Wield Gauntlets in God of War: Ascension Multiplayer

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Wield Gauntlets in God of War: Ascension Multiplayer
Wield Gauntlets in God of War: Ascension Multiplayer

Champions! For the 99.9% of you not enjoying the hysteria at Gamescom, fight in the glory of #GauntletsWeek!

Forged by the gods to obliterate your enemies with thunderous force, the dual-wielding Gauntlets Weapon Class will arrive in God of War: Ascension Multiplayer tomorrow, Aug 20th. These double-fisted weapons will deliver crushing blows to an enemy’s ego and face. Pound your enemies down with six new gauntlets, including Zeus, Ares, Hades, Poseidon, the Gladiator Gauntlets, and the legendary Nemean Cestus from God of War 3.

Keep reading for destructive gauntlet tips, and a FIRST LOOK at our new, massive map: the Archimedes Furnace.

Wield Gauntlets in God of War: Ascension Multiplayer

Pure Physical Power

With the new Gauntlets Weapon class, you’ll be an absolute, mechanical beast in the arena. Here are a few gameplay tips to get you going…

  • All the gauntlets can charge any of the normal Square attacks, both on the ground and in the air. These attacks have a long range, and can break armor. But they can’t be strung in a continuous combo.
  • Take advantage of the Gauntlets of Ares’ hard-hitting, but short, combos by equipping Fury Armor, the Mantle of Ares, and Ares Inferno magic. The gauntlets’ L1 special attacks have the ability to break block, and using them as often as possible will break through most defenses and allow for a short, powerful combo. Use the L1+Square special to reach your objective unimpeded, and set fire to enemies brazen enough to stand in the way.
  • The Nemean Cestus are well paired with Zeus or Ares allegiance Armors and Magic. The L1 special attacks allow the Champion to control the space around him, knocking back foes. These are perfect for guarding a flag carrier, or small maps where the opposition can be easily ringed out. The Mantles of Zeus or Ares, in addition to a piece of Artemis Armor, can greatly improve the damage potential of the gauntlets, and equipping magic that continually knocks back enemies will force them to approach from a distance, when the L1+Triangle comes into play once more.

God of War Gauntlets, 26

Furnace of Archimedes — First Look

Launching later this week with our 1.11 update: an epic, free new map…

Marked by Archimedes’ colossal tribute to the god Apollo, the Isle of Delos is haunted by madness. Within the belly of this wonder, lies an enormous forge ready to consume any who try to stoke its flames.

God of War Gauntlets, 18God of War Gauntlets, 12

Archimedes’ Furnace will feature play with Team Favor of the Gods 4v4, Match of Champions 8-player, and Capture the Flag. This is the map we’re certain you’ve been waiting for.

This map has a Steampunk feel, deadly spike traps, and lots of hot metal. We’ll stop there and let you discover the rest of the mayhem for yourself.

Guess what? We’re not done yet! We’ve got a pretty killer multiplayer surprise included with the 1.11 update that’s going to give you a chance to bring an extreme dose of nostalgia into the arena. Here’s a hint.

God of War Gauntlets, 01

Gauntlets drop tomorrow, and there’s a second set of 6 on the way this September. Go forth and conquer, and make sure to follow us on Twitter and visit our site for weekly updates.

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3 Author Replies

  • Tried the gauntlets this past weekend and LOVED them, they are very fun to use, thanks for continuing supporting this great game! Also if I may give a suggestion you should add in the personal stats a counter of how many hours you have been playing(total)!

  • Love the gauntlets! Now when is that 1.11 coming out?

    • We are targeting 1.11 for end of this week, if by small chance that moves, we’ll let you know on our forums and Twitter

  • Testing the gauntlets over the weekend was cool… REALLY looking forward to the new map however.

    the 4 vs 4 Team Favor of the Gods is in desperate need of a new map. I hope this won’t be the last one!!

    Have been playing the MP since launch and still having fun.

  • To Aaron:

    “Nemean Cestus are well paired with Zeus or Ares allegiance Armors and Magic”

    now i know hades has his own gauntlets, but what about an alternate gauntlet that plays to his strengths?

    Also, when is that Poseidon nerf incoming? he’s long overdue for it

    unless the guys at SSM are playing favorites with the gods, then this should happen soon

    • We don’t play favorites with the Gods, even though they bribe us daily with sweet treasures usually made of solid gold. We’ve heard the feedback on the Poseidon Gauntlet from the preview weekend and will assess it this week once they are out officially. We don’t want anything to feel severely OP. That said, we need a lot of play time on these to make an educated informed balance adjustment.

