Building a New London for The Order: 1886 on PS4

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Building a New London for The Order: 1886 on PS4

The Order, Gamescom, 04

When creating our alternate history in The Order: 1886, our goal was to make the environment as believable as possible while at the same time adding our own twist to real places. With the release of our trailer back at E3, we hinted at our vision of an alternate London.

This Neo-Victorian London will seem familiar to everyone, however, advances in technology will take center stage in many ways as you navigate the city. One of the main examples is the advent of electricity throughout the city, well before its time. Gas lamps are replaced by electric street lights. Everywhere you go, you can hear the hum of electricity running through the city.

The Order, Gamescom, 03The Order, Gamescom, 01

The London subway system is present in our version of the world, but it’s much more advanced than it was in real life. Certain sections of the subway system run above ground in between buildings throughout the city. Electric signs line the streets making some areas of London almost look like Times Square.

The other big change you will witness is in the skyline of London. Although the familiar sights of Big Ben, St. Paul’s, and the Tower Bridge are present, the skyline is broken up by watch towers. Their searchlights are constantly scanning the city and the skies. The other change in the skyline is the presence of airship mooring towers. In The Order: 1886, London is patrolled day and night by a squadron of dirigibles called the Sentinels. All of these are a constant reminder that the world is not as it seems.

The Order, Gamescom, 02

These changes are the result of our Industrial Revolution, mankind’s chance to take the upper hand in a centuries-old war. Mankind now has access to advanced weapons, one of which you saw in the trailer — a rifle that can fire electricity.

Communicators give you the ability to converse with the rest of your squad. A thermite gun allows you to shoot a cloud of inflammable thermite that can be ignited by a flame or by shooting a flare into it. In contrast to these advanced weapons, you’ll still be able to use more traditional black powder guns. These give a sense of realism and believability to the world and make the atmosphere feel dirty and palpable, reminiscent of the way we’re used to viewing the real, post-Industrial Revolution Europe.

The Order, Gamescom, 05

The team will be sharing more information about the game in the months to come. For now, we wanted to share with everyone a PSN static theme inspired by The Order: 1886 which will be available on August 21st.

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  • I was really hoping to see some gameplay coming out of Gamescom, but that looks like a negative. Still, I’m looking forward to this game. I can’t wait to hear more about it. :)

  • gameplay pls! not even sure what genre this is

  • I hope this is one of “those games”, the ones that have a special edition with an art book. The artistic design in this game is one of the things that I find most interesting in it…. but I love that stuff.
    Hope to see more of the game of the coming months.

  • wow awesome theme. this game looks so intriguing. can’t wait to learn even more about it!

  • Day one purchase for me!!

  • @fromage2323

    I believe they’ve said it’s a 3D person Action/Adventure I believe. Sort of Uncharted-y… if that’s even a thing.

  • Hopefully a VGA trailer in December.

  • Two questions

    1. Is it really a “launch window exclusive” like one of the speakers at the conference said yesterday? I had noidea it was so far in development to be ready early next year

    2. These guys are knights, so will be see some sword combat gameplay in your new game? Or is it all projectile weapons?

  • When can we expect to see some gameplay?

  • This game looks gorgeous – hope it’s a 3rd person action game.

    This is the most intriguing AAA game in the PS4 launch lineup and I can’t wait to experience it for myself.

  • Don’t suppose that Theme will carry over to PS4?

    I know there is a lot of Backward Compatibility hate coming from Sony right now, but I’d like to think that these dynamic themes and the like are built on a VM and will be available on PS4.

  • I’m looking forward to this game from what I have seen so far.

  • This game is looking incredible, I knew Ready at Dawn was a studio to keep an eye on!

  • this is one of the PS4 games I am most excited for. I hope we dont have to wait too long into 2014 for it!

  • We will see gameplay when Ready Dawn decides to make a website for it’s game and then maybe they can tell everyone about the game. Instead of people speculating on it.

  • Could you please show some gameplay footage?

  • God I can’t wait for this game.

  • oOh… and I will be downloading that theme. I hope there’s a conceptual artbook available for purchase.

  • <3 RaD. I know you guys aren't saying much, and it is a linear game. But will there be areas where the game opens up at all?

    Definitely my most hyped game, just based on the setting itself. Can't wait to see gameplay!

