Fez Set to Melt Minds on PS4, PS Vita, PS3

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Fez Set to Melt Minds on PS4, PS Vita, PS3

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Hi there! My name is Marie-Christine Bourdua, producer at Polytron, and I’m here today to announce that Fez is coming soon to PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Making Fez happen has been such an incredible journey, and we are truly thrilled to see our game come to PlayStation platforms.

Fez development started six and a half years ago with Phil Fish’s ideas and Renaud Bédard’s programming skills. The Montréal-based studio was (and still is) very small, but very ambitious.

Only 100 days into development, we submitted a Fez prototype to the 2008 Independent Games Festival, and were awarded the Visual Arts award, which was a huge public awareness and morale boost. But we still had a whole game to make!

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We failed to meet a million deadlines and had to overcome financial obstacles, but met amazing collaborators along the way, like the game’s composer, Rich Vreeland (aka Disasterpeace), and outstanding pixel artist Paul Robertson.

The game was taking shape, had a unique atmosphere and aura of mystery that we knew would find fans. As we were wrapping up development, James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot (makers of the Sundance-nominated documentary Indie Game: The Movie) followed us through the joys and hardships of shipping a first game, and to another IGF ceremony four years later where we were awarded the Seamus McNally Grand Prize; and the game wasn’t even out yet!

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Since the initial release in April 2012, we’ve been working on several versions of the game. We felt like Fez deserved to be on every platform that can run it, and PS Vita and PS3 are a natural fit. Fez lends itself perfectly to a “pick up and play” bite-sized mobile game experience on your way to work in the morning.

Development for these platforms is handled by Blit Software, a studio from Barcelona who is pretty much doing magic with the game. You may remember them as the guys who are making the Spelunky PS3 and PS Vita versions happen too, which we’re also much looking forward to! We’re working with them to provide a smooth, pixel-perfect version of Fez, with every bit of content to explore that the game is known for.

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For those who may not know, Fez is a 2D platformer set in a 3D world. You play as Gomez, a charismatic and fluffy little white guy who wears a Fez. When the existence of a mysterious 3rd dimension is revealed to him, Gomez is sent out on a journey that takes him to the very end of time and space.

There are no enemies in Fez. No bosses, no combat; in fact, no conflict of any kind. It aims to create a non-threatening world rich with ambiance, a pleasant place to spend time in. And of course, with plenty of treasures to find and secrets to uncover.

If you’re going to Gamescom in Cologne this week, come to the PlayStation booth in Hall 7 and try out a work-in-progress version of Fez on PS Vita.

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  • Wow, I’m speechless c:

  • First!

  • I haven’t played this game even though I have an Xbox but I’m excited about this being on my Vita, so yay, more Vita games!

  • The perfect kind of game for Vita!

  • I have never played this game and never will because I refuse to support a whiny baby

  • When can we expect Fez to hit?

  • saweeeeeeet finally I can experience this. :) thanks Phil Fish…wherever you are.

  • fester420, all babies are whiny. Anywho, Phil is Phantastic. Hooray for Fez!!

  • Is Fez going to be a cross buy title?

  • Really glad we’re getting this. Already have the PC version but I held off on playing it in hopes that a Vita version would be announced.

    Can we expect a Platinum trophy?

  • Great, glad we can finally get this game on PlayStation. And even more happy I can play it on my PS Vita!

    Thank you~

  • Hi Marie, if you can tell Phil that there’s a good amount of people that miss him, his personality and content. Also, tell him hi too.

  • @fester420. While Fish is polarizing….he does raise some good points about the state of the “gamer community” and the amount of entitlement, rage and hatred too often expressed and he just wishes to no longer be a part of it…..nothing wrong with that.

  • Choke on it

  • Price? Release date? I’ve been waiting to play this but am mainly a Sony gamer, so it will be great to play it on Vita and possibly PS3. Hopefully you guys do the thing that makes the most sense and make it Cross Buy

  • I am glad I did not get this during the steam sales even if its very cheap. Certainly will get this on my vita.

  • @5 at least find out what happened to him before you make such rash insults. Watch Indie game the movie to get a better understanding. I for one will definitely be picking this up.

  • Really looking forward to this. Glad to see it coming our way now. Any idea of a release date and possible pricing?

  • This is an easy purchase. Thank you.

  • I hope at least the ps3 and Vita versions are cross buy. If its on ps4 as well, it should work on vita with remote play i’m assuming.

  • We love Phil Fish

  • Amazing news – Fez for the Vita ! Thank you !

  • #2…give it a rest, you’re not impressing anyone..you’re doing the opposite, actually.

