PlayStation Blogcast 085: Here Today, Gamescom Tomorrow

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PlayStation Blogcast 085: Here Today, Gamescom Tomorrow
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With Sid and Justin jetsetting to Germany, and our live PAX show looming, we pull out one last normal(ish) show for a while. All the new releases for 08/20 (Divekick!), a buncha voicemails, and The Last of Us Spoilercast Part 2 at the end. Enjoy.

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Enjoy the show, friends!

  • Hope u don’t mind me posting here, any updates on Dead or Alive Ultimate such as the following:
    -PSN Pre-order?
    -Discount for PS+ members?
    -DLC included with PSN purchase?

    Please answer if u can.

  • That was a quick week, have a safe trip to Germany.

    I hope some Vita games will be announced at GS.

  • My body is ready for next week

  • I hope we get a release date for the PS4 at the event. as well as seeing the interface for the PS4. And maybe a couple of game announcements should can I expect anything of what I just asked ???

  • To be seen or announced

  • Will we be able to see the gamescom press conference live please respond

  • Through the PlayStation blog or any other media outlet?

  • Dude! Nick…C’mon! Breaking Bad is amazing! And no…it can’t end well.

    • It totally is! I’m just never in the mood to watch more of it. But I’ll struggle through eventually…

  • @SnakeEyes221

  • Breaking Bad is not my thing. I did not like it.

    Wasn’t there a ramen discussion last week?

    Can’t wait for the live blogcast @pax I’ll be there.

  • Yay two more “PS2 classics” nobody on earth ever asked for. I”m really not trying to be rude, I just don’t get it. If whoever is in charge of picking these games is that clueless, maybe I can help them out. Here is a list of real PS2 classics yet to be released. SSX Tricky, Burnout 3, Dragon”s Quest 8, Gran Turismo 4,Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Rogue Galaxy, Time Splitters 2 and Mercenaries.

  • Ok…. so has sony announced something on gamescom already? like… u know… exclusive games for ps4…. mmm third party exclusives maybe? bc all i hear about gamescom its FU#$%%ING Call of Duty and GTA5 which u can count me out of those horribly overrated games.

  • Am I the only one who still can’t believe THE FREAKING POWERHOUSE is working at PlayStation Blog?

  • and can someone finally tell me if Deep Down from Capcom exclusive to ps4 or not!!!

  • A Ryan Clements post right next to a Colin Moriarty post on the PlayStation Blog *sheds tear* It’s all just so beautiful! =P

  • Ni nu nana.

  • I bought Rayman Origins for Vita and platinumed in a week; probably my favorite 2D platformer of all time. I can’t wait to try Legends’ demo next week.

  • nothing shows you mean business more than a kick to the face

  • I didn’t know this existed until today. Excited to listen :)

  • @DarkOne_PR
    Gamescom didn’t even start yet, those were specific dates Activision and Rockstar had to release info on the games they are releasing, and those reveals had nothing to do with gamescom. Also GTAV is definitely not overrated, but you can miss out on greatness if you like lol.
    The money I would pay for Dark Cloud 1 &2, Rouge Galaxy, SSX Tricky and Dragon Quest VIII
    Can someone clearify to my if PS Vita will have a physical Rayman Legends and will it release same day as the others?
    Crash games, Spyro games, FFV on Vita, it’s been like a year I’ve been waiting, it’s really not that hard to do. Can priority for Vita be placed on making it do what it should be doing please?

  • Ryan, Tried downloading using Vita and PC. File name shows Episode 84, please fix…..BEYOND!

  • First off, I never did welcome Ryan into the Blog team. Welcome and good to have you here, Mr. Clements. I truly missed you from the Podcast so this was an awesome surprise.

    I truly loved today’s blogcast. I’m a long time listener and it’s always a pleasure listening to you guys and enjoy everything you guys do for the Playstation Nation. A while back you guys addresses my feedback regarding “there is too much cutting each other off, etc” and I thought you guys did an awesome job with cutting that down today. I felt you guys didn’t rush, felt more relaxed and yet excited to jump in, and gave each other the chance to speak. Maybe it’s just that everything gel’d together very well but you guys made this one of the better entertaining blogcasts in a while.

    Hell, there was even a Breaking Bad discussion! I am absolutely with Sid on this show being one of the greatest show ever made. At the same time, I do appreciate and understand Nick’s thoughts about the show.

