Gran Turismo 6 Out 12/6, Vision GT, Pre-orders Unveiled

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Gran Turismo 6 Out 12/6, Vision GT, Pre-orders Unveiled

As Kazunori Yamauchi promised at the GT6 announcement event at Silverstone back in May, Gamescom, Cologne was going to be a pivotal milestone in the future of GT – Well, he definitely didn’t disappoint!

In celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo, Polyphony Digital has announced a unique partnership with a number of leading automotive manufacturers, design houses and other leading global brands. Design teams from Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bertone, GM Design, Honda, Infiniti, Italdesign Giugiaro, JORDAN Brand, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Nissan, Peugeot, SRT(Chrysler), Volkswagen and Zagato will create concept models giving a unique insight into the future of the automotive sector. Their designs will then be recreated as working cars for GT6.

This opens up an entire new world of future automotive design as before you would just see and read about it online, but now you’ll actually be part of the experience firsthand in Gran Turismo 6.

Polyphony Digital will release the cars from 2013 to 2014 as gifted downloadable content (DLC) to owners of Gran Turismo 6 through online update.

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When is this all coming, you ask? In case you missed it from the Vision GT trailer, we are proud to say GT6 is officially coming on December 6, 2013.

Last but not least, we have the long awaited details of the pre-order offer.

Back in June, we announced a robust 4-Car pre-order pack that included a Z4 GT3, NISMO GT-R GT3, Tesla Model S, and the Corvette Stingray. To truly celebrate the 15th Anniversary of GT, we added custom enhancements (visual / performance) to each vehicle + we added the SRT Viper GTS to the lineup as well, officially making it 5-Car Pack.

  1. GT-R NISMO GT3 15th Anniversary Edition
  2. Model S Signature Performance 15th Anniversary Edition
  3. Corvette Stingray (C7) 15th Anniversary Edition
  4. R8 LMS ultra 15th Anniversary Edition
  5. Viper GTS 15th Anniversary Edition

In addition, here are some additional offers from your favorite retailers…

GameStop Exclusive – 15th Anniversary Edition Upgrade

For those that’s been playing GT since the beginning, we really wanted to thank our fans by creating a unique value collection that not only celebrates the 15 year legacy, but also a custom look that’s immediately recognizable.

So, if you pre-order through Gamestop, you will get automatically get an upgrade to the 15th Anniversary Edition, which includes:

  • 25 cars with custom GT 15th Anniversary livery and performance  upgrades
  • 15th Anniversary Race Suit
  • 15th Anniversary Helmet
  • 15th Anniversary PSN Avatar
  • Customized Paint Chips
  1. A110 1600S 15th Anniversary Edition
  2. R8 LMS ultra 15th Anniversary Edition
  3. Corvette Stingray (C7) 15th Anniversary Edition
  4. Focus ST 15th Anniversary Edition
  5. Ford Shelby GT500 15th Anniversary Edition
  6. Huayra 15th Anniversary Edition
  7. HSV-010 GT 15th Anniversary Edition
  8. X-BOW R 15th Anniversary Edition
  9. IS F Racing Concept 15th Anniversary Edition
  10. Europa S.2 15th Anniversary Edition
  11. SLS AMG GT3 15th Anniversary Edition
  12. GT-R NISMO GT3 15th Anniversary Edition
  13. Megane Trophy V6 15th Anniversary Edition
  14. Viper GTS 15th Anniversary Edition
  15. Model S Signature Performance 15th Anniversary Edition
  16. Scirocco GT24 15th Anniversary Edition
  17. R18 TDI 15th Anniversary Edition
  18. BMW Z8 15th Anniversary Edition
  19. V16T 15th Anniversary Edition
  20. STRATOS 15th Anniversary Edition
  21. GT40 Mark I 15th Anniversary Edition
  22. Chevrolet Corvette Coupe CT 15th Anniversary Edition
  23. Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe 15th Anniversary Edition
  24. Audi Sport Quattro S1 Rally Car 15th Anniversary Edition
  25. Toyota 86 GT 15th Anniversary Edition

Amazon Exclusive – $1 Million In-Game Credit

Want to customize and build your own dream Gran Turismo garage? We’re confident a $1 Million In-Game Credit will help you do just that. In addition to getting the mentioned 4-Car pack, Amazon is offering our GT fans $1 Million In-Game Credit directly at start up, allowing you to buy, build, and race your own line-up of cars. Get a jump start in racing against your competitors online by reserving at Amazon.

