to wet our beaks on crazy new experiences, and nothing floats our boat like a fresh control scheme. We’ve had a blast playing with the Move, and we hope you will, too!

Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PS4

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  • Awesome! Will definitely be trying the game with Move when it releases! One of my most anticipated PS4 games.

  • Well…uh…I hope some interesting body movements are required.

  • Oh my God yes.

  • is the video working for anyone?

  • THANK YOU! I know I’ve been tweeting at you guys to add Move functionality in, and you guys did it! Sold! PSMove killer app right here! :D

  • This is actually the best news of the day for me. Was already looking forward to Dadliest Catch, but now I can’t wait to play it with Move.

  • anything else getting move support on PS4? Really like to know whats going on with this Camera.

    Also would like to know why I’m pay more for what is available in a bundle in Europe for less:
    2 Controllers, 1 Eye, 1 KZSF, 1 PS4… 500 euros. you no like America sony.

  • Move support?
    *dust off controller*
    “I’ve missed you baby*

  • This might just be enough to convince me to buy it on PS4 instead of PC.

  • haha that so awesome! xD

  • Um, KazeEternal, did you even bother to check the conversion rate? 500 Euros = $660~ at current rates.
    A PS4 with two DS4s, an Eye and KZ:SF costs $640. That’s 20 USD less than the converted amount.

    As for Dadliest Catch getting Move support, that’s awesome news. Can’t wait to see how it feels to be an octopus.

  • cool story bro…

  • Genius idea, guys. Genius. :)

  • Oh man, it’s refreshing to see move support already in place on PS4. Octodad was already of interest to me, but since I’m a fan of motion controls, this is pretty cool!

    On an unrelated note, doesn’t anyone think it’s weird that the ps4 can’t support the DS3, but doesn’t have a problem with Move? Don’t they communicate with the box the same way?

  • @11

    The bundle here is even cheaper than that. The $399 gets you one controller already, so add 60 for another controller, 60 for the camera, and 60 for the game, you get everything for $580, or just over 439 Euros. Not really a good bundle if you ask me. Now if you sell this bundle for $499 US you will see them fly off the shelves.

  • I wasn’t sure I wanted to try this game but with move support I’m in! is this the first move game on PS4?

  • Glad to see Move support. Especially since so few games seem to have it on PS4 so far.

  • It’s good to see with the PS4 coming out that developers will still have games that are focused on the PS Move in mind. Games that are built from the ground up with PS Move, many more unique experiences can be done with the PS Move can’t wait to see more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why is this on ps4 and not 3

    • It’s a fair question- we went with PlayStation 4 because the system architecture is much easier to work with, and being a small team new to console development, we found that we could actually program it to run on PS4 by ourselves in a reasonable amount of time. A PS3 version could be possible later if we have the resources and money to have another company help port it, but at the moment we do not have plans for that.

  • guess the biggest takeeaway for me is that move works on ps4 which I didnt know and now I want to get this game to christen my ps4

  • I had a blast playing this at the PlayStation booth at PAX Prime. I can’t wait to play more when it comes out.

  • Despite Octodad being available only on PS4….I’m quite curious to see how Move will work with PS4….I didnt even know that PS4 would support Move…I mean the same PS3 controllers…is that about right?….thats very nice…I recently bought another Move and….I’ll be very happy to know that I wont need to buy another different Move controller for PS4.

    At least one thing….one thing you did right with PS4 Sony….good job with that.

    • I believe the PS3 Move controllers you have will continue to work, though I think you will need to upgrade to the PS4 camera.

  • Lol, this game just got even better.

  • Saw this in-person at PAX and I’m over-the-moon excited. I hope there are more Move announcements coming.
    Octodad is also looking a little better to my eye, with the rough/lower-poly environmental models having been smoothed out. The textures/maps on things like rugs, etc still need work though.

    PS: Still waiting to hear about any 3D support, but the game it would be a perfect fit for would be ResoGun. Holy crap, the visuals were AMAZING.

    • Thanks for the nice comments!

      Since we’ve been developing for PC, we have been trying to balance graphics to allow somewhat low-spec’d computers to play. We hope to use the time between that launch and PlayStation 4 in order to increase the graphical fidelity in places where we can since all PS4s have the same capabilities. (No promises on how much, though, since we are still a small team.) Regarding textures, we’ll look into seeing which ones might need another pass before release. Thanks!

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