  • And Sid, I think you will enjoy World War Z. I was skeptical at first because of the PG-13 rating, but I was truly surprised at how good and entertaining it was. It’s different, and there are some parts in the film that actually felt like a video game, and I mean that in a positive way. You’ll know when you see it. And if the PG-13 rating prevents you from checking it out, the blu-ray version will be Unrated with more scenes not shown in theaters. I am looking forward to it!

    And the spoilercast (Part 1 and 2) were awesome to listen to. Very entertaining to hear your guy’s thoughts about the story and multiplayer, so thank you for sharing. I am stopping myself from discussing about The Last of Us as I know I will not stop. So in short, one of the best experience I’ve ever had in gaming, bar none.

    Okay long post, sorry about that. Thank you guys for your hard work and I am excited for Gamescom. Hope you guys have fun out there!!

  • Came for the info, stayed for the powerhouse

  • Whats Up Sid,
    How is the video blog contest search going? I feel like I have a real good shot to win it. I killed my entry!

  • BINARY DOMAIN made by the Yakuza Studio Team , The Guys that created Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) Series.
    Thanks for mentioning this masterpiece. Way better than Uncharted or Vanquish.
    Can’t wait till they announce their PS4 Project.

  • Another great podcast episode guys, well done. And I think you guys should force Scott Rhode to come back on, he’s always fun to listen to. On a side note, I enjoy those small off topic discussions you guys sometimes have, like the biopic pronunciation and the several/few debate. I will say I think the amounts represented by “few” and “several” depend on what is being counted, but when generally speaking, I usually use few to equal 3-4 and several to equal 5 or more.

  • Anything “PS” is garbage! Once AGAIN, my PS3 “FROZE” just because I was trying to “Sign-In” to PSN while uploading a game disc! Yeah, i’m really going to look forward to another FREEZING console. Another thing, “Killer Instinct 3” will be an “X-Box exclusive”? I’m DOWN!Playstation “loyalists” can have fun with some “bobble-head” kiddie crap while i’ll be playing “KI3”! Well, I guess I can “play again” being that my PS3 “POINTLESSLY” RE-checked my HD due to it “FREEZING” & me “pulling the plug” because i’m SICK OF IT ALWAYS FREEZING! If you FART THE WRONG WAY IN A ROOM, THIS GARBAGE FREEZES! Tell me, WTF kind of “console” always DOES THAT, & I OWN 2 PS3’s & they BOTH DO IT!!Yeah, really looking forward to a “PS4″(sarcastically!).

  • Ryan, if you’re short-staffed for next weeks Blogcast you should call Greg up. He’s going crazy with special appearances lately. Could be fun with an episode with you and him. A fireside chat… of sorts.

  • Sorry for the double comment – just gotta mention I agree with Clements, X-2 was good. Say it with pride, Ryan, don’t let the haters get you down!

    I would also count the cactuar as a stable of the franchise, even though they first appeared in VI. Ever since that game they’ve been present in every game from the main series.


  • I like this podcast, I just think it needs some more life and personality to it. Still, good job guys.

  • @29

    Whatever man, I’m sure we will miss you if you buy an Xbox. I less internet downer we have to deal with.

    Enjoy your trip, and there’s the door.

  • Oh, and awesome podcast guys.. keep cranking em out. Peace.

  • @34

    *1 less

  • I grew up assuming several is equivalent to a few – but the internet says several is four or more. I stand corrected.

    Nick, even though Sid is right (per Merriam Webster) about “biopic,” his annihilation of the word “robot” cancels it out. Robit? What’s a robit? (oh my gosh that haunts me now)

    Breaking Bad = best show ever. I’m with “robit man” on that one. Notice in the episode when Jesse leaves the keys in the camper ignition he DOESN’T tell Walt to build a “robit” he says a “robot.” ;)

    Have fun in Germany, gents.

  • Doesn’t Disney Inifinity come out this week?

  • I forget if it was this or last weeks podcast but… these are what I use and if someone asks me for a ____ I usually give them these exact amounts. With the exception of “can i have some gum?”, there’s no way I’d ever give 4 sticks.

    couple = 2
    few = 3
    some = 4
    many = 5
    bunch = 6 (think bananas)
    several = 7

    a lot is an empty parking lot, not a number.

  • Thank you guys for letting us know what’s on your minds. You guys are improving every week.

  • Reheeeally awesome to hear Clements again back in podcast form. Just wanted to say that.

    Also, the Breaking Bad drum banging…. Stop it…. Stop it. We who watch it know it’s awesome and people who don’t know too as the entire internet keeps telling them. It’s just a waste of good podcast space and super repetitive. Preachy even.

  • Ni Nu Nana cracked me up big time, as always seeing Ryan’s name just bring a big smile to my face~

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