New Trailer for Knack Revealed

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New Trailer for Knack Revealed

Hi, we’re pleased to present the new Gamescom trailer for Knack. It’s action-packed and reveals some exciting hints to the game’s story, as well as including some new characters you won’t have seen before — make sure you give it a look!

The hard-working team at Japan Studio has been creating a new demo specifically for Gamescom, as this will be the first time Knack has been playable at a consumer show. If you’re going to Gamescom this week, please head over to the SCEE booth and check the game out!

Knack on PS4Knack on PS4

The new demo includes platforming gameplay, as well as a level extract which has Knack absorbing wooden parts (and catching fire) as seen in the trailer. This gives you only a few minutes before your new parts burn away, so you have to keep battling and moving quickly to grab new parts before you shrink down in size.

Knack on PS4Knack on PS4

Also, Mark Cerny will be at Gamescom talking about a great, newly-introduced additional feature to Knack. Japan Studio wanted to add something extra to the experience, and are currently working on a two-player “drop-in” co-op mode!

More details coming soon, so keep watching the PlayStation.Blog for more.

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  • Awesome!

  • hoping to have this and killzone day one!

  • Co-op would be perfect! Can’t wait to get my hands on this awesome looking game.

  • Co-op… local/online/both?

  • @3, there is co-op. Its actually a “parent” like co-op that you have a little robot along side Knack (the protagonist) as a second player that will give you items if you lose them. I like it because I can let my daughters play while I back them up.

  • must buy

  • Mark Cerny has a great track record and all, but I just can’t seem to get excited about this game. I love platformers, and I love brawlers, but nothing about the gameplay in Knack really stands out to me. The graphics are nice, and the art design is… interesting, but the gameplay unfortunately looks a bit generic. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I’ve seen more of it, or played a demo.

  • Sold! I love me some Killzone but Knack is def my most anticipated PS4 launch title.

  • love kz and def getting driveclub but this is def a game im really wanting, have had ps4 knack bundle pe-ordered for over a month now

  • The particle engine is extremely impressive! And wow, definitely looks like an interactive Pixar film!

    Can’t wait to see what Insomniac has to show off soon!

  • Guys the gameplay demo I saw from Gamescom, had the main character beating up all these creatrues and men in armor, I found it very disappointing! I had to come here to bring this to your attention. It looks so fun but the characters are pretty much braindead, we don’t hear a peep out of them, they just gravitate towards the enemy like mindless NPCS. Don’t miss the opportunity to add dialogue to enemies, whether it’s them reacting to getting hit with a GHA! or seeing the character approach them. I had such high hopes for this game, really all I want is some “mouthy” enemies.

  • This and Killzone day one, can’t wait!

  • Wasn’t that excited for Knack until I saw this trailer, now I know this isn’t just another platformer, now that I know I will have this and Minecraft at launch of PS4, I will not be cancelling my pre-order. Please show more on this title soon.

  • @11 supposedly all of those builds people are playing are really old builds. at least thats what i understood from people asking.

  • PS1 – Crash & Spyro
    PS2 – Jak & Dexter
    PS3 – Sackboy and Ratchet & Clank
    PS4 – Knack
    Welcome to the family Knack :)
    oh and Day 1 purchase

  • Wow! That was a surprisingly good trailer. I didn’t really care about this game before but now I’m totally stoked for it

  • The guy in the beginning kinda looks like Mark Cerny ;p

  • I think japan studio should stop work on this game and puppeteer or whatever, and put there full most attention on THE LAST GUARDIAN, to me this game should be there number one priority.

    I will not buy a PS4 until The Last Guardian is released.

  • @18,
    Knack and Puppeteer are both from different development groups in Japan.

    I would also want to suggest what happens when you rush a game to meet a quarterly check-up.
    Remember all those Bethesda games(particularly the Fallout series and Skyrim)?
    Buggy as hell with game breaking issues.

    Give it time, you know you’ll cry over the ending like half of the fan base anyways.

  • online co op = 2 copies sold!!!! my 10 years old nephew will love Knack.

  • This looks totally cool will get this when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quick question: do you know if that PlayStation Plus deal (90 days free with 12 month subscription) is coming to the US Store too? Also, do PS+ subscription cards work in that deal?

  • Looks really good, looks like a Pixar film.

  • Knack : Best indie game coming from Sony itself.

  • After watching the 15min demo on IGN today hell yeah I’m picking this up. Go Knack! :D

  • This game needs to definitely have a fun multiplayer mode.

  • Do not sleep on this game ppl. Even Mark Cerny said that he would like ppl to make Knack their second purchase. WOW…What an honest man. I have pre-ordered Knack, along with Killzone: Shadow Fall. It will be fun to play Knack with my wife who is just getting a grip for playing video games. Im 27, but i feel like a kid waiting for his Christmas present on Christmas Eve. Thank you Sony!!!

  • Getting this and Killzone, hopefully can swing Watch_Dogs too.

  • Looks great!

  • really excited to play this, but are there *any* non-white human characters in it? if this is meant to be a child first console game, broadening the skin colors and facial features for both the “good” and “bad” humans would go a long to giving kids characters they can identify with.

    drop-in local co-op helps seal the deal, but I’m worried it’s a little too “safe” so as to cater to the Walmart crowd.

  • Amazing trailer..Knack looks so good….this is a must buy for sure…I’ll get this game even before having a PS4 to play it just to secure my copy…and Japanstudio is the assurance of quality….Knack is already set to be the PS4 mascot.I have a great feeling about this Knack.

  • This game is looking extremely cool, I like the different elements you can put into Knacks’ builds and the overall look of the game. Very good job guys!!

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