  • I hope they can use 3D tech on the PS4 because with Werewolves jumping out of my screen would be crazy.

    That static is probably the best one I have seen in a long time and it is FREE

  • I hope this is great and becomes another awesome Sony franchise. So far this game is right in my wheel house. Really looking forward to it and PS4 gaming in general.

    Of topic!!!
    I just played the Killzone Mercenary Beta Warzone and I just want everyone who hasn’t tried it yet to know that it is amazing! I cannot believe this is a handheld game. GG has done such a great job. Everything about it makes me think about the console games. However, it’s different in a good way with the touch screen, vangaurd and cards. If you haven’t played it yet, please give it a try.

  • This game is sounding awesome! Can’t wait to see gameplay!

    Will it be an open world game? Reminds me a bit of The Saboteur. :)

  • Wow, this sounds phenomenal. And with next-gen graphics, I can only imagine how incredible the final product will look. Hopefully it’s an open world game or contains some exploration. This game has a huge amount of potential.

  • Some people I know are complaining that the art style is a bit lacking in color, but I think the game looks beautiful! Ready at Dawn did a fantastic job with Daxter and the GoW handheld games, so I’m willing to give this a chance once I see some real gameplay.

    Don’t think I’ll be getting a PS4 anywhere near launch, though. Lack of true backwards compatibility turned me off.

  • @#2 in their previous post they said its a third person action title.

    I’m so stoked for this, just want to see the game in action now. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • This is my most anticipated game for the PS4 in 2014. I’ve always loved Ready At Dawn and hoped they’d continue working with Sony.

    Ready At Dawn will become the next Naughty Dog if “The Order:1886” ends up being as good as it looks and sounds.

  • If those first images are representative of the in-game real-time engine…

    You have my money, sir.

  • This one is a maybe so far. I’ll be interested in learning more.

  • This is one heavy hitter on PS4 no one should miss, the atmosphere, the setting, the steampunk style is just absolutely fantastic.

  • I will be placing my pre-order for this game around the time of the launch of the PS4.

    Hopefully there will be a solid 2014 release date revealed by then.

  • I really want to learn more about this game. Can’t wait!

  • I can’t wait to see this title another original title Sony Doods!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One of the top of my list for the PS4 ! Can’t wait to learn more about the gameplay !
    And can’t wait to DL this f*****g theme ! :D

  • Thanks for showing us more. I am very interested in the game.

  • I want to know if this game is Coop, and hope to see some gameplay soon.
    i hope it has a great special edition, with a art-book or something that would be great. Day one buy for me

  • im so ready for this game already preordered it

  • First day buy for me I fell in love with this title ever since E3 :D

  • Thanks for the theme cant wait to see more gameplay of this game. Its on my radar for now.

  • Great Theme! I’ve had this pre-ordered since E3! Can’t wait to play it!

  • Can’t wait to see more.

  • uhhh….gameplay please..

  • A little sad it’s not a launch title, only one I was really interested in, but as long as the game is amazing, that’s all that matters. Art is beautiful, hoping gameplay will match it! Looking forward to gameplay footage sometime soon if possible.

  • This game…I got the feeling this game will be the best game of next-gen….3rd person and St.Monica…this cant go wrong…graphics are already looking St.Monica typical=The Best and….top notch quality.I’m literally drooling to see some gameplay…The Order can make me buy a PS4 afterall.

  • I really like the look of the art direction, but I’m just not interested in another straight white dudes with big guns game.

    The original trailer appeared to have a woman in it, maybe if a future blog post talks more about her role (or if she’s playable), I’ll add it to my must-buy list.

  • Sony really needs to start showing more of this game to capture to counter magic that Microsoft receiving with EA’s TitanFall.

  • Cant wait to play it ever since i saw it in e3

  • if Galahad and Lafayette are there; count me in! C’mon rad give us some gameplay footages, please?!

  • awesome game, can’t wait to play, the amazing graphics very nice

  • Thanks for the FREE theme! Also for this post. I’m really looking forward to playing this game.

    I’m not begging for game play footage. I don’t know why, but I trust you guys at Read At Dawn with this, and I don’t want to spoil my first play-through.

    The Order: 1886 Theme has made my PS3 very, very happy ;)

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