Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe Talk Beyond: Two Souls

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Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe Talk Beyond: Two Souls
Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe Talk Beyond: Two Souls

Today we have a new video featuring actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe talking about their roles in the upcoming PS3 title Beyond: Two Souls.

Ellen plays the game’s lead, Jodie Holmes. In this video, she reveals how she related to her character, and the emotional journey that Jodie goes through in the game.

Willem takes the role of Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist who helps Jodie to understand her supernatural powers. In the video, Willem explains how this intense relationship forms a key part of the game story.

Just a little over a month until launch, so keep checking back on the Blog for more news and trailers.

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  • Seriously can not wait for this game. Top notch talent all around.

  • Awesome game from awesome studio. Can’t wait!

  • European release date is coming across to my birthday and I will get Special Edition release for the honour of Normand Corbeil!

  • So glad I came back to Sony this year. I fill like kicking myself for taking so long but it’s been a great year catching up. Doesn’t look like the great exclusives are ending anytime soon. Time is my only issue now.

  • This game really needed an earlier release date. It’s come and gone from the lips of gamers for months. And the interviews and mo-cap videos have been shown and reshown. Really looking forward to the game, but think it should have been release sooner. Seems like it lost so much steam and attention since it’s reveal. And now with all the PS4 hub-bub….

  • I will buy this game not only because it looks like it will be amazing, but to support video games as an authentic art medium. A lot of people will be watching to see how this game sells. Getting Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page to act in a game is a major step in solidifying video games as authentic works of higher art. Thanks for posting this video Mr. Alexander.

  • ellen is so cute.

  • oohhhh c’mon, stop teasing US. Open Digital pre-orders for this game please. Day 1 Digital, will it be or not ?

  • Ellie is so cute! Oh, wait… I mean Ellen!

  • I’m on this game DAY 1!

  • Now this is the most overlooked game, because when you look at what’s coming out it’s about Cod or BF4. This is the originality that I speak about. Because every year there’s FPS coming out, nothing new. But this is simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This looks fantastic. Quantic Dream has done it again

  • She was awesome in the Last of Us!!

  • Loved Heavy Rain, Day 1 for Beyond. Already got my special edition pre ordered from Gamestop.

  • Game is a must buy, every PS3 owner knows this. SONY PlayStation exclusives have always been a unique experience. Can’t wait!

  • Truly art unleashed, I really can’t wait to play this game, love your work. I did enjoy Heavy Rain and I am certain I will enjoy Beyond Two Souls :)

    Sony you inspire me :)

    Thank you

    Coming from a Film Maker ( The Unfinished Swan Fan Based Film )

  • in later news ellen tried to sue someone for looking slightly like her, she later found out she had sued herself.

  • “something-something, David Cage is so pretentious, so I’m not buying this game, utter-nonsense, I’m a tool.”


    Just waiting till a certain imbecile posts his blithering thoughts again.

    On a serious note, Beyond: Two Souls is sounding great with each passing this I hear about it, cannot wait to buy it when its out!

  • Day 1 purchase… cannot wait for this game. Looks absolutely brilliant.

  • make ellen page a pre-order bonus pls.

  • As it relates to Ellen Page…personally, I found Juno to be a bit “intense for the sake of intensity”…teens having children is a real thing and the bits of comedy largely took away from that…I didn’t really buy the character…it didn’t seem like a “money grab,” per se, but it did seem to try too hard to be heavy, and it kinda failed.

    That all being said…Ellen Page really seems to have matured, Willem DaFoe’s character seems really compelling here, and the entire concept is both relatable AND unique.

    Quantic Dream, striking another major chord. It’s a good feeling, being loyal to Playstation.

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