The Diamond Beach Yacht Sails Into PlayStation Home

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The Diamond Beach Yacht Sails Into PlayStation Home

Diamond Beach Mansion Private Yacht


Your new life of luxury isn’t limited to land. Welcome to the most luxurious way to travel the seven seas – the Diamond Beach Mansion: Private Yacht. This opulent vessel comes with all the amenities a high rolling sailor could need. Spend time in the home theatre, have hot tub time with your friends, catch some rays on the sprawling decks or even take a swim with the neighborhood fishes. Just like the rest of the mansion, dynamically control the time of day, give exclusive gifts to your friends and uncover the secret that will help you gain access to the hidden fifth portion of the mansion. Purchase the yacht in the first ten days of release and receive an exclusive item bundle!

Doctor Who Wave 2

BBC Worldwide and LOOT Entertainment proudly present the second wave of Doctor Who items for PlayStation Home. Place the Doctor’s most feared enemies, the Daleks and the Cybermen, as active furniture items in your estates to exterminate – or delete – any visitors who overstay their welcome. You can even bring them with you as companions as you explore Home! If you’re looking for something a bit friendlier, try the K-9 active furniture item or companion instead!

Best of all, since the TARDIS is now available as an Open House, there’s never been a better time to explore the mysteries of Time Lord trans-dimensional engineering! Step into the universe of Doctor Who and create your own Time Lord machinima adventures!


Lockwood Whimsy Hollow

Some time ago, Lockwood started work on a new apartment. PlayStation Home fans chose the style (High Fantasy) the name (Whimsy Hollow) and the final look of the creatures who live there (the many-tailed Whimsies!) Finally Whimsy Hollow is ready and waiting in the Gift Machine so those who took part in shaping it can see how it turned out!

There’s a little bit of Whimsy turning up in the store as well, with a Whimsy Tail LMO to give you that whimsical look!

Lockwood Delirious Squid and Gift machine Updates

Delirious Squid returns to the Lockwood store and Gift Machine today with a squidilicious range of mix and match punk pieces. Tartan pants adorned in zippers, ripped tights and frayed denim mini-skirts, studded collars and shaved hairstyles, Delirious Squid have managed to squidge a whole host of punk favourites into their new anarchic range.
The Gift Machine has some exclusive variations of the leather jackets, mini-skirts and collars, so get trading with your friends if you want the full range at your disposable. Never mind the Barnacles, here’s Delirious Squid.

Granzella Gunfighter Profession for Operation: Defend Edo

The new Gunfighter profession for Operation: Defend Edo has arrived! The long-awaited profession for Granzella’s Great Edo. With a haori, hakama, and a shouldered long rifle, the Gunfighter is here! As a shooting expert, long range is the Gunfighter’s strong point. From out of enemy’s reach, one after the other, aim and shoot! In addition, it is highly advantageous for attacking mononoke that appear in the air during Operation: Defend Edo. It’s possible to accurately damage the Ookubi and Hitouban which are usually difficult to hit. Along with a gun for a weapon, this 4 piece set also includes a haori and hakama, gunfighter ponytail hairstyle, and boots. Available in red, blue, black, and white.

20130821_Rifle Warrior

VEEMEE Acorn Meadows Update

This week Acorn Meadow Park undergoes a major update with the introduction of six new remote controlled vehicles and a very special prize for those who are willing to put in a little extra time. Take to the air with the remote controlled Military, Stunt or Rescue Helicopters or set sail with the remote controlled Yacht, Battleship or Speedboat. All are available to rent or buy from the RC Stand and all have associated tasks and challenges with plenty of prizes to unlock. As if that wasn’t enough, from this release forward if you complete 5 mystery tasks across 5 Levels from Visitor to Ranger you’ll unlock the stunning night time version of the Acorn Meadows Park Apartment. Just another reason to come down to Acorn Meadows Park today and start levelling up!

VEEMEE Summer Sale: Minigame Bonanza

VEEMEE’s attention turns to Mini-games for the final week of the VEEMEE Summer Sale. The VEEMEE Mini-Game Bonanza bundle includes all five Grow Home plants, the Savage Cosmos Arcade Cabinet and helmet rewards, Electrokid Arcade Cabinet with Electro Kid Heads rewards, the Superhero Madhouse Arcade Cabinet and Snow globe reward, and the three original MyGym Machines; Running Machine, Cycling Machine and Rowing Machine all at a mind blowing discount. Check out the VEEMEE Summer Sale stand today!

VEEMEE B-Movie Madness, Wrangler and 3D Printer Updates

VEEMEE updates their B-Movie, Wrangler and 3D printer lines. Be sure to check them out today!


Juggernaut Branblenook Farm update

Juggernaut Games is bringing a big Summer update to Bramblenook Farm! Grab the Bramblenook Farm Update Bundle to unlock house remodeling with wood and gold, craft new pieces of furniture to gift to your friends (including a sweet lute LMO), and buy some baby cows to fill that empty pasture. Additionally, guests and owners alike can cool off by swinging into the pond for a refreshing dip! Want more? There’s also a selection of new furniture and active items to complement the look of your remodeled farmhouse, including an Alchemist’s Chest, Bearskin Rug (with room for two!), an animated Magic Globe, as well as many other fine items crafted with love by Juggernaut Games.


Flashman Studios Star Trek TNG Outfits

Check out Flashman Studios’ new line of Star Trek TNG outfits and accessories. Gear up as Starfleet, Klingon or Borg, and don’t forget to add all the needed accessories!


nDreams’ Magnificent Facial Hair and Quad Bikes

What makes a man, a man? Awesome facial hair of course! And this week you can become the manliest man around. But of course if you are a lady feel free to have your own moustache or beard as well, we don’t discriminate!

Size matters. No longer do you have to ride around on a mini quad bike, this week nDreams are releasing full sized Quad Bikes for you to ride around home on. When you boost you pull off a pretty awesome trick!


PlayStation MVP Brainiac Reward from Atom Republic

Join the Home Brainiac Challenge at for a chance to win this Virtual Brain Item! Special thanks to AtomRepublic for making this possible.

PlayStation Home - Home Brainiac Poster (BIG)

JAM Games Jam Jar

This week JAM Games brings you a new apartment and furniture bundles. The ‘Jam Jar’ boutique was established in the 1940’s as THE place to go. Discover the opulence and grandeur of this by gone era in a building rescued and restored to its rightful glory! Whether you decide to return it to its full boutique status, use its exquisite detail as a backdrop for a gallery or as the venue of the latest fashion event, The ‘Jam Jar’ will still prove to be THE place to be seen!

O-TWO Peakvox Labs Update

Major update in peakvox labs!! You can now cultivate 5 kinds of new 2nd Generation species inside the “L-project”. Get the key item within our space or inside our store to create the new “Kirin”, “Bird”, “Wooper”, “Zombie”, and “Devil” .

Let’s see if you can complete them all!!


X7 VIP Update

X7 Get Morphsuits, footwear, mythical avatars, and Billabong gear from VEEMEE, “The Throne” and light projectors from nDreams, and Sodium Blimp from Lockwood.

Killzone Mercenary

Home gamers, if you earned your Killzone Mercenary voucher code at this year’s E3, then you are now ready to redeem that code! Earn access to Killzone Mercenary one week before everyone else.

Killzone Mercenary is the full Killzone experience. Those looking for a true FPS experience on their Vita need look no more. Try the Beta today!


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