Allons-y! New Doctor Who Gear Comes to PlayStation Home

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Allons-y! New Doctor Who Gear Comes to PlayStation Home

BBC/LOOT Doctor Who Update

Want to find out what die-hard Doctor Who fans think of the Doctor Who experience in PlayStation Home? BBC Worldwide sent two prominent Doctor Who YouTube bloggers, Chris Foxx and J.P. Fox, to discover the mysteries and wonders of Doctor Who, brought to life as never before by LOOT Entertainment in Sony Computer Entertainment’s 3D virtual world. Join them as they explore the TARDIS, hang out with other users, and even create their own movie scene inspired by the BBC’s storied franchise!

The second wave of Doctor Who virtual goods for PlayStation Home, including Daleks, Cybermen and more has just been released – it’s the perfect time to create your own wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey Doctor Who adventures — Allons-y!

VEEMEE Footwear, Mythical Avatars, Morphsuits, and Billabong Updates


Atom Republic Hip Hop Moves Update

Check out Volume 2 of Atom Republic’s Hip Hop Moves!

PlayStation Home Update 8-27-2013

nDreams Throme LMO and Light Projectors

The Throne Locomotion is the perfect item for showing off in PlayStation Home. Run around in your favorite spaces and when you stop a throne magically appears for you sit on and look down upon your subjects. You will also have the chance to bring some color and movement to your apartment with the two light projectors from nDreams. With one Static and one Spinning projector you can shine different shapes and colors into you apartment.

PlayStation Home Update 8-27-2013PlayStation Home Update 8-27-2013

Digital Leisure Colosseum Ornament
The Lucky Fountain at the Paradise Springs Casino has a brand new reward just waiting for you to win. This month, if you’re lucky, you will receive The Colosseum ornament. Take home a little bit of Italy and place it in any personal space. All you need to do is head to The Casino’s Concourse and throw a chip into the fountain for a chance to win this item.

PlayStation Home Update 8-27-2013


In celebration of Men In Black coming to Crackle, LOOT is kicking off a sale with prices so low you would think you got neuralized! Starting today, enjoy up to 70% off select bundles including the Ultimate Men In Black Collection that boasts an impressive 74 items, the MIB Headquarters Private Space and Clubhouse bundle with 13 items, and more! So what are you waiting for, Agents? Get out there and protect the Earth with prices out of this planet!

PlayStation Home Update 8-27-2013

Lockwood Sodium Blimp

Ever gazed out across Sodium’s baking desert landscape and wanted to get out there and explore? Lockwood’s Sodium Blimp, enables you to do just that. Drift around the skies taking in the views, scour the salt flats for treasure, or complete VICKIE objectives for stacks of Sodium Credits. The Sodium Blimp is easy for even novice pilots to handle. Speed and direction is easily adjusted via the analogue sticks.

The Blimp comes with a full complement of Thumpers, the treasure hunter’s key tool in uncovering hidden desert riches. After targeting likely treasure sites with the Blimp’s Dig Spot Locators, drop off some Thumpers. Using their built-in scanners, these robots analyse the lay of the land and communicate with each other to triangulate anomalies. Dig at the triangulation point and you could hit the jackpot!

If all that sounds like too much work, VICKIE has several challenges that can be completed without leaving the comfort of the Blimp. You’ll be paid in Sodium Credits for your efforts. Also, be sure to check out the VICKIE store for new items! Happy hunting, treasure trackers!

Lockwood Delirious Squid Update

Codeglue Boho Collection from Dani

Codeglue and Home user Dani release their third clothing line, called Sweet Hobo! Designed for summer, these outfits come in a short and a long version in 6 very fresh colors. You can complement the outfits with elegant high heel shoes and/or stylish bracelets. This new collection comes as separate items as well as a selection of great-value bundles. Designed for Home’s women by a Home woman!

PlayStation Home Update 8-27-2013

Game Mechanics Tailgate Bundle

Are you not able to pass up a great deal? Have you been waiting for a stellar deal on Game Mechanics party items? Do you have any idea who Game Mechanics is? Well depending on your answers, this may be your lucky week. To celebrate the release of their Tailgate items in Europe, Game Mechanics has made a special bundle available for North America also. Eighteen of the coolest outdoor party items you will find in Home for one low price. This is your chance to have some of the lowest slot, highest utility, highest flame items in Home just in time for party season. This is the best deal from them yet.

PlayStation Home Update 8-27-2013

Diamond Beach Mansion: Infinity Pool Coming Soon

You’ve seen both floors of the sprawling estate, and you’ve taken the party to the seas with the private yacht – now catch some rays and go for a swim in the Diamond Beach Mansion: Infinity Pool. This glorious seaside pool is available for purchase 9/4, and don’t forget that finding each secret in the First Floor, Second Floor, Private Yacht and Infinity Pool unlocks the secret fifth part of the Mansion!

X7 VIP Update

Get your own pair of Glowy Wings and HD Guns from X7 this week. Also in x7 you’ll find Catered Dining, Undead Animals, and Morphsuit updates from VEEMEE. nDreams adds to the x7 fun with Retro Animations, a MegaStar Podium, and the Masquerade Ball Club.

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