The Past, Present, and Future of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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The Past, Present, and Future of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches tomorrow on PS3. To celebrate the launch, PlayStation.Blog sat down with Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida to talk over A Realm Reborn’s long gestation and epic ambitions.

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PlayStation.Blog: Which element of A Realm Reborn is most going to surprise PlayStation players?

Naoki Yoshida: I think one of the big things will be the amazing graphics, which really push the limits of PS3’s technical capabilities, as well as the fact that this is an MMORPG experience. Also, MMORPGs are most usually controlled using a keyboard and mouse, but our Cross Hot Bar system we’ve developed specifically for the DualShock allows for smooth and exciting play, so that’s another area of interest for PS3 players.

PSB: What improvements have you made since the original PC release of Final Fantasy XIV?

Yoshida: I think that improvements can be roughly split into three areas: to regain the trust of the players, to fundamentally rebuild the game experience from the ground up, and — most importantly — to complete the PS3 version while maintaining the high levels of graphical quality and play.

To put it simply, every single aspect of A Realm Reborn has been redeveloped, improved, and upgraded since the original Final Fantasy XIV launched, so I’m fine with it if people want to think of A Realm Reborn as a completely new title in its own right!

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PSB: You announced at the Japan Expo in Paris that Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII will appear in the game. Why Lightning?

Yoshida: With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, we’ve actively taken efforts to cleverly incorporate elements from across the whole series to date into Eorzea — the setting that forms the game world. I think there will also be many more elements included as the game develops in order to make players from all across the world feel like they’re a part of the Final Fantasy experience. There’s a solid backstory for why Lightning is visiting Eorzea, and it will certainly form a chapter in the Lightning Saga that I hope everyone can enjoy!

PSB: How regularly do you plan to update A Realm Reborn, and what sort of content can we expect?

Yoshida: We’re planning on doing a major update every three months once the game has been released, and continuously adding large-scale content. Ongoing support for the game will be included in the monthly subscription.

We’ve already begun work on the first update that is currently called patch 2.1 and will introduce a large-scale housing system, as well as “The Wolves’ Den” — the first ever PvP content in the series. Furthermore, the update will include new dungeons, a new daily quest system, new Primal battles, extensions to the main story, and loads of other new content to enjoy.

There will be a significant update every three months, so everyone will be able to continue enjoying the game for a very long time! Of course we also have long-term plans to release full expansion packs, so watch out for future updates on those, too.

PSB: Some players like to customize their interface menu, like various meters and displays. How is this handled?

Yoshida: We’re trying to attract a large number of new players who are trying out the MMORPG genre for the first time, and an overwhelming amount of customizable features like aggro meters and DPS meters can put pressure on those kinds of players. We’ll of course have these included in A Real Reborn, but will not be making them generally available for a while.

By the time everyone has grown accustomed to the game and the interface customization options available at launch, we’ll introduce more customizable options with updates on official patches and as Add On tools to open up options for a more dedicated MMORPG interface.

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PSB: Will it be possible in the final version of the game to switch a player character from one server to another?

Yoshida: Yes, we’ll be providing an optional world transfer service!

PSB: Voice chat wasn’t enabled in the recent beta. Will it be integrated in the full version of the game?

Yoshida: We do not plan on offering official support for voice chat. To explain that decision, the idea of talking directly to other players with your own voice and making it a requirement to do so will not necessarily be a good thing for beginners, and many will see it as imposing pressure or causing them unnecessary stress.

I am personally a veteran online gamer, so I completely understand the importance of voice chat, but if we were to make it an officially supported feature then there is a chance that some players would start to demand that others use it just because it is an “official feature”.

Of course, we will not be prohibiting external voice chat via Skype etc., so individual player communities can still sort out their own preferred means of communication!

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PSB: The game currently supports four languages: English, French, German, and Japanese. Are there any plans to include more European languages?

Yoshida: There is indeed scope to expand the number of supported languages if player numbers and customer demand reaches a sufficient level. We await word from various communities as to what people want to see.

PSB: What are your thoughts on PS4 as a developer?

