Joe Danger, Joe Danger 2 Coming to PS Vita in 2014

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Joe Danger, Joe Danger 2 Coming to PS Vita in 2014

Oh man! It’s so good to be back on the PlayStation.Blog! PlayStation is where Joe Danger and our little studio began, so it feels really good to be able to announce that we’re bringing Joe Danger and its sequel, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, to PS Vita next year! Our team owes so much to the PlayStation community…

We released Joe Danger on PS3 all the way back in 2010, which seems pretty much like a decade ago now. To us, anyway. Joe Danger was inspired by our love for the fun, colourful, and challenging games that we grew up playing on SNES and Megadrive, and with your help our little fat stuntman gained a load of fans and highscore chasers, which made us incredibly happy (and frustrated with our skills at our own game).

Joe Danger on PS Vita

Anyway, the game did well enough to give us a chance to release Joe Danger 2 last year, which was the Joe Danger we had in our heads (before the realities of our little team actually getting it finished got in the way). With loads of vehicles, scenarios and settings, we’re incredibly proud of it.

This should all explain why we’re so pleased to be able to announce Joe Danger for PS Vita. It’s something we’ve been quietly (but excitedly) working away on for little while (If you could play it right now, you’d be excited too!).

Joe Danger on PS VitaJoe Danger on PS Vita

One of the reasons we’ve fallen in love with PS Vita is its power. It’s super, super important to us that our games run really smoothly. Like, 60 FPS smoothly. There’s nothing like the super-slick movement and sense of responsiveness of a really well-made game. That screen just looks so lovely showing colorful, vibrant games too.

Another big reason why Vita’s perfect for Joe Danger is in its controls. On PS3, Joe Danger uses pretty much every button, stick and trigger for something, so all Vita’s inputs — from its touchscreens to its dual analog sticks — are essential. We’re aiming for Joe on Vita to play at least as well as it does on PS3! We’ve got some surprises in store for our level editor, too.

Joe Danger on PS Vita

We want to bring the console game across without losing a single bit of what I’m proud of, so we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. But hopefully I’ll be able to tell you guys more as we get closer to launch. Maybe there’ll be a few surprises! (There will be.) Until then, thanks so, so much for all your support over the past few years. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be here, so I hope we do you proud.

Speak to you again real soon!

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  • Cross saves? Separate trophy lists?

  • Are the two going to be bundled together or separate purchases? I liked them on PS3 but never got around to them much, but on the Vita they’ll be a perfect fit.

  • Really, really enjoy Joe Danger. Bought the second one right away, but for some reason keep forgetting to get in and play it. Excited about playing on Vita. Would really like it to be cross-save so I might get some motivation to go back and try and finish the last trophy or two I am missing. Anyway get up the great work.

  • I bought Joe Danger 1 and 2 at launch at full price, beat both games as well, they’re great! BUT, I will not re-buy them for my Vita. You should allow them both to be Cross-Buy so if you already bought them on PS3 you get the Vita version for free. This was recently done with Limbo on PS Vita (I owned the PS3 version, got the Vita version free). Obviously I would recommend the games to people who have not played them before but please make them Cross-Buy, even for those who already bought the games! I’m glad you’re bringing both the Vita as they’re perfect games for the handheld and the 60fps and the colors will be amazing on the Vita.

  • I love me some JD! And now I can take it with where ever I go. Nice!

  • this makes me happy. I downloaded it on the ps3, but I didn’t play it much as this is the type of game I really enjoy playing on my vita. My big screen time is saved for the graphic-heavy detail oriented AAA games… – I play my vita a lot more than my ps3…

  • I don’t have a PS3, but I have been tempted to buy this on Steam. Now maybe I’ll just wait for the Vita versions instead :)

  • So why am I buying ports when this game should have been remote play. Joe Danger 3 better be cross play

  • This game is amazing, theres only more 1 trophy to I get 100%, but I will buy to Vita too.

    Theres an another good game for PS3 who need one version for PS Vita, “Beat Hazard Ultra”, the game is good on PS3, but will be awsome on PS Vita.

