Gunslugs Coming Soon to PS Vita

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Gunslugs Coming Soon to PS Vita

Hi everyone, I’m Tj’ièn, creative director at Abstraction Games, and I’m more than excited to tell you that we’ll be bringing Orange Pixel’s highly addictive, retro-inspired, side-scrolling roguelike Gunslugs to PS Vita.

Gunslugs on PS Vita

We came into contact with Gunslugs’ creator Pascal Bestebroer — “indie game developer extraordinaire” — through the nice people at Sony Computer Entertainment, who suggested he get in touch with us after they were amazed by the work we did on Hotline Miami for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. We were tremendously honored to be referred by Sony and we were thrilled to be working with Pascal as he has created so many great, retro-inspired gems, that we felt we had no other choice than to jump onboard straightaway.

Gunslugs on PS VitaGunslugs on PS Vita

After we had worked on Knytt Underground and Hotline Miami, we’re all really excited about the tremendous potential of the PS Vita and its unique input systems. But the more traditional, natural feeling of the physical buttons, combined with the amazing OLED display, make the idea of bringing Gunslugs over a no-brainer from our perspective. In fact, we believe in the appeal of Gunslugs and the fact that it belongs on the PS Vita so much that we decided to publish the game ourselves.

We added leaderboards, cloud saving, and Trophies to an already extensive feature list that includes everything from screen-filling endbosses, hellworms, princesses, jetpacks, hidden worlds, train rides, drivable tanks, sandworms, armor shops, and sooo much more! Oh, and I didn’t even mention the thumping soundtrack created by Gavin Harrison, which has quickly become part of my daily playlist since we started working on Gunslugs a while back — it’s really great!

Gunslugs on PS Vita

Expect to be able to populate those new leaderboards soon as we’re working hard to get the game into your retro-loving hands somewhere around October 2013.

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2 Author Replies

  • Loving these retro simple pick up and play games.

  • Just watched the Gunslugs trailer. Looks like my type of game.

  • You guys are really coming around on the Vita front. Props!

  • Look interesting, and the music is great too.

  • Sony, are you ever gonna care about showing AAA games on Vita? Or are you only gonna keep showing indies at every conference?

    We were originally promised PS3 gaming on the go, and that’s what i threw down 250 for not a system that plays games that look like they were made years ago. The system is power, can we please see it’s power more often?

  • Daym, I need to buy PS Vita.

  • Thanks for all the Vita love Abstraction Games!

  • This makes me smile, I am glad I own a ps vita. Gunslugs looks like a lot of fun.

  • The next time Sony ports over something like, let’s say like Jak and Daxter… Think you guys could step up and help on the port? You’re clearly better than everyone else.

  • I’ll buy it. I hope to see more Orange Pixel games on Vita.

  • You had me at Roguelike!

  • What this is really retro not interested in this even if they game me a PS Plus discount or it was free. My collection is too much now but in a good way.

  • What there needs to be more of are shooters on the PS Vita & in this genre there lacking greatly. Hopefully TGS will suprise me everyone else that would like to see this.

  • What’s with all the crying on these blog posts about AAA games…
    Go request those games from their respective site forums and/or petition them if you feel the need to post on all blog announcements.
    There really is no need to have EVERYONE who posts on this blog to deal with the whining…

    And while I’m at it: On a related note;
    Can we stop it with the Cross-Buy Outcry?
    Not all games can be made cross-buy.
    Last time I checked it’s not like they are emulating PS3 games on PSVita, they actually have to port them.
    Meaning that work does go towards getting the games working on there as well.

    While not all ports have been good on pricing, why are we crying about getting to play them again on a portable?

    Why are we crying about getting more games, lol!?

  • I wouldn’t mind these smartphone apps at all if there were more AAA titles.

  • Hell, even the ability to play PS2 downloadables on the Vita would be a HUGE step forward.

  • @Abstraction Games: Glad you guys are working on this. We definitely need more polished games making it to the PSVita. Please take your time with this and get it right the first time, like you did for Hotline Miami.

    • Tj’ien Twijnstra

      Thanks AVLUIS, we’re definitely putting in the effort to get it to you in the utmost polished state! Glad you liked our work on Hotline. Keep an eye-out for us as there’s more to come!

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks!!

  • Just watched gameplay for this on youtube. Looks amazingly fun. And coming so soon? This is a must-buy for me. Can’t wait!

  • will the music be 320kbps Ogg? really digging Vita titles that are making the most of the system, rather than copying over crappy MP3 assets from previous mobile releases.

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