Yoshida: I have an extremely great appreciation of the PS4’s hardware architecture and memory capacity. Production of the PS4 version of A Realm Reborn is well underway, and going according to plan. I hope to be able to unveil this awesome PS4 version as soon as possible!

PSB: What will the PS4 system allow you to bring to the development and production of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that hasn’t been possible so far?

Yoshida: The PS3 version supports an interface specifically designed for controllers, but PS4 offers a huge variety of different interface options and also has the capacity to render an unbelievable number of player characters simultaneously. Both of these are really great features for the future development of the game!

PSB: Was it your requirement that PS3, PS4, and PC gamers play on the same servers?

Yoshida: Yes, of course. I think it would be very sad indeed if say a player with the PS3 version invited a friend to play with them but they could not do so because that friend happened to have the PS4 version. So I really do believe that whatever hardware is being used, all players should be able to play together across platforms.

I think that splitting the community down into different segments is something that we should avoid, even if it may look like it makes for a temporary business success. I am incredibly grateful to Sony for making this kind of cross-platform play possible.

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PSB: Will the PS4 version of the game contain exclusive content compared to the PS3 version?

Yoshida: That’s not my intention. As I said already, if different platforms give their players a different game experience, then it will inevitably lead to the splintering and division of the community, and that’s really not a good idea for an MMORPG. So I want all players to have a stable and fun experience, regardless of which platform they choose to play the game on, and without worrying about which version is the best.

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  • Early access has been so far a dissaster… i played like 4 hours this weekend and spend like 8 trying to log in.

    LIke Illidan could say: “they was not prepare”.

    Even with the huge fail i have to say the game inself its great… hope SE fix it… soon

  • Too bad that a good FF in years is a MMO.

  • Felt bad for NA & EU user but lucky me, I’m playing on JP verser.

  • FFXI is still better

  • FFXIV should be free-to-play and you can upgrade armor/weapon buy buying them, imo.

    Also, I think the PS4’s GPU should get a boost to 2.6Tflops.
    It would make it officially 2 times better than the Xbox One.

    It would garanteed you the Console Dominance for the entire generation. Just Saying.

    There might be more consoles entering the market, like the Steambox or Google.
    And there’s always the PC and MAC Pro is getting a complete overhaul.
    If it’s twice better, then there’s no excuse why games wouldn’t look better on the PS4.

  • Cant wait to pick up my retail copy!!!

  • Very much exited about FF14

  • Why people want this to be free to play is beyond me. That $15 a month is paying for updates and security. The updates are basically add-ons that don’t cost extra money.
    I rather this game be a monthly fee instead of free to play, because item mall games ends up being more expensive. And if you are one of those players that play for free, you will get bored of this game more quickly, you will run out of free content.
    I played many Free to Play games. Besides GuildWars and League of Legends, they all suck. Why? Because the developer said ‘the game is good enough now lets collect their money.’
    There will always be problems with MMORPG’s, especially during the 1st month of release. That’s another reason why we pay that $15 a month, so the developers can keep the game running smoothly.

  • i may get this after the a price drop. Don’t like the idea of spending $40 for the game plus a subscription fee.

  • There are plenty of free-to-play games with terrible communities and economies driven by microtransaction purchases which, on average, cost players more than the typical monthly fee.

    So if you want that, go play one of those. I’ll be playing FFXIV. :)

  • I was ready to purchase this, then saw that it required a monthly subscription. I’m not saying that I won’t put money down for a sub based game, but with Elder Scrolls Online coming out soon and being sub based as well, it’s a wait and see for now.

  • Can we skip the lightning mission? Please say yes. I hate lightning with the fiery passion of a thousand big bangs…. not suns…. big bangs…. I really dislike her.

    With all this happy PS4 love, I hope Sakaguchi brings Mistwalkers games to PS4.

  • i think changes are needed on games when there is a franchise that keeps a storyline based on a same topic, but there is something that had made final fantasy what is final fantasy… its essence!!! they have missed it since ffX…. please come back to your old days…. changes mean different styles in this case but please keep your essence

  • The update for this game in the form of ARR is a cool concept and approach to doing right by the consumer.

