Assault Android Cactus Unleashes Bullet Hell on PS4, PS Vita

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Assault Android Cactus Unleashes Bullet Hell on PS4, PS Vita

Assault Android Cactus on PS4 and PS Vita

Hello PlayStation gamers! I’m thrilled to announce that our action-packed shoot ‘em up, Assault Android Cactus, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

For those of you who have never heard of Assault Android Cactus, it’s about a team of androids trying to rescue a spaceship by fighting back against a robot uprising. Over a 25-level campaign, the androids will face screens of enemies, brave bullet hell style bosses and environments that switch, shift and transform around them.

These androids are pretty tough, getting knocked down clears their powerups but they can get right back up again. The catch is they run on battery, and when that runs out it’s game over! Putting the onus for action on the player turns typical twin stick pacing on its head – it’s not a game you can beat by playing cautiously, the only way to make it out alive is to careen recklessly through the stages and to tame the chaos from within it.

Assault Android Cactus on PS4 and PS Vita

We wanted to create something that captured the spirit of what arcade games meant to us when we were growing up, being tough but fair and the kind of game you could come back to again and again and express yourself through skill. In Cactus, at first it’s a buzz just to survive, but the heart of the game is finding ways to master stages, and to do that you have to manage your score multipliers by keeping chains alive and shave precious seconds off your clear times.

We thought letting characters grow more powerful over the course of the game would undermine what we were trying to achieve so instead we went broad. There are eight playable characters and we treat them a bit like ships in a shoot ’em up – each has a different primary and secondary weapon to give them a unique playstyle.

Cactus, our heroine, is an all rounder with a Machine Gun and Flamethrower, while reluctant combatant Holly is great for beginners with a slightly weaker Homing Shot, but she is packing a Cannonball Launcher that will decimate a line of enemies with a well aimed shot.

Assault Android Cactus on PS4 and PS VitaAssault Android Cactus on PS4 and PS Vita

Visually, I wanted to combine sci-fi with colorful characters and bright appealing environments. As small indie developers we set our sights on PC but we’ve always known the game had a console heart. Thankfully we weren’t the only ones that thought this way and with Sony’s support we’re on track to bring Assault Android Cactus to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. We’re aiming to release on both platforms near the start of next year as a Cross Buy title.

Our official page is also our development blog and you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Thanks for reading and I hope you’re looking forward to the bullet ballet!

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  • Okay, I just watched the trailer on IGN (you should have included it in the blog post) and this looks freaking epic! The visuals and effects are great and I really like the transforming stages!

    Here’s the trailer for anyone else who wants to watch:

    Looks like a lot of replayability with the different characters. Aside from the 25-level campaign, will there also be a survival mode with waves of enemies?

    PS. YAY for native Vita support!

  • Interesting, I want to see more soon.

  • Looks amazing, is this online and cross-play as well?

  • Sounds very interesting. All I can say is please go ahead and release it SOON !!!! Price also is a huge factor. My Vita in in full form and is ready for this game. Just loving the Vita love right about now……..Keep on Gaming

  • Now this will be fun indeed blasting away with a solid team. Great times ahead for sure Doods!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will there be a PS3 version?

  • Looks super great, guys. I’m really excited for it. The Vita SKU is the icing on the proverbial cake! Any word on a survival mode?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks for the Vita support, and yay!

  • Man i love all this Vita support as of late

  • Looks awesome. Will pick up on my Vita. :D

  • This looks adorable.

  • This looks extremely fun. I get vibes from Robotron 2084 arcade.

  • Oh yeah, I like this. Does it play more like a twin stick shooter? I love that its a Cross-Buy game, perfect Vita game. Will there be online/cross-platform multiplayer?

  • It looks like fun, but honestly this is nothing the PS3 couldn’t handle. It looks closer to a Vita game than a PS4 game
    based on the IGN trailer. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t add the trailer here.

    Also, from what Sony has been telling us – E V E R Y – PS4 game will be playable on the Vita via Remote Play, so why would we bother with buying another version of it? I really hope this didn’t change because of greedy companies wanting to charge us twice for the same game. If this IS the case I am selling my Vita.

    I want to start hearing about what Sony is going to do for PS1, PS2, PS3 games on the PS4. Will PS1 & PS2 be emulated? Will we have to rebuy all of the games we already bought? The PS4 is THREE MONTHS away and we haven’t heard a single word about this stuff.

  • @15 SpooNManX

    First off, nice avatar :P

    Second: “Also, from what Sony has been telling us – E V E R Y – PS4 game will be playable on the Vita via Remote Play, so why would we bother with buying another version of it?”

    I’m guessing that most of these games will be cross-buy on Vita and PS4, just going by past releases (Thomas Was Alone, Retro City: Rampage, Divekick, Spelunky). Hopefully this is the case for future PS4/Vita titles.

