Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom Trailer

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom Trailer

It’s the Gamescom trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, plus a whole slew of new screens!

The Savior’s Choice trailer takes you into The Wildlands; a rough expanse of wilderness that will reunite Lightning with Chocobos, Moogles (Kupo!), and an old friend: Sazh. You’ll also get a glimpse of Lightning’s unique battle abilities, including her super attack: Army of One.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom Trailer

If that wasn’t enough, we also have a ton of gorgeous screenshots that showcase the characters and environments found in The Wildlands.

When you preorder Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, you’ll receive the exclusive Cloud Strife Solider 1st Class DLC straight from Final Fantasy VII for FREE! This epic throwback pack includes the iconic Soldier 1st Class Uniform, Cloud’s Buster Sword, Soldier Band, Finishing Animation, and — to top off the entire package — you’ll also receive the timeline Victory Fanfare.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available on PS3 and PSN download on Feb 11th, 2014.

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  • Aside from Nobuhiro Goto and Motomu Toriyama’s need to make Lightning’s cup size bigger, amazing trailer!! I look forward to playing Lightning with a different style of gameplay!

  • Good Trailer! But still waiting on release date for Final Fantasy X/X-2.

  • Cool. But Kind of A Weird Time To Post Someting Don’t Ya Think??

  • But I want Serah Returns, please make XIII-4.

  • Type 0 for PS Vita would be awesome :)

  • How about a physical release for FFX .

    Looking forward to this also.

  • *of Vita*

  • For Christ sake, what Sazh (the-most-annoying-character) is doing in xiii-3? I thought we were free of him =( and btw, why does he son haven’t grown old O.o

  • Nice trailer. Although I admit I don’t like Sazh either. Suppose he’s better than Hope anyway as Hope was the most annoying for me.

  • Really like the last few seconds of the trailer with the chocobo. =)

  • Will their be a PS4 edition?

  • Yes, can we expect PS4 edition?

  • @EpicGamerDetroit Its from Gamescom in Germany. Weird time for us, breaking news for them.

  • This game is a joke. They even decided it was an official joke and came out with huge boobs to put on your character. Wow. What a strong female we have here. She wasn’t strong enough before so let’s raise her boob size a couple of cups.

  • This game is a joke. They even decided it was an official joke and came out with huge b. oobs to put on your character. Wow. What a strong female we have here. She wasn’t strong enough before so let’s raise her b.oob size a couple of cups.

    They want to moderate my comment because of b.oobs but have no problem throwing features like this in their game

  • Sooo….serious question. Did Sazh drop an F bomb on that chocobo at the end because it totally sounds like he called him a F**kball.

  • Things I care about that are Square right now:
    1) Final Fantasy X HD
    2) Final Fantasy XV
    3) Final Fantasy Type-0
    4) Final Fantasy XIV
    5) The Legacy of Kain game that got cancelled
    6) Deus Ex Directors Cut
    7) Tomb Raider 2

    I’m sure there are other things that square is doing that I’d like….. Stamping out FFXIII sequels with characters no one liked is not one of them. What happened to Serah? Why aren’t we playing as Noel? Did anyone even like Lightning?

  • @15 Glad I wasn’t the only one who heard that! :D

    Love to hear some news on Type-0!

  • @15 He said “Blasted fluffball”.

  • @14
    You cant even notice the boob thing in teh gameplay. Seems you gatta look hard to see it

    Not everyone disliked the characters 13 brought into the series. I actually like lighting alot

    Anywho random time for a trailer but I cant wait for the game.

  • @21

    Not really a whole lot to like about lightning, the character is stiff and hasn’t really evolved. I don’t know how much of it is bad direction, bad writing, or bad acting, but everything about the cast of FFXIII right down to their dialog either bores or annoys me.

    So I’m honestly baffled about what it is you like about lightning…. To me that’s like saying you really enjoy a brick wall. Ya it serves a function, but only one that supports the environment you’re in. Snow pretty much has 2 settings, super enthusiastic and moronically pissed off.

    This cast was so bad that I wondered if the characters were always this bad in FF and this was just something I was noticing now or what. I can say for certain, FFXIII’s world has no soul and neither does its characters.

    As far as not everyone is concerned, I’m pretty sure that is an extreme minority.

  • Thanks for the new trailer. I already have the game preordered, can’t wait.

  • @22
    It seems your just baseing the minorty comment off your hatred of said game.

  • give us FFX/X-2 release date!! no one cares about lightning returns

  • @24
    Nope, pretty damn sure I can throw a rock into a crowd and hit someone who hates FFXIII and it would take a god damned Ouji Board and a Magically blessed compass that leads to what I’d like to find, just to pull the needle out of a hay stack that is the FFXIII fan.

    As far as hate goes… I do not hate the game, I just hate most of the game. The battle system was enjoyable and pulse was one of my favorite aspects of playing. Which honestly is a shame as the story, characters, music, and exploration are the things I loved about the previous games. I do mean all of them. FFXIII-2 I enjoyed more than FFXIII, but the lingering threads to the previous game and that crap ending ruined it for me. See Lightning Returns is just a swift kick where it hurts most.

    I don’t hate it, just dislike it a lot. Continuing it on for 2 sequels in the manner that they chose was a waste.

  • 3 questions: 1. Is there going to be a PS4 edition? 2. When is Final Fantasy X / X-2 coming out? 3. What can we expect from the newest title Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

  • awesome stuff!

  • This is by far the best trailer for the game. The one they released at…I think E3…turned me off some, and this coming from a HUGE FF fan and a defender of the XIII series. This actually looks like it might be another good game in the series and not just an add-on. Either way..I’ll be picking it up.

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