    It is not right though that the game sadly is almost impossible for some people to log into this past weekend (Early Access Users). Yoshi even had to apologize – something about “the world reaching it’s capacity and that it would crash if they let more people in…. ” ?????


    I can’t imagine a Free 2 Play option when things are like that much less for further upgrades to next gen consoles. So of to a bad start again like the last one …

  • I would pick up one, but I am already a PSN Plus user, don’t want to pay another fee.

  • @ jibjab79

    Free-to-Play is the future of all MMOs. Paying a subscription is pretty much dead, yes there are some people that will pay but a whole lot more that wont. As games like CCS where its free but the company still made over $200 million last year is proof that people rather pay a little bit for things they want than to pay for everything they wont use.

    Check out the book “Free: How Today’s Smartest Businesses Profit by Giving Something for Nothing” by Chris Anderson (editor of Wired magazine)

  • Woot! Exciting to see FFXIV come back on the foot! :-)

    Oh right Free to Play will never happen for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn! I repeat NEVER HAPPEN.

    See Final Fantasy XI been running for 11 years with subscription, Of course I still paying them since 2007. Subscription is good for every of us who sided.

    Free to Play community kill itself the game goes flaw. NO FUN! They want “Gimme me money, Gimme me money” if you want buy gear, exp, boost etc. So consider yourself cheater no earn to award in mission/quest. That’s why I like subscription without Cheat :-P

    Good Job Yoshi-P and Team for their hard work, that’s why they deserve our money for their HARD WORK. This is not entitled such as Welfare, Social Security, Free phone etc . . . Go find job and make some money. $15.00 is seem affordable.. I know you can because you go out eat McDonald’s in 3 time a month compare to this. Com’ on!

    Long Live Play Michael & Be the twelves with you!


  • Not sure about this game.

    I was in the recent Beta and it was horrible.

    Could hardly get in as the worlds were always full and when I did get in, there was a lot of lag that isn’t in any other games I play on my PS3.

  • If anyone’s playing on the Cactuar server, keep an eye out for Magnitude Poppop. Maybe tell him “POP POP!!”.

  • @mike4fantasy08
    I agree. I rather fight and earn items, armor, weapons and abilities, than use real money buy those items. There is no sense of achievement if you out right buy what you need.
    If people want to play, but can’t afford $15 a month, that tells me you are a kid or have no job or don’t know how to manage their money. Ask your neighbor for some yard work, slightly reduce your habits like drinks (alcohol/soda), smoking, fast food or at very least pick from the dollar menu, walk instead of driving those short distances. And the best money saving option, don’t get a girlfriend. (Joking)

  • Many of the issue,bugs, errors have been addressed amazingly quickly, and I can’t think of any MMO that didn’t have a rough start. Anyway, they’re upping server capacity soon if it hasn’t been done yet, as well as fixing other issues. I’m expecting things will be perfect come the end of launch week.

  • Agree with CommandingTiger on what he said; FFXIV should be free to play and you can pay money to upgrade your armor/weapons by buying them. Think of how many people would want to have best plus powerful gear to use for their characters.

    CT said : Also, I think the PS4′s GPU should get a boost to 2.6Tflops

    ME: (: PS4 GPU is powerful in its own way but it never hurts to have more powerful GPU to crush Xbox One now. :)

    Console Dominance sounds awesome but = cost goes up :( Pass or not :)

    CT said: If it’s twice better, then there’s no excuse why games wouldn’t look better on the PS4.
    That 100% true their is no reason why games shouldn’t look their best on PS4 at all and games should runs at 1080P then 720P with looking the best it can without problems.

    I think 8 CPU core is good sense game makers get 6 core to work with again like PS3 does with its CELL. It would be nice to have 12/16 cores then 8 cores. It would help gain boost in more performance and games should run better with more cores.

  • @jose213jose

    Hate to say that fact Yoshi-P mention if Final Fantasy XIV ahead to Free to Play, He will shut it down.