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  • Sweet, I’ll ask my parents buy me GT6 for Christmas.

  • Hope, Gran Turismo 6 comes to PS4 : one day )

  • Why after the launch of PS4 :( I think I may wait for the Gaikai service so I can play on the PS4.

  • God of War II was launched on PS2 when PS3 was in the market. Stop complaining.

  • I think they’re holding out news that it’s coming to PS4 as well. It just seems like a bad idea to release this only for PS3.

  • Hope we see a PS Vita entry sooner, rather than later.

  • “Customized Paint Chips” Are you freaking kidding me? This crap is still in the game? This game is already starting to look terrible.

  • Ugh… Why gamestop always gets the good bonuses. Freaking hate buying from gamestop. I guess I’ll just have to let it go.

  • Is there a Day 1 digital or a later digital version coming?

  • Sony, what about a digital version???

  • I’m pretty confident the digital versions are difficult here because GT5, for example, took up almost an entire 50 GB dual-layer blu-ray disc. GT6 is the same game basically, at least at its core, so I really doubt it’s any smaller. I’d love a digital version too, but not if I have to download and install a 50 GB game.

  • What about the Beyond the Apex II app that was mentioned in the initial announcement? Please tell me that is still in at least one edition.

  • This comes out the same day as my birthday. I’ve already pre-ordered but maybe I can get it as a gift now. Also hopefully there will be a collectors edition.

  • I only buy digital. SONY, PLEASE ANSWER US! Is it going to be available as a Day 1 Digital Download!?!?

  • @9 Yuranium

    PreOrdering or buying new from Gamestop is not supporting Gamestop (which I also don’t like to do) so much as it’s supporting the gaming industry. The people who support Gamestop and not the industry are the ones who buy used games from them just to save $5 off retail. When they are giving you exra stuff for free on a game you were going to buy anyway, feel free to preorder from Gamestop guilt free. Gamestop has to pay for the preorder exclusives. They do it to get you in the door hoping you’ll spend exta money on some used games, a magazine subscription or something else they acctually make some profit on, because they only make a few bucks on new games. So going into Gamestop just to preorder and buy new is actually hurting Gamestop’s profit margain.

    I used to support the used game market back in the EB Games days because it wasn’t all about greed. EB in those days gave you half of what they were going to sell it for, which is fair market value. And they also gave you that in cash, unlike Gamestop who only let you spend what little they offer you in their store. If you want cash fom gamestop it’s 30% less. It’s disgustingly greedy, and imo should be illegal.

  • Hmm, which is better? 15th Anniversary Edition Upgrade or $1 Million In-Game Credit? Decisions, decisions.

  • @ Darth-Krayt

    Ehh… Gamestop doesn’t appeal to me either, but it’s not greed that’s behind their trade strategy. They adjust their numbers according to what the bottom line is showing them. Trying to survive in the industry. That’s really all it is. I agree that the value isn’t very good at all for gamers, but it doesn’t mean greed is driving the process. There’s a lot of variables… the market has changed drastically since the 90s, you know…

    Besides, you always have choices…

  • Will there be any Collector’s Editions released like there were for GT5, and will they be readily available in all regions this time around?

  • Who knew that Jordan and Nike designed cars! Well definitely glad the new Tesla models are included, but still no Porsche, which is a huge disappointment. But looking forward to it, anyways!

  • If only they’d fix that 15 year old third person perspective camera. It makes the action look jerky and unrealistic with the car not moving from the bottom center of the TV, just rocking left or right and the track rotating around it on turns. It’s hard to explain without seeing it, but anyone who’s seen the difference subtle movements of the car animation can make in games like Forza 4 will know what I’m talking about. If they’d fix this I’d be exited about this game. As is it’s just not fun to play (Try the demo to see what I mean.)

  • Anyone knows the name of the opening orchestra?

  • Day one!!

  • Why not both PS3 and PS4??

  • @20 SergioCosmopolis,

    They don’t care about casual gamer complaints, because the hardcore gamers strictly use the cockpit view in racing games when available, along with a quality racing wheel.

    That is where the most authentic experience for GT lies, whether you agree or not, and GT shines with that set-up.

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