PlayStation Home Goes Back to School With New Updates

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PlayStation Home Goes Back to School With New Updates

Granzella Nostalgic School Days

Granzella introduces the new Nostalgic School Days personal space. Now, a school where you can have fun conversation with your classmates is available as a personal space.

PlayStation Home, 8/14/2013

Lockwood Prairie Expansion

Well, partners, them Lockwood folks thought it was high time you broke them horses to saddle. The Prairie Ranch provides everything you need to tame those wild mustangs, from a place to put ‘em, to a big ol’ open space to ride ‘em in. And if you’re the sort who likes to entertain, then you need the Prairie Saloon. All the benefits of the Ranch, but with a bit more space for your club members.

VEEMEE Summer Sale Pub Bundles

The VEEMEE Summer Sale is all about Pub games this week. Get the Dart Board in black, chrome, and flaming skull in the Darts Game Bundle. If pool is your preferred choice, get the American Pool Table in purple, pink, green, yellow, blue, flaming skull, and Judge Dredd logo — as well as the English Pool Table in the Pool Game Bundle. You can also get both at a discount in the Darts and Pool Bundle.

The London Pub and The Irish Pub are the perfect places to keep all of these games! Luckily, you can get both in the great value Pub Apartments Bundle. Finally there is the Pub Mega Bundle, the ultimate in Pub entertainment, all dart boards, all pool tables, the London Pub, and the Irish Pub, at a massive discount.

VEEMEE MyBathroom, Billabong, Street Style and Cats Updates

VEEMEE continues to deliver with updates to four of their top lines: MyBathroom, Billabong, Street Style, and Cats. Be sure to check the video, then check the store for these new twists to old favorites.

nDreams’ Harajuku Fashion

Brightly colored and slightly quirky, Harajuku Clothing is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. With male and female clothing as well as the amazing ‘Poser’ Locomotion item these are the perfect items to show off with.

PlayStation Home, 8/14/2013

Granzella Summer Costume

Granzella introduces the new Layered Cut and Sew Outfit 3-piece Set and Layered Tanktop Outfit 3-piece Set items.

PlayStation Home, 8/14/2013

Hellfire’s Moodies – Gabe & Bael

Give into temptation or let your conscience be your guide with Hellfire Games’ newest Moodies release: Gabe & Bael, your own personal angel and devil! Show your sweet side by conjuring Gabe the guardian angel, call forth Bael the demon when you’re feeling wicked, or summon both at the same time. Comes with five custom emotes, including fight scenes between Gabe & Bael! Also includes an automatic speed boost at full running speed. Check out Gabe & Bael in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime this week.

Lockwood Gardening Furniture and Costumes

Be sure to check out Lockwood’s Gardening Outfits, while you’re at it. They’ve also added some gardening furniture to the mix, as well. Get your green thumb ready!

PlayStation Home, 8/14/2013

Madmunki Spunland Update

Madmunki release their third set of Spun Home Commerce items chief of which is The Spunland Cottage – a little slice of Spunland all for the private enjoyment of you and your friends. Trigger the Spun Clock to begin a set of collecting and chasing games, control all the elements of the background music by switching the Sonic Spunners on and off, or sit out in the garden and watch your very own Flusho Spunner graze the spun day away under purple and orange skies. Don’t miss out on the changing maze in the depths of the cottage; it opens only at Fruit o’clock and Egg o’clock.

Digital Leisure Personal Casino

The Paradise Springs Casino experience is now available in a personal space format! The Personal Casino allows you to play all of your favorite table and machine games with all of your friends. The space has built in games, and it also comes bundled with active item versions for you to place in any space. If you just want the games, they are all available for sale individually, and they have new rewards to be won. Now you can the boss of your own casino!

PlayStation Home, 8/14/2013

Atom Republic Hip Hop Moves

Check out Atom Republics new LMO set: Hip Hop Moves, and show everyone how you get down.

PlayStation Home, 8/14/2013

X7 VIP Update

Head to the x7 Club to get your Diamond Encrusted Designer Purse. While there check out Lockwoods’ Delirious Squid Update for some cool punk fashions.

PlayStation Home Goes Back to School With New Updates

Diamond Beach Mansion: The Yacht

Just a quick heads up for those of you that love living the good life. Next week the fabulous Third Section of the Diamond Beach Mansion is set to release, and this time the luxury travels with you. A beach mansion wouldn’t be complete without watercraft, and the Diamond Beach Mansion: Yacht fills that role. Take the opulence of the Diamond Beach Mansion with you to the open ocean and travel in style. Don’t forget, owning one section of the Diamond Beach Mansion entitles you to a discount on the yacht, and owning both sections earns you to an even bigger discount. See you next week in paradise!

PlayStation Home, 8/14/2013

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  • Is Anyone going to FIX all the Network Errors or are we waiting for it to FIX itself ?
    When I get to Hudson , it gives me Network Error , when I log back in, I get to Hudson , then go to my Hudson personal space , and again , Network Error . When I try to go to my Harbour studio ,says Reconnecting , then Network Error D31 . So is anyone trying to fix this or will we have to wait a MONTH , before someone realizes that Home is plague with Network Errors !

  • cant believe people still use HOME that much…or actually buy this junk.
    the only time i go to HOME is when there is some promo freebie for a game i am getting or the special E3 stuff.
    other than that, what is the point?

  • Those Harajuku stuff from Ndreams looks interesting as do the Moodies from Hellfire.Spunland Cottage looks spun and the Casino personal space is bound to cause some commotion!The net errors this week are a pain and I’ve frozen up a few times.I hope it gets fixed up soon,I’m sure it will because the network has been pretty smooth recently,for me at least.

  • Only good things are the Granzella items, as usual. Other than that… *snore*
    Wake me when we get the Bon