Infamous Second Son Gamescom Trailer Debut

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Infamous Second Son Gamescom Trailer Debut

Germany! I love Germany! Mostly for the beer. Also the pretzels, and Christmas smokers, funky sleds and gamescom. Can’t wait for gamescom! inFAMOUS Second Son will be there in full force. Our E3 trailer featured Delsin reveling in his powers using the Orbital Drop. Our newest trailer drops a lot of new game details: new smoke powers for Delsin and an all-new superhuman with unique powers of her own, ripe for Delsin to take for himself. Wanna see what this gal can do? Watch the trailer. You’ll like it, its set to music. You’ll see cool stuff.

Or course if you’re at gamescom, come on by. On the show floor, we’ll have some Sucker Punchers walking fans through a live gameplay demo of the content we initially revealed at E3. We’ll also be showing off a new behind-the-scenes movie to media, showcasing how Second Son uses the new DUALSHOCK4 controller. Keep an eye out for more news as we talk more about the DS4 throughout the week.

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Of course if you can’t make it to Germany you can follow the live stream of the conference on and let us know what you think on Twitter and on our official Facebook page.

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Infamous Second Son Gamescom Trailer Debut

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  • OMG, This game looks amazing :)

  • Day one!

  • Looks MINDBLOWING!!!! awesome job guys!

  • Thanks for the new trailer. I will pick it up day one. My guess for when it comes out is February.

  • Easily my most anticipated PS4 game so far. Each trailer, again and again you do not disappoint!

  • Love infamous but the new main character looks like such a generic d-bag. Hopefully he will be more compelling in the full game than what these trailers have been showing us.

  • and cole mcgraph wasn’t a generic d-bag?

    he’s generic anyway, and when you went evil, he was pretty much a d-bag, no?

    wonder if this game is set in the same timeline or whatever

  • Im am so overwhelmed by all this Gamescon info! that trailer was mind-blowing, will be getting Second son the minute its available!!! LOVE YOU PLAYSTATION!

  • My most anticipated thus far. One of my favorite new series this gen.

  • Second son looks amazing the fine people at sucker Punch always do a great job thanks for the dedication you guys put into your games and hopefully second son comes out in February for my birthday ;-)

  • Is that electricity, or psychic energy, or what? Judging by the end, I’m guessing it’s electricity, but that looks unlike any electricity we’ve seen from Infamous so far.

  • I was hoping for a secret unveil….

    Infamous: Second Daughter – a Vita-exclusive spin-off!

    I’m so excited for this game!! You know, every time I see something new about it I run around my apartment in excitement. inFamous was the first game I got really excited about from the current generation of games I talked about it daily, then inFamous 2 happened with FOB and confirmed that this series was.. LEGENDARY! I can’t wait to see what SuckerPunch has in store this time around!!

    It’d be nice for a nod to Cole though, like maybe a skin or something.. just saying.

  • This is probably the first game I’ll buy on PS4 when I get one next year. I think it’ll beat watch dogs in terms of quality / original story…we’ll see though. Certainly has it beat on graphics / SPECIAL EFFECTS…….. beautiful game Sucker Punch!

    And as for the gameplay…watch some youtube videos of this game guys… the character has some amazing looking moves.. great animations, fast game-speed and all…. as has always been the case in the InFamous games actually. Which is why I’m looking forward to the same sweet attention to quality here :)

  • @Ryumoau funny / ironic, cuz from what I’ve seen on you on the playstation blog.. it seems YOU’RE the generic d-bag ;) Don’t judge by looks, how about that. Just because you don’t like how someone looks doesn’t automatically make them a “d-bag” ;) Grow up.

  • Second Son looks brilliant and nighttime gameplay always shows off the flashy stuff best.

    Fetch’s character model has a hint of lesser-NPC look to it though, it’s not quite there.

  • I’ll just keep asking until I get answers :)

    1. any GLBT characters? is that a “choice” a player can make while playing?

    2. any plans for Move support on launch or with a later patch?

    3. 3D support on launch or with a later patch?

    looking great (besides the girl’s model/shaders, which looks oddly lower quality), keep it up! :)


  • Awesome awesome awesome.

  • Looking good I really enjoyed Infamous 1 and 2. Even though some people are saying that this second son edition will not be that good I still believe it will be on the same level with just a different character to play as. The fun from the first and second infamous will still be in this game.

  • Looks awesome, as for the power my guess is its “light” or something to that affect just based on how he absorbed it.

  • Awesome! Can not wait to buy this when it comes out! I’m guessing her power is based on neon. That is really creative if so, I especially loved the effect at the end of him absorbing it!

  • I’m buying a PS4 for this game.

  • @oo7PorscheMGS

    +1 :D

  • Where did the music for this trailer come from? Is it specific to the game, or was it licensed?

  • @ 7 khaosklub – Cole isn’t generic.

    Wow quite nice trailer….guess he was recharging his powers when it shows him absorbing things from the wrecked car.Cool….because I bet there will be plenty of cars to blow up.So he will get new powers as well just like Cole on Infamous 2….amazing.This game looks fantastic…a must buy without doubt.

  • Wow, this is one of my most anticipated games of 2014.

    Keep on knocking them out of the park, Sucker Punch!

  • Wait wait wait….what the hell happened in that last clip? Did Delsin just absorb electricity? Personally I hadn’t seen anything like this in the games previous trailers or gameplay, but if you can use other powers other than the smoke/fire ones that the games been showing off…wow. Game just went to a whole other level of cool.

  • I don’t know what is going on in this trailer but it is awesome to look at especially the last bit. What was that power? The anticipation is killing me.

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