The Walking Dead on PS Vita Out Tomorrow

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The Walking Dead on PS Vita Out Tomorrow

Antsy to get your hands on The Walking Dead for PS Vita? The wait is over! Look out for PS Vita versions of all five episodes of The Walking Dead Season One, PLUS the special 400 Days DLC episode, in the PlayStation Store tomorrow (The bundle will also be available!).

The Walking Dead on PS Vita Out Tomorrow

This version is an awesome way to experience The Walking Dead, whether you’re dipping your toe into the water for the first time, or looking to catch up on any episodes you might have missed. Even if you’ve already played through the whole season on PS3, there’s an additional set of Trophies for playing the series on PS Vita. We’ve even added some special features just for PS Vita: you can play with analog controls and face buttons, or get a little more intimate with the interaction by switching to touchscreen only.

Remember, fans of the series should keep those save files, because Season Two is expected to hit PS Vita later this year as well. Hope you’re ready for the portable undead onslaught!

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  • Yay separate trophy list!

  • Do the analog controls have an “inverted Y-axis” setting??

  • Save Games of full GameData on the PSVita?

    Cloudsaving on PSVita is a joke when you gotta upload whole games.

  • Is it possible to download save files from the walking dead PS3 to the vita version? Do people who have bought it on the PS3 with the season pass get it for free or as a discount? Lots of questions :-)

  • If we bought the PS3 version, do we get the Vita one for free or do we have to buy it all over again? =) How big is the file anyway? Really excited for this!!!

  • why aren’t you telling us the price?

  • Any chance the game is cross-buy? I know that Limbo’s recent Vita release was free for those that had previously bought the PS3 version. Looking forward to playing through this game again on the go.

  • A new set of trophies for the vita version?!! Thats the magic word for me to buy this again. A second easy platinum. :)

  • $24.99 which includes the 400 days content

  • i also wish there was a way you could work with sony and somehow look at people who purchased the ps3 version and give them a substantial discount on the vita version.

  • Retail version ?

  • @ 11 yup

    there is even a walking dead vita bundle for $249

  • I have a feeling that the price will be a rip-off. $15 or bust.

  • $24,99 is way too much for those who already played the PS3 version… I will wait for a Plus discount to buy.

  • I would get it but already finished all of it on PS3… can we translade our saves from season 1 (PS3) to season 2 on Vita?

  • @6 I think that on retail it is going for $25 according to flyers. I will pass on it and hope that Season 2 will be cross buy or if the PS Vita version is bug free then I might consider.

  • 24.99 ….ouch …ill wait till its cheaper… the sales on this version are gonna be terrible … theres so many sales going on right now

  • I can’t recommend this game enough for those who have yet to experience it. That said, I hope us ps3 Walking Dead owners get a discount or something for the vita version.

  • I pre-ordered the bundle as soon as it was available at gamestop. I called today and they said it doesn’t look like it will come in until maybe the 21st. Has anyone else pre-ordered the bundle and if so what have you heard about the release?

  • OMG! this is a-we-some!!

  • If you own a Vita and haven’t played this game, BUY IT!

  • Already bought and beat Walking Dead w/ the retail release on PS3, but never got around to replaying it as many times as I wanted to. Waiting on my pre-order tomorrow :D

    Also omfg @ season 2 definitely coming for Vita

    Thanks, people!

  • Thank god I didnt buy for ps3, but will do for vita

  • If it’s $15 I’ll probably bite. I already beat this on PS3, but the 400 Days DLC is tempting.

  • And if there was ever any question why the Vita was struggling, this should serve as proof. Releasing a game a year later, at almost twice the price of the original?

    Don’t get me wrong, the game is great, and had I known a Vita version was in the works, I might have waited. But I suspect sales of this will be weak, and the price isn’t going to help. Which turns developers off, as they cite poor sales and go a safer route.


  • As a fan of the Vita and Waling Dead I am looking forward to the game but I am hesitant upon the price. if there is a PS Plus discount then I will consider it from there. Remember; there are a ton of games on the Japanese game developer games available tomorrow including Dead or Alive 5, Ragnorok Odyssey, Dynasty Warriors, and more. I know I shall probably spend $25 or so just on those games. Maybe more if the Walking Dead is a good price but remember: I need to eat too. :)

  • Outstanding! I’ll be downloading as soon as the store updates. I don’t care about the ps3 saves that I have from my first play through, I wanted to start from the beginning and try a diiferent approach. This game is awesome!!

  • With all these Plus signs there should be a 20% off PS+ discount. But yea I didn’t get 400 Days because I was waiting for the Vita version. I think that’s how I’m going to play season two. I wish there was a demo to see which gameplay I like better. Maybe before Season two so I can buy and beat 400 days

  • Will it also be retail or just digital copy

  • @3 Clantron,

    You are wrong… only the save files are uploaded to de cloud… not the whole game…

    You only need to copy the whole game when you are doing local backups (e.g. copying game content to your computer or PS3)… not to the cloud…

    and we do not know if there will be cross-save functionality yet… (probably not since looks like this game is not cross-buy enabled too)

  • If it was 15$ I would be all over this. Until then I’ll stick to my Steam version.

  • It would be nice if it was Cross-Buy :/
    but playing this on the Vita would be awesome!

  • Oh yeah buying this for sure Dood!!!!!!!!!!

  • damn i gotta go in to town to get this game 20$ more for gas lol…. but ima get this game add me on ps vita ppl rubenjr0

  • This looks like a good buy since it has all 5 episodes and the DLC “400 days” for $25 bucks. I’m sure there will be a sale on this at the end of the year. I somehow have managed to avoid buying this for the major platforms. But, I hear good things about the story and decision trees. Lots of things on PSN to spend my money on, Perhaps I’ll purchase this during a dry week during the upcoming months.

  • 400 days on Vita! Awesome!

  • Yay for retail version! Thank you for that! I have 10mb left on my 16gb memory card, and $80 – $100 is not the value of a 32gb card.

    Plus, retail releases always always better for people who wish to collect their games.

  • I held off on the PS3 version for the sole purpose of getting this for my Vita.
    Buying tomorrow.

  • Will the physical copy have 400 Days already on the cart or will it come with a voucher for the DLC?

  • Price is too high

  • nice! already played all of them so let´s see if i played it over again.

  • So I guess ima skip the digital version and wait for the retail :(

  • $24.99 is the PHYSICAL COPY! Where is the $5 digital purchase discount?!?! Now I will buy it physical. Two 32MB memory cards already cost me a FORTUNE, Sony!

  • I just don’t have enough space on my 32gb mem stick :( Sony please bring out a 64gb or 128gb already

  • I mean 32GB. Grr.

  • I was mislead into believeing we were going to get our copies tomorrow as far as physical release goes. Are you really saying that there isn’t even a concreate release date for the physical copy? Really? For someone who loves telltale and Walking Dead so much that they bought the entirety of Season 1 AND 400 Days on BOTH PC and PS3 i’m a little disappointed . :/

  • @44: I would actually pay an OBSCENE amount of money for a 64GB or 128GB memory card. Do you hear me Sony? Yes, I will spend an OBSCENE amount of money on LARGER Vita cards. You got me. Obviously, I’d prefer to use microSD for 1/10 the price, but you got me. Now MAKE BIGGER CARDS. Thank you.

  • Nice timing, since I have a cross country flight the following morning; looking forward to digging in :)

  • yesssss thank you ;D i’m in love with this game

  • So how much is the bundle gonna cost me?

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