  • thanks I’ve been waiting on new 8 player maps I hope we get more and really @ERC1980 Poseidon needs a nerf I think zeus and hades characters are far to powerful


    hades has already been nerfed lol

    poseidon does waaaay too much damage for a class that’s supposed to be about defense. it’s ridiculous and needs a huge fix

  • Aaron:

    It’s not just the gauntlets, its Poseidon as a whole.

    certain relics and items that have been discussed on the official forum are what is wrong with him.

    and if there are no plans to fix what’s wrong, then it would only be fair to give Hades, who was unjustly nerfed, to give him a buff on some of his abilities.

  • Great job, SSM. Indeed, the gauntlets were A LOT of fun to use. There was a slight learning curve to overcome, given the lack of range, but charging the square attacks really helped. They also rocked in Bout of Honor!

    I’m going to wager a guess about the suprise in the 1.11 update….will we be able to grow large a la the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

  • Also, here’s to a Marvel tie-in that allows you to include Hulk Hands. Cheers!

  • WOA! blade of olimpus!!!!

    and i cant wait to try the gaunlets! :)

    still i have a feedback… ive tried again and again to reach u but u guys seems to ignore me…. so here i am trying again…

    Can u pls take away that region locking stuff? its sickens me to play over and over with the same guys of my region! modnation racers ps3 had it and they took it away and works just fine!

    c,mon let us play with japanese, americans, puertorricans, canadians the same.

  • If this is what I hope it is will we be getting the claw of hades from Gow 3 like were getting the blade of Olympus, I really hope so. By the way great job with ur first multiplayer

  • Gauntlets are very fun, but there are still issues with this game that need to be looked at.

    1. I miss when each character had a clear strength and weakness. Ares used to be all physical power. Poseidon was all about physical defense. Zeus was elemental damage. Hades was balanced with no clear advantage or disadvantage. When this setup was used it was perfect. Now when characters wear ascended armor it messes up the entire balance of the game.

    2 Ascended Poseidon is probably the worst offender because when he has the godley armor he is almost unbeatable with his cheap loadout that everybody uses and his incredibly high defense (elemental and physical).

    3. Hades sucks now, his most powerful magic has been nerfed to allow players to easily get of it.

    4. Some Zeus loadouts are incredibly cheap and it seems that most zeus players use the same loadout.

    I don’t want this game to turn into cod when everybody uses the same overpowered loadout to get an advantage even though there are a bunch of other options to choose from.

  • I don’t get why so much support is going into an already hated, unnecessary multiplayer. Be more efficient with your team I say.

  • will we use the sword of Olympus

  • So glad to see the ongoing support for this game, more dlc great Doods!!!!!!!!!

  • i just finish the story line n went to play online…
    i didn’t like it sry

  • @SSM: there are multiple topics on the forum (the godofwar.com one) with all things that need to be fixed like Cerberus Blade L1+S block breakern when done mid-air – will this an others be changed?

  • Thank you for showing off some cool new features, and thank you for having free content.

  • Espero que na atualização 1.11 tenha correção dos emblemas 2, 3. 4, 5, 6 dos prestígios para ser diferentes.
    Quero parabenizar pelo novo mapa, é incrível.
    Também quero agradecer pela nova classe de armas, adorei.
    Ansioso quanto a novas armaduras e espada de olimpo!
    Espero e peço que possa ser criado muitos outros trabalhos a ponto de conseguirmos mais pontos de experiência.
    Gostaria que as manoplas de hades, ares e zeus possa ter energia assim com contem na da poseidon.
    E espero que possa ser lançada manoplas dos deuses sagradas, que possa ser liberadas com fixas ascension

  • That option assesar Demo of The last of us will permanecer main menu of Gowa until when?

  • In my opinion the gauntlets are very slow to fight I thought they were going to be best .se see very good maps, I already want to play:) .

  • This surprise is epic

  • its tuesday in jamaica nd ive been waitin for the release of the gauntlets its now 2:20pm whats up with that i need it to buy cause i was good wit the hammer now i got used to the gauntlets nd mi naa switch so release so mi can buy it

  • Where’s my gaunlets santa

  • Why were the gauntlets free to play last week but need to be bought on the ps store to use now?

  • Seriously? No-one else has any thoughts or issues with this? The gauntlets are great but it is ridiculous to me to have to buy something that started off free. I would really appreciate some feedback, especially from the moderators of this forum, as i see they have responded to other posts. Thanks.

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