The PAX Prime 2013 Guide to PlayStation Indies

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The PAX Prime 2013 Guide to PlayStation Indies

Hello indie game fans! I’m part of our Developer Relations team that has been working hard to bring a whole mess of rad indie games to our platforms; you may have seen some of our work last week at Gamescom where we announced games like Rogue Legacy and N++ coming to PS4, or the eight indie titles we had on stage at our E3 press conference back in June.

Indie games and PAX (the Penny Arcade Expo) have always gone hand in hand, from the PAX10 to the always-amazing IndieMegaBooth; a lot of indies get their start from the word-of-mouth that buzzes around PAX, and we’re always on the hunt for new games there.

This year we thought we’d give you a nice big summary of every indie game at PAX that’s coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita or PS Mobile, and where you can find it at the show. Behold!

PlayStation at PAX Prime 2013, 02

Sony Booth

We have some pretty exciting things in our booth this year, including a spankin’ new Octodad: Dadliest Catch level never before shown (with some hilarious lawn-mowing), a new Sportsfriends demo to get your Super Pole Ridin’ on, Fez (!) playable and looking gorgeous on Vita, and the first hands-on with infographic adventure Metrico and Jeff Minter’s predictably trippy (but awesome) shooter, TxK. Make sure to wear the headphones!

Octodad: Dadliest Catch (PS4)
Warframe (PS4)
Blacklight: Retribution (PS4)
Contrast (PS4 – also coming to PS3)
Divekick (available now on PS3/Vita)
Sportsfriends (PS3)
Kickbeat (Vita – also coming to PS3)
Dragon Fantasy: Book II (Vita – also coming to PS3)
Fez (Vita – also coming to PS3)
Lone Survivor (Vita – also coming to PS3)
Real Boxing (Vita)
Spelunky (Vita – also coming to PS3)
Atomic Ninjas  (Vita – also coming to PS3)
TxK (Vita)
Metrico (Vita)
Terraria (Vita – available now on PS3)
Proteus (Vita – also coming to PS3)
Luftrausers (Vita – also coming to PS3)
BIT.TRIP Presents…Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Vita – available now on PS3)
PlayStation MobileChaos Rings, Little Acorns, iBomber Defense, Ten By Eight, Hermit Crab in Space, Tokyo Jungle Mobile, Cardboard Castle, Adventure Bar Labyrinth (all available now!)


BIT.TRIP Presents…Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (coming to Vita, available now on PS3)
Contrast (coming to PS4, PS3)
Don’t Starve (coming to PS4)
Dragon Fantasy: Book II (coming to Vita, PS3)
GALAK-Z (coming to PS4)
Guns of Icarus Online (coming to PS4)
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (coming to PS4, Vita)
Luftrausers (coming to Vita, PS3)
Octodad: Dadliest Catch (coming to PS4)
PixelJunk Visualizer (available now on PS3)
Sportsfriends (coming to PS3)
Where is my Heart? (available now on Vita)
Wasteland Kings (coming to PS4, Vita)

Other Titles

Transistor – Supergiant booth (coming to PS4)
Secret Ponchos – Switchblade Monkeys booth (coming to PS4)
Tiny Brains – 505 Games booth (coming to PS4, PS3)

There are also several panels you may want to check out, featuring some games and developers that have launched on PlayStation. There’s an amazing live Spelunky showdown, Retro/Grade’s Matt Gilgenbach talking about Designing Personal Games That Matter, a look behind the scenes of the Indie MEGABOOTH, Vlambeer and Cipher Prime talking about Community Organizing, a Divekick tournament, a trifecta of Sportsfriends tournaments, and of course our very own Official PlayStation Blogcast Live! with myself, Sid, and Justin. Come by and say hello!

And lastly, but most relevant for those of you who can’t make it to the show, we’re also running a great PAX sale on PSN for titles that have been showcased at previous PAXes, including 50% off (75% off for PS+ members) of games like Retro City Rampage, Closure, Dyad and more! Check out the full game list and details in the sale post.

Hope to see you at the show!

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2 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait to play some of this stuff at the show!
    See you there beardo!

  • Thats some damn fine Vita support. I think/hope I’m hopping on the bandwagon at a perfect time!

  • Can’t wait to come visit the booth!

  • I’ll be wandering the show floor, Vita in hand if anyone wants to try Treachery in @Beatdown_City. Just hit up my twitter.

  • Any update on a Sportsfriends release date?

  • This is by far the best Playstation year ever, I wish I could come

  • When are you guys going to announce the PlayStation 4 Bloggers winners? Whoever is chosen only has a few days to get ready for their flight which is a very short notice.

  • Hope to see some Terraria Vita news! Love it on PS3, being able too play it on my Vita (soon™) would be awesome!

  • Fez is also coming to PS4. Might want to add that! =)

  • I must say at 1st I was skeptical about divekick but then I read about it, & watched videos. So I decided to make the purchase & I am very happy with the game it has a lot of depth to it. But most importantly it’s on the PS Vita!!!!!!!!!

  • wow nice im a founder on sony blog and a ambasder for xbox fourms witch is a helper for xbox that rewards me for helping

  • Fez on Vita! Man, this is what I’ve been waiting for!

  • Ok…. Guys…. I love all uve been doing with the vita with all the indies and so.. but really…. just ONE new AAA game announced for the vita and its a port? c, mon give me a break!

    Dont get me wrong, I LOVE BL2 for Vita and ill be double dipping day one, but for borderlands 2 being the only AAA game announced for vita its ridiculous… it would have been good to see like 3 new AAA games and the borderlands 2 port well that would have been fantastic.

    What happened to Bioshock for Vita? How about a GOOD JRPG built for the vita? hell at this point Ill be happy if u guys bring over FF type 0 for the vita…. jeez….

    other thing… start bringing more retail games! im tired of buying games only digital and it hurts ur sales too.
    when someone go to the store to buy a vita they see the wall of games empty they would not buy anything at all.

    im looking at New little king story… end of rant hope u guys listen

  • Hey Nick, speaking of Terraria and Proteus any eta on these games Vita versions?

  • @8- Also looking forward to Terraria on Psvita. Love the trademarked soon! It gets pretty old hearing coming on (insert platform here) soon, all the time.

  • Nick, what’s up with FIFA 14 for the Vita? Why isn’t it shown?
    I hope it’s not like FIFA 13 compared to FIFA Football… (roster update)

  • Look at all these new games and awesome deals coming to the Vita! (Can’t wait for Runner 2 so I can play it on the go!) It’s a great time to be a Vita owner. :D Thanks, guys.

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