  • So almost everything seems to be making a transition to PS Vita. Which is cool & all but it would be better with more original new content than more ports that burdened the PSP.

  • @11 I agree completely. I will get this for Vita, but I think you guys should have made a stand alone version for Vita. If you made from the ground up Vita version with some tilt and touch controls added, I think that would really boost your sales. Joe Danger Pocket Damage

  • Awesome. Perfect games for Vita!

  • they should make a JOE DANGER ADVENTURE GAME..rather than just stunts and chases.Like a Mario on a vehicle kind of thing..where we can take our pace with the levels rather than just race right through them. Im glad they finally said something about this game coming to the lets see SHANK and NBA JAM and other AMAZING PSN GAMES make it to the VITA..SERIOUSLY!!

  • Great to hear! I have JD2 for PS3, but never really played it be aide it got pushed to the back of my large AAA game queue. Both JDs will definitely see action on my Vita though!

  • What’s with all the crying on these blog posts about AAA games…
    Go request those games from their respective site forums and/or petition them if you feel the need to post on all blog announcements.
    There really is no need to have EVERYONE who posts on this blog to deal with the whining…

    And while I’m at it: On a related note;
    Can we stop it with the Cross-Buy Outcry?
    Not all games can be made cross-buy.
    Last time I checked it’s not like they are emulating PS3 games on PSVita, they actually have to port them.
    Meaning that work does go towards getting the games working on there as well.

    While not all ports have been good on pricing, why are we crying about getting to play them again on a portable?

    Why are we crying about getting more games, lol!?

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks!

  • Oh thats awesome…I remember my excitement when I saw the 1st video for JD back in 2010…then I played the demo and bought the game….JD is pure fun a really great game to play and JD2 is great as well…thanks PSPlus.Really great news seeing JD coming to Vita…JD is perfect to the Vita.

    Just a question to hello games…..are you guys with “them” like puppets……or trying to warn us of “them”?

  • This game is made for PS Vita, thanks :)

  • this game was cool but the load times are what killed it for me

  • This should be interesting. I got JD2 for free from PS+, but haven’t played it yet. Guess I’ll have to give it a try and if I like it, I’ll probably end up buying these when they release for Vita. Very cool news. :)

  • For those of us who supported Hello Games the first time around with full-price purchases, please make sure the Vita version has a notable discount. I really appreciated this with Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, and was infuriated at the lack of it for PixelJunk Monsters HD Ultimate.

    With the extra RAM on the Vita, are there any quality bumps to effects or assets that weren’t possible on the PS3?

    Will there be a demo?

  • Quick question. Does the PS3 version of Joe Danger 2 have all the same dlc as the 360 version? I plan to buy in on PS3 but I’d hate to miss out on some dlc. Thanks for the fun games!

  • Sean, I’ve already bought both your games 3 times, Now you want me to buy them for a 4th time?

  • I was hoping this game on vita. Thank. xD

  • @ plaztiksyke

    Infuriated? Really? Like, stomping-around-the-room-screaming type of infuriated? Over what? Five bucks? Are you posting from a mental hospital? And why do you think you’re entitled to a discount anyway? Because you “supported” them before? But if you get this game on the cheap, wouldn’t it kinda negate the support? Is this just your sissy under-handed way of scoring a discount? They owe you nothing. You agreed to pay what you did. End of transaction.

    Should I get free stuff since I’ve supported the industry since the 80s? Heck, Sony should give me a PS4, a Vita, and every game I want for free because of my past support, right? Because I’m soooo “special”, right? What’s next? Demanding cross-buy entitlement across other consoles too? Do you try this crap at the supermarket? “Since I spent over $100 last time I was here, my bill this time should be half off, or even free, really. Yeah, because I’m like, so special, don’t ya know.”

    Stuff costs money. The merchants set the prices, you don’t. If you don’t like the price, you walk. It’s that simple. Can the entitlement BS. It’s disgusting.

  • yeah, Thanks for the port. Vita needs more Ports, not original Tittles. while you at it. look for other 3 years old games to port as well.

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