    I’ll PROUDLY support FEZ, because it looks AWESOME, +also because just like me, the dev probably shakes his head at people that write “first” on blog posts……. aka # TWO in this blog…. (how ironic…). Ok ok I’m picking on him… but just wanted to point out that there are lots of useless pplin the gaming community…(trust me, I called them something other than “useless” but this blog doesn’t allow “bad” words; )

    I don’t blame any developer for leaving when there’s so little respect and so much immaturity around that you HAVE to interact with daily as part of your job. I don’t think I could do it… I deal with enough immature rage quitting noobs that can’t accept they lost an online game and never learned the definition of being a “good sport”.

  • Part 2:

    The socom community + devs had to deal with the same immature / disrespectful children (and adults, sadly) all over their forums, and I’m sure many more game communities do. Not sure how to fix the problemsome people obviously just were never raised right. Just gotta point and laugh at them and push for THEM to go away instead of letting them push away the GOOD people from the industry which is what happened with Fez.

    Think about it gamers… immaturity pushes away great developers like the one who thought of Fez. I for one would have loved to see what else he could have came up with besides Fez. Hopefully he’ll come back… and with a vengeance. Never let the noobs win. I don’t ;)

  • Watch the Indie Game movie. I doubt you’ll love Phil Fish after that.

  • @24, oo7- yeah, I hope Phil returns! Immature gamers & critics are hazardous to Indie devs. :(

  • Fez should be cross buy and cross play with PS4/PS3/PSVita!
    Look forward to this!

  • @3 Fez has been on Xbox since last year. I played the trial, but never got around to buying it. Maybe PS3 version would be better.

    @18 Late this year or early 2014. Personally, I prefer Sony adding Fez for PS3 & Vita to IGC for PS+ members.

    And those talking about Phil Fish, he’s butthurt over everything. Don’t mind him.

  • Well my previous post was not approved because apparently I’m not allowed to call Fish a dbag.

    Ah well, still doesn’t change the fact that he will not be getting my money.

  • I’ve been waiting for this since the first time Fez was shown publicly. Thank you Sony and Polytron. :)

  • I am very excited for this (and the also announced Rogue Legacy port). Fills my heart with happy. Thanks for supporting the PlayStation and the Vita in particular.

  • Been long awaiting the release of this on the PS systems! :)

  • LOL@ 2.

    On topic, Sony conference was awesome! =)

  • I can’t wait to buy and play through Fez a third time now that it’s coming to PS3. Also, my interest in buying a PSVITA just went from zero to, well, above zero. For me, this is the puzzle platformer of a generation, and the thought of getting a portable version less than two years after its console release is mindblowing. Bring it on!

  • On a side note, Mojang said that Minecraft is coming to PS4, PS3, Vita.

  • Good news. I’ve been interested in this game for a while.

  • This…..this is good. Thank you, Phil Fish et al.

  • Will the audio quality get a bump in the Vita and PS3 versions? The music is so enchanting, it would be great to hear it in 320kbps Ogg (or lossless!)

    will the game play in Vita’s native resolution and/or support 1080p on PS3? any plans for 3D rendering support?

  • I might buy this game, as long as Phil Fish stays away from the gaming industry forever.

  • I’m getting Fez & Minecraft. Hopefully both of them are cross-buy titles.

  • Hell YEAH! Welcome to PS Family, FEZ!

  • I didn’t play it on PC yet, so this is a great chance to give it a try.

    Vita is getting a lot of attention lastly, and that’s great!

  • Wuuuu…Good thing i skipped FEZ and Walking Dead from Steam Summer Sales for a good reason, Now I can finally get on hands on them and play anywhere anytime i want :D
    12GB PS3?? I bet the price will be budget and affordable since there’s some PS3 titles I’m itchy to get my hands on especially The Last of Us @u@

  • @13: Well, he better leap off a cliff then .Because he himself is immature. The large hatred he received was caused by his attitude… which was terrible. It wouldn’t be nearly as polarizing if he was an nice person. But he’s not. He’ll attack others, then cry when they hate back at him.

  • @plaztiksyke: The lossless version of the soundtrack is available right now (along with two albums of remixes and remakes) from the composer through his Bandcamp page.

    But at least in the Windows version, the music data alone is over 200MB, half the size of the FLAC version of the soundtrack and more than half the total installed size of the game. It’s not low-bitrate, though I assume it’s WMA format since the game was written using XNA. The download size of the Xbox 360 version was similar, so it couldn’t have been much worse there.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure the PS3 version is going to sound great. If there’s ever been a game where the music was a main character, it’s Fez.

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