  • @SpooNManX, it clearly states in the blog that it will be a Cross-Buy title, so there’s no greed here. Next time read instead of making accusations and looking stupid.

    As for Remote Play, you’re exactly the type of person I hope is not working at Sony or any developer. I’m not getting a PS4, so if a developer thinks like you – that Remote Play is enough, so why bother developing for Vita – then I will not get to play any games. So stop being naive, thinking every Vita owner will buy a PS4.

    As for your last paragraph, just like you failed to actually read this post beyond the title, it seems you’ve failed to read anything. There will be no backwards compatibility or emulation. Gaikai will be used to play legacy games and that won’t be available until 2014. Sony has not announced the details/pricing on Gaikai – sources have indicated it will most likely be a subscription service, but beyond that, we do not know about games we already own vs. games we don’t. But again, that’s not until 2014, so it’s not a mere three months away, it’s more like half a year away and they’re probably still trying to figure all that out.

  • @15: Graphics don’t determine what system a game releases on. Don’t be dumb.

    And, as mentioned. Maybe read the entire thing before commenting, especially if you’re trying to act like you’re being ripped off.

    And I’d rather have a native PS Vita than use remote play. Remote play is something I’m looking forward to, but if given the option of native vs remote play… I’ll pick native every time.

  • It doesnt look like a “next-gen” title, but still looks like its very fun to play ^_^

  • this looks awesome :D more shooters on the Vita = the better :D

  • “+ Elvick_ on August 23rd, 2013 at 4:37 pm said:
    @15: Graphics don’t determine what system a game releases on. Don’t be dumb.”

    Pay attention man. I wasn’t talking about the graphics. Take your own advice here.
    I said “but honestly this is nothing the PS3 couldn’t handle.” Sure graphics are part of it, but I meant scope. It seemed like a Ratchet & Clank bonus level. Not taking away from the game, but why not release for the PS3 and have cross-buy for the PS4 so it would give an incentive to upgrade to that.

    “+ xClayMeow on August 23rd, 2013 at 3:36 pm said:
    @SpooNManX, it clearly states in the blog that it will be a Cross-Buy title, so there’s no greed here. Next time read instead of making accusations and looking stupid.”

    1. Chill out
    2. My comment was regarding why there is even a need for Cross-Buy on the PS4/Vita in the first place…
    If everything is playable on the Vita from the ground up, why would you want a less powerful version with a possible second price tag? Think about it man. It makes NO SENSE… You must be one of those people who kept complaining and yelling “I CAN’T GET REMOTE PLAY TO WORK… HELP!!1!” :P

  • fun! been waiting a twin stick shooter…

  • @15

    From what I remembered about E3 (or maybe it was at the reveal of PS4)

    It was mentioned that moving forward the Gakai service would be used to play all PS1,PS2, and PS3 games on PS4, PS Vita, Tablets, and Smart Phones.

    How exactly this will be implemented I do not know. But given that Sony has invested a lot of money into Gakai I would imagine you’ll be needing to hold onto your PS3 if you want to play all your PSN and Retro PS games that you’ve bought. Unless you want to sign up for this Gakai service to play all those games that you already own…

  • Cool surprise! I dig the style… kinda reminds me of a long-forgotten XBLA game called Small Arms. Also, this Capcom game for Dreamcast called Cannon Spike. Both super fun games, so I’m pumped for this title already. Arcadey shooter are great when done well, and this looks super promising. Nice to see more great games announced for PS4!

  • if there is a online endless challenge mode(aka survival) id buy this right now. no joke. love these kind of games.

  • I love the game

  • I hope it’s a cross-buy…
    I am really looking forward for more cross-buys!!!!

    Sony really has to make a bigger effort to please us – the customers, whether Plus or normal subscribers…

    I’ve already spent more than thousands of bucks on Sony’s products, ever since PS One, 2, 3, PSP, PS Vita, joysticks, and GAMESSSSSSSSSSS

    it’s time to show some real interest over the consumers, – And not just about the SHARING part

  • do you see this mulcues

  • i didnt try this game because it cant download in my ps3 system

  • This looks pretty awesome! My only concern is that all the levels just look like arenas…is there any different level layouts besides a square or a circle?

    @SpooNManX: Its way better to have a native Vita version that I can play with running my PS4. Why would I want to use remote play and have to connect to the internet when Im away from home and have my PS4 running, when I could just play it on my Vita offline on the bus or whatever…

  • We’re already having discussion on GAF but this looks great. Will be getting on Steam and PS4/Vita.

  • Reminds me off Fusion Frenzy feel looks amazing yup this a must get for my PS4! :D

  • Man this game and Helldivers reminds me of Contra for SNES. This games will keep me occupied along side Killzone until HHour comes out.

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