  • @ mike4fantasy08: You can’t compare fast food to a game. With any type of food, you pay for your meal, you eat your meal, you’re done. With a game, you pay for your game, you play your game, you’re done. With sub-based MMOs, you pay for your game, you play your game, you KEEP paying for your game… you’re never done. For many gamers, that’s just not right. For FFXIV, you can expect to pay almost $200 for the first year, including the initial purchase of the standard edition and the discounted 6-month plan tier. For many people, paying that much to play a single game is ridiculous, regardless of quality.
    Especially when we’ve got something like Destiny releasing next year that’s also a huge MMO, and we’ve already been told it won’t have a subscription, FFXIV and ESO will both have an uphill battle for users on the PS4 when there are so many other great games that will let players play online without charging them hundreds of dollars a year.

    Plus, I just don’t think sub-based games do well on console. PC users are used to getting screwed over by these fees, but many console gamers won’t have it. I can see this succeeding like FFXI, but mostly due to PC players.

  • I support and agree the concept of what Yoshi-P sayin.

  • I participated in phase 3 and 4 of the beta on PS3 and it convinced me that I do want to play this :)
    It’ll be my first ever MMO!

  • @ mike4fantasy08: LOL. What Yoshi-P is saying is basically “If you don’t play by my rules, I’m gonna take my ball and go home!”
    It’s the same thing Nintendo said about their games. That they’d rather take all of their franchises (Metroid, Mario, Zelda, etc.) to the grave than make them on someone else’s console, if they end up failing in the console market. It’s a very childish attitude, and not one that anyone should admire.

  • lol at the people saying it should be free to play I am sure there are alot of other mmos you ca play if you love f2p trash. I like haveing everything available to me and not limited aswell have better content.

  • The beta for this game was amazing, think ill hold out for the ps4 version of the game though, don’t think I want to buy the same game twice.

  • @U_NO_HOO

    I doubt you will have buy again … at least I hope not lol

  • they said something about it being a download for those who have it on ps3 if i recall. Also when was destiny a mmo last time i heard it was like borderland jump in and out

  • Better than XV.

  • @ DEVIL-TAKOYAKI i played the beta since phase 2 and 3 everyone can switch between servers i sometime switched to play with american friends but you do have to start a new character

  • The game doesn’t support voice chat because its stressfull? What B.S.! It’s only stressful because now I’m not going to buy it!

  • FFXI is still better, and btw wolves den is not the first PVP in the series, If this guy had played FFXI he’d have known ballista was PVP mode of FFXI

  • My argument is… Gone are the strategic battles of the past, Here to stay is a game you pay monthly to be forced into solo instances, where you can’t bring your buddies with you(often times this is the only time the game gets hard, and the rare time you do actually die, there’s no rhyme or reason to it, mash buttons to win is not the game we signed on for… I’m a very disappointed veteran FFXI player. If you could find a way to prove to me I’m wrong I’d be open to discussion, and love to hear your point of view. please respond to me publicly or privately I don’t mind.

  • @mike4fantasy08

    Sorry what did you meant by that? NVM on that now, lol.

    @AizawaYuuichi agree with what you said as well and its very true.

    The Best answer for gamer’s who are into Final Fantasy or loves the MMO their got is either play FF14RR plus pay for the subscription or wait for some other game that is free to play then pay subscription.

    Here is my 2rd best Answer to the 1st one i said:
    I think the best answer is offer the Final Fantasy 14 RR “single play mode that is offline” so users don’t have to pay for subscription then and if their want to play online with friends on Square Enix servers then pay for subscription both gamer’s and game makers win.

    Every game that is MMO should offer offline mode – single player to their games so we gamer’s can have blast with them. I play FF14RR on both PC and PS3 ready i love the work their did and i plan to play it on PS4 once its out for the console then. Big problem is paying for the subscription every time can really add up and i play FF11 before but stop playing it because subscription is to much to handle. It would be awesome if offline mode was add so i can keep playing it.

  • i’m waiting for the PS4 version :D

    can’t wait for that version to have all the latest updates and expansions :)

  • A subscription fee on TOP of the purchase price? They’d probably get a lot more players subscribing if they gave away the game free as a demo, then require a subscription for more than a week of play.

  • I don’t have a dog in this fight, having never played an FF game nor an MMO, but if you want an offline game, isn’t that just the regular FF games? There have been like a zillion of them, right?

