Grand Theft Auto V Day 1 Digital Pre-orders Start Today on PSN

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Grand Theft Auto V Day 1 Digital Pre-orders Start Today on PSN

Click to pre-order onlineStarting today, you can pre-order the Day 1 Digital version of Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation Network. All Day 1 Digital pre-orders get access to fly the Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle just like those who pre-order a physical Standard Edition copy.

As an added bonus, Day 1 Digital pre-orders will also receive an exclusive PS3 theme along with 75% off on any Rockstar Games title on PSN* (to help tide you over these last few weeks before GTAV hits on September 17th). You can pre-order the Day 1 Digital version by going to the New on PS3: PSN Pre-Orders section of the PlayStation Store.

* Prices and discounts vary by territory

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  • Is there an expiration date on the discount and would it apply towards GTA V DLC?

  • AWESOME NEWS! Any idea how big the DL is? Also, I’m assuming the episodes are part of the 75% off? That’s the only rockstar thing I don’t have

  • BOOM.

    Only thing that concerns me is when there’s a bunch of Day 1 Digital games, sometimes there’s bonuses for buying a certain amount of stuff that month.

    So I’ll wait until September to pre-order.

  • Oh one more thing, is the 75% off active immediately after you pre order it?

  • Playstation Money

  • Can you guys tell us how much HDD space the game needs for the digital version?

  • Will pre-load be available so that we can play as soon as the game goes live, or will we have to wait until the game is released to begin downloading?

  • Could we get a list of games that can be purchased at the 75% off.

  • @6 they mentioned 15-15.8 GB on the Rockstar site.

  • And with this digital purchase, we still get free access to GTA Online, correct? :)

  • Thank you! Now I’ll be able to put GTA V on both my PS3s with one purchase.

    I do have questions though.

    1) How big will the digital version of GTA V be?
    2) How long will the 75% off last?
    3) Does the 75% off apply to anything from Rockstar on the PSN Store or just games?

  • Whoa, 75% other games for pre-ordering one?
    That’s pretty cool, I wish more pre-orders did something like that.

  • I can’t access the PSN Store. It’s stuck in the loading screen, help? :(

  • Yes, R* could you give us at least a estimate of file size. I see all kinds of numbers around, but a required 8GB install for discs makes me think its a pretty massive file.

  • Will we be able to pre-load?

  • Hi, I’m super excited for GTA V, and I was wondering if anyone knows, what the file size of this game is going to be??

  • didnt the guy on the livestream say gta 5 dlc too?

  • Will GTA 5 be coming to PS4?

  • Dear Rockstar, please release GTA 5 on PS4 in 1080P :)

  • I already Pre ordered on Disc since I know that the Digital File will take up too much file space from the HDD.

  • <3 Rockstar!

  • i Want to buy GTA 5 on PS4 & XBox One

  • nice ps vita plus update

  • I want to buy GTA 5 on Next gen console

  • Please make GTA 5 for next gen consoles

  • Please make GTA 5 for PS4 & XBox One

  • I have a couple questions.

    1. If I pre order this from the store do I have to pay now? I’m assuming so.

    2. Does the 75% off deal only work for 1 game? I would love to buy Red Dead, GTA IV, and more for that deal.

    3. Would it at all be possible for us to pre order a digital version of the special edition content? As in the DLC included with the other editions without needing to buy the physical goodies.

    I wanted to say thank you so much for offering a digital day 1 version of this game. I had it pre ordered at amazon, but I had knee surgery and love the idea of not having to get up to put the disc in my PS3.

  • May I have a free copy please? $ ‘s a little short this month.

  • Great deal but as for me I already own all the Rockstar titles via PSN, lol.

    I’ll opt for the disc version this time around. Although I bet the theme is sweet.

  • How much data will this game take up on the PS3 Hard Drive?

  • 75 percent off ? thats ah greatttt deal. rockstar games are all worth full price. i will be getting the disc version though and plus i already own all rockstar games.

  • Will it be possible to pre-download the game?

  • If the download size is below 20gb, I might just pre-order on PSN instead :)

  • Already pre-ordered on Amazon, thanks, but this is good for people who have busted Blu-Ray drives.

  • Compare to those other Sky Craft a blimp is utterly useless.

  • Pre-Ordered! Thank you Sony and Rockstar!

  • mos def preordering; but in early september tho.

  • I already pre ordered a physical copy at 2 diff stores lol.. Just in case but this is awesome.

  • Pre-ordered :)
    Do we know the size of this game?

  • Pre-ordered disc already :) Been waiting for this for a long long time RS. One MONTH TO GO!!!!!

    @GeoDarky – Do you see how massive they made the world in this? It’s going to be a huge download. Xbox is going to have to use 2 discs for it.

  • A tough decision, but I think I’ve decided to wait till PS4 for this title. :X
    It’s going to be an even longer wait lol

  • That 75% of was certainly one heck of a hook! I pre-ordered my GTA V (sorry Gamestop), and proceeded to get the following games, totalling $33.67:

    GTA IV Ultimate Edition
    GTA Vice City
    GTA San Andreas
    LA Noire
    The Warriors
    Midnight Club LA Remix (PSP)

    Glad I installed a 1TB HDD, that’s for sure.

  • Amazing deal!
    Only sad to not see Midnight Club L.A. Complete for PS3 in the 75% deal.

  • The size of about 15.8 GB was mentioned here:

    Not sure if that is confirmed though.

  • Be very careful pre-ordering GTAV if you live outside of USA. I live in Canada and bought the Day1 Digital with the understanding that I would also receive 75% off of any PSN Rockstar games. I bought Max Paine 3 and no discount showed so I thought that the discount would kick in after I checked out. Big mistake, I paid full price (9.99$ not much but was expecting 75% off). Also, the game will be around 16+ gigs to install at 12:00 a.m Sept 17th. I am quite disappointed that people who don’t live in the states don’t get this deal. Sony should really stress this before you plop down 60$.

  • best news ever!

  • @44 the price drop doesn’t apply to MP3 because it’s already on sale. Check the PS Store update to see the full list of discounted game.

  • Please tell us how much space we need for the digital version of GTA V in our HDD so I know if I can buy it on PSN or if I should buy the disc version.

    P.S. I don’t need the exact size

  • @27

    1. yes you pay it all now.
    2. once you pre order, you can get any of those games if not all at 75% off.!!!
    3.Im not really sure about that last question. I’m assuming each pre order is different because you get different things. I think this is a psn exclusive deal for day one psn digital . I don’t think it mixes with the pre order deals for retail buys and content.

    You’ll have ask to rockstar games that last question o get a better answer of that. If its possible or not..

    vp-psn legioniaree group

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