Gravity Crash Ultra Coming Soon to PS Vita

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Gravity Crash Ultra Coming Soon to PS Vita

Gravity Crash Ultra on PS Vita

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers. Back in 2009 we released Gravity Crash for PlayStation 3, a love letter to classic ‘80s shooter gaming. The game was a labor of love for our small team, a team that wanted to produce a title with precision controls, high definition visuals and memorable sound but remain a modern-day interpretation of retro arcade gameplay.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Gravity Crash is a side-scrolling space shooter featuring well over 40 levels, a host of enemy types and five major boss battles.

We here at Just Add Water are excited to reveal that we’re now working on a native PS Vita version of Gravity Crash, which will retain that all important 60 frames a second speed with native PS Vita graphics running at the full 960 x 544 resolution, making the most of that stunning OLED screen – we’re really excited about how vivid and rich Vita makes our game look.

Gravity Crash Ultra on PS Vita

Gravity Crash Ultra on PS VitaGravity Crash Ultra on PS Vita

To us, PS Vita is the number one platform for the game – the bite-sized level design and clear structure making it the ideal game to play on your daily commute, and the system’s controls – with the dual analog sticks and touch-screen – allow for pixel-perfect precision in both the game and the built-in level editor.

Not only will players be able to craft their own devious levels with the same tools we’ve utilized in making the game, but you’ll also be able to share them with owners of the PS3 version. Levels will be shareable online, too, and we’re also working on PSN leaderboards for each of the game’s main levels so you can really show off your skills.

We’ve added new levels to the game, newly remixed music from original composer CoLD SToRAGE (who has worked on WipEout and Lemmings), tweaked weaponry and a host of new visual effects that really bring our vision alive. Along with Trophies, we really think Gravity Crash on PS Vita is the best version of the game we’ve made, and we can’t wait to show you more of it.

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  • not really my type of game, but always great to see more titles added to the PS Vita’s library.

  • Always thought of getting this game. Now as long as the price is right, I will pick it up asap. Vita Love baby…………..Keep on Gaming

  • The PSP Version is amazing… Just Wait for the Vita Version!

  • Yes, Sony, you win I’ll buy a Vita. XD

  • Hey Stranger. I reckon with the guys at J.A.W working on this, we won’t have a problem at all with the port.

  • So basically a upgraded version of the PS3 version that came out, with a few twist interesting. Since I don’t own the PS3 version I’ll just get the PS Vita version at some point.

  • I liked the original version a lot but I kind of wish this was a sequel or something instead. Always good to see more Vita games though, and it’ll give people who missed it a chance to play it. Maybe I’ll wait til it’s on sale or something. I just love the art style in this game so much.

  • Dual-stick Shmup with a level editor? Awesome!

  • Are those the games that they promise for vita? Just ports of games people dont really want.

  • Looks interesting

  • Nice! I really enjoyed this on the PS3 I’ll def get this for the Vita

  • Funny, I wrote in to the Blogcast a few weeks ago with this as my Gem of the Week pick, and now we see this. So, since the worked, how about we get JAW to start working on a new Colony Wars game? Pretty please?

  • What is going on? A huge number of new Vita games announced this week! Really great news and thanks for supporting the Vita, yay!!

  • Never got to finish Gravity Crash because I quit instead of pressing continue during one of the later levels, but I loved every second I played. Will definitely be picking this up.

  • It would be awesome to have a co-op add-on with the Vita as a second cross-controller.

    Really loved the PS3 version, will definitely pick up the Vita version if long-time supporters get a decent discount.

  • awesome news
    loved the ps3 game , I just wish there were more players online creating new levels still

    a few questions

    when can I buy it ( release date ) ?

    how much , any discount for plus or ps3 version buyers ?

    file size , this is really important because the psvita has only smaller cards available and they cost a lot so most people have 16 gigs or less to work with , all pzvita game posts should list file size so buyers can decide if they want to delete other content to make room or not

    I’d love to buy this game but only if I have the space on my vita card or it’s a good enough deal that it’s worth deleting another game for

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