    If you mean you want a constantly changing, updating, growing FF world, then somebody has to pay for that. Hence, subscription. Seems fair to me. I love Elder Scrolls games; I’ve sunk 1000 hrs into Skyrim and another 300 into Oblivion. If I were an MMO player, I would pay a subscription for a quality game. I often wish I could keep getting new content for Skyrim. ESO sounds like it would fit the bill, literally.

  • I just want to weigh in as a gamer who last gen and even this gen always swore to myself I would NEVER pay a monthly subscription to play a single game. Well, I also swore I’d never pay REAL money for a FAKE digital product that I don’t really own. Wl Home eased me into digital purchases, now I’ve probably spent about $1000 or more on PSN. The old me is spinning in his grave.

    Well, he may end up spinning faster because FF14 ARR is the first MMO that’s so good, I’m actually willing to pay a sub-fee to play. I never thought I’d see the day. BUT….I’m not sold yet. 2 problems.

    1 I’d probably jump in with a $15 sub if I could download the game for free. Maybe Sony could make it a free DL for PLUS or something and I’d pay the 15.

    2 $15 A MONTH?!?! I understand why these games need a subscription, and the negatives of F2P. But why so much? 1 million subs is not unrealistic. It costs 15million a month to maintain servers and create new content? I don’t think so. 10/month would be more reasonable and still more than enough.

  • Nooo don’t advertise the game anymore lol Only a small amount of people can fit on these servers, we’re only in early access and they fill up very quickly. I’ve played about 8 hours total in the last 3 days. Logged in twice so far. It doesn’t look like it’s possible to increase the amount of players a world can hold (I guess eventually you’d end up with a hundred thousand people standing around any given city) so yeah, safe to say the game is doing well. Waaaay too well right now.

  • And just to add my on topic feedback for FF14 itself………..As a HUGE fan of 1-10, and the reason I hate 12 & 13 is because I don’t feel in control of the rest of the party, so they would have been perfect for online co-op with friends controlling the other party members………..FF14 is absolutely one of the best FFs of all time. That is all.

    And as a request to Yoshida-san, PLEASE put in voice chat support. Itreally not something that is forced by gamers on others on PSN. Lots of people don’t use headsets and aren’t shunned. Besides, on PS3, even people without headsets can hear people with headsets through their TV/sound system to hear requests for support or whatever. It’s really important to me for the game to be worth a subscription. Please enable VoIP.

  • @Darth-Krayt At the moment, the servers are at maximum and a large amount of players can’t even play (myself included) until the wee hours of the night when people go to bed. Adding the options for everyone to voice chat would tax the systems even more. Probably by two-fold. Perhaps, with PS4 (Since you can obviously voice chat however you want on a PC) PSN itself will allow background voice chat over Sony servers. I would be very cool with that.

  • This Is a joke and you guys fall for it . is like the DC game it was $59.99 and now is Free you are what da call beta tester or Maybe im just a jerk

  • Square Enix needs to put the PSP versions of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II on the PS Store in NA. If EU is able to get it, we should be able to as well. We got the PSP versions of FFIII and FFIV, would be nice if we could get all four of the first FFs up on the store

  • The game is great! The best MMO, and one of the best FF games I have played!

    One feature I would like, though, is to be able to login.

  • I played BETA 3 of this, and i can honestly say I was impressed at first. I loved it, but that quickly faded and becam e bored just like other MMOs. I understand some like MMOs more than others, but i’d much rather pay just a disc fee, than a monthly fee.
    If this were F2P with Sub options more people would take advantage of the game, but i don’t see this game lasting around too long. I mean people do love FF, but is it worth enough love for over $100 a year on a game? In my eyes no.

  • @#10
    The thing is subscriptions will look high at first and after 1-3 month(s) the subscription rate will most likely decline, leading to it being F2P. So expect this to become F2P, i just don’t see it lasting around too long as a SUB-required game.

  • Anyone can clarification for me, I did PRE-ORDER FFXIV on PSN store and I have not get any of CODE via EMAIL or in Playstation MESSAGE. Should I report at hereor report to Sony Store that I have not get any code? Or I had to wait until TOMORROW?

    Thank you

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