The Boss Battles of Puppeteer, Part 1

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The Boss Battles of Puppeteer, Part 1

The stage is set, and the show’s about to begin for Puppeteer! I’m excited to share some of my craziness with you today.

But, before Puppeteer is released across the globe, I wanted to provide a glimpse of whom our friend, Kutaro, is really up against as he battles the Moon Bear King’s (MBK) Generals. So, take a look below and get acquainted with six of the 13 bosses from Puppeteer. Can’t picture yourself going up against the Generals? No need to worry! We created these lovely snippets showcasing the magic you will soon experience. Make sure to check back soon to see the final six Generals!

General Tiger

Puppeteer on PS3


Appearance: A gigantic tiger with a Moonstone shard for his left canine. His tail ends with a spiked iron ball, like a mace.
Personality: A true paper tiger, kowtowing to the tough, and browbeating the weak. Reflecting his personality, General Tiger has a slightly lewd turn of phrase. Earlier in his life, he was a complete coward.
Relationships: Tiger is overawed and obsequious to the Moon Bear King to an unnecessary degree. He treats the Witch, Ying Yang, the puppets, and the grubs with a haughty superiority.

Puppeteer on PS3

General Horse

Appearance: A tall horse with a lanky physique. She can transform into a locomotive (a true Iron Horse).
Personality: Driven and arrogant. She is supremely self-confident about her physical abilities, especially her powerful legs. She tries to settle issues by racing, but refuses to accept defeat when she loses.


Relationships: General Horse is loyal to Moon Bear King, but prioritizes her racing with General Bull over her orders to find and destroy Kutaro. Bull is her husband, with whom she races daily in a contest of endless winners and losers. However, she’s the winner, of course, of course, because she’s a horse.

Puppeteer on PS3

General Bull

Appearance: A bull with a shape and pattern that gives the impression of a piece of construction machinery.
Personality: General Bull cannot stand to lose, and is extremely arrogant. He is supremely self-confident about his physical abilities, especially his brute force, and is fiercely proud to be the champion of the fighting arena.
Relationships: General Bull is loyal to Moon Bear King, but prioritizes his racing with General Horse over his orders to find and destroy Kutaro. General Horse is his wife, with whom he races daily in a contest of endless winners and losers. However… he’s always the winner.

General Snake

Puppeteer on PS3


Appearance: A giant serpent. Together with General Dragon, Snake is the largest of the Moon Bear King’s generals. As he was conceived as a toy snake, his body consists of intricate joints, which sometimes appear disconnected during the game.
Personality: Snake spends his days oppressed, constantly waiting for his chance to shine. He is self-confident, but taciturn.
Relationships: Snake obeys the Moon Bear King, but feels bitter about his lot, every day being constrained and denied the chance to show his full potential. He has no respect for his peers, especially the ineffectual Rat.

General Rat

Puppeteer on PS3

Donut Level

Appearance: A rat that is a degree larger than Kutaro, though he is the smallest of the Generals. He has the appearance of a shady merchant, sporting black-rimmed spectacles, suit and tie, and gold watch.
Personality: He’s precisely the corrupt salesman that his appearance implies. He circulates through the Moonwood, tricking its inhabitants with his slick banter into buying poison from him, which he claims to be medicine. Basically a coward, he tries to flee from battles he believes he cannot win.
Relationships: Though he does as the Moon Bear King tells him, his loyalty fades fast when he’s outmatched by opposition and he is quick to disassociate himself with his leader. He has a complex about his physical size, and though a fellow general, dislikes Snake since he is his natural predator.

Puppeteer on PS3

Skeleton Crow

General Pig

Appearance: A pig in a pirate’s hat that is disproportionately large considering his size. He is rotund, predictably, and has tusks and a beard. Thanks to his hat, snout, tusks, and beard, his face is almost completely obscured.
Personality: Greedy, to the extent that even in life-threatening situations, he refuses to abandon his lust for material wealth. This avarice is in no way a hidden vice; it is rather a jovial (almost ridiculous) greed.
Relationships: Pig’s allegiance to the Moon Bear King seems motivated by material gain. Since they are both fiercely greedy, Pig fights constantly with General Sheep over the division of treasure and food, but they are nevertheless close partners.

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