PlayStation Blogcast 086: Remember Remember the 15th of November

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PlayStation Blogcast 086: Remember Remember the 15th of November
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On our (sadly late and poorly recorded) post-Gamescom mini show, PlayStation World Wide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida shares his thoughts on opening the PlayStation press conference in dramatic fashion, Guerrilla Games’ Steven Ter Heide discusses the many advancements of Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 multiplayer (and why he loves the new DualShock 4). Then we share new releases for August 17th, 2013. In our international travel haze we also forgot to mention a few releases scheduled for this Tuesday: Yep, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Lost Planet 3, and Madden 25 are all coming to PS3 on 8/27.

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Please tell me if u can about Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate:
    -Will it have PS PLUS discount
    -Will it have pre-order costumes that Gamestop is offering?

  • Awesome. Great podcast as always.

  • Well, better late than never.

  • Also, congrats on an AWESOME Gamescom!

  • (*・ω・)ノ♪

    PS Vita needs more Japanese retail games like One Piece PW2, HM Project Diva f , and FFX HD etc.

    Just passing my attention~

  • What’s so important about November 15th!? Lol Just Kidding Can’t Wait!!

  • Downloading now! Hey Sid and crew, ever though of getting a Blogcast twitter account? To give updates on when there will be blogcast posted, people can tweet in questions, etc.
    82 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

  • First time listener, good podcast. Loved the interview and your impressions for killzone shadow fall, it made more excited than I already was. Can’t wait till I get my ps4 :)

  • PS4 PS4 11/15/13 I love it :-)
    When are you guys going to talk more about the interface and what to expect from PlayStation plus and anything else you could tell me about the PS4

  • Are we getting Rayman Legends on PSN for VITA next week?

  • Sid pls tell me if Deep Down is a ps4 exclusive…

  • hey guys! nice podcast!

    I read that the Battlefield 4 on PS4 didn’t look so good as in the PC demo showed to the gamers. What were you thoughts about it? do you think it is truth? you didn’t talk about it so much on the podcast besides the 60fps and it plays good but what about the graphics?

  • Aw, you guys raved so much about how the DualShock 4 feels that I’m really wanting it now. I’ve always liked the DS3 except the triggers could be better but you’ve really piqued my interest. For anybody who plays hours on end, even a small change in a controller could be huge.

    Always great when you interview Yoshida-san. His part @ Gamescom was very cool.

  • JP PS4 release date??

  • Now that you guys are back, will you announced the winners of the PS4 Video Blog Contest? Finalists are eagerly waiting.

    If you cant announce who won, can you at least state if they were contacted so the others won’t be left out the loop?


    -Eager shortlisted finalist.

  • I love how you said Indies are comparable to AAA titles nowadays.
    Look it’s great and all to have indies but an indie experience won’t be the same as playing a game like The Last of Us. You just don’t have the budget for something like that with indies. A big cinematic experience with voice actors a huge story, 18 hours of gameplay, with top of the line graphics.

    I like indies, but the biggest bummer with Gamescom was their was a huge focus on Indies and barely any focus of AAA. Balance is the name of the game but it’s been unbalanced for a while especially for the PS VITA.

    Is there a conference coming at all soon where Sony will start wheeling out some new Vita AAA announcements? I think a little hype in a big way can go along way for the poor little guy.

  • I hope you guys will finally start taking preorder for One Piece PW2 tuesday. its only a week away and EU has had it for preorder for almost a month. :/

  • “We have a little briefcase that we tap a button and it folds out into a desk and everything. It’s just not as high-tech…”

    Wait, is this real? I thought that only existed in cartoons. That’s totally high-tech.

  • It’s great to hear the new dual shock feels good in your hands! I look so forward to holding it and getting my game on. Thanks for another great show guys!

  • Haha, clever title, and nice to see Shuhei Yoshida make an appearance! =D

  • Isn’t the photo above of ‘Justin’ actually of Scott Lowe from IGN?
    Octodad FTW.

  • …I didn’t mean that as an insult – you could be brothers.

    Thanks for this weeks show – I always enjoy listening to Shu! Getting excited for PS4 and getting hands on that sweet dualshock.

    I’m probably approaching 100 hours on TloU MP – I don’t see any reason to stop (till GTA hits at least :))

  • Great podcast! Always great to hear Shuhei discuss the world of PlayStation. It’s obvious the PS3 & Vita are from two different generations, hardware/features/connectivity-wise. Whereas the PS4 & Vita speak more of the same language, so to speak. The integration and synergy between the two machines will be awesome! I can’t wait to be able to Remote Play most of my PS4 games on my Vita from any room in the house! My main entertainment center is downstairs and I really can’t spend much time down there till evenings usually so in theory I’ll get more PS4 gaming time than I currently get PS3 gaming time this way! I also really hope the Cross-Buy & Cross-Play continues between PS4 & Vita like it is now with PS3 & Vita.

  • Thanks for the blogcast.

  • Awesome Podcast guys. It was great to hear from the guy who did the introduction. I always wonder if you guys happen to listen to your competitor’s podcasts to learn from them or get new ideas?

  • Solid episode! But under an hour? My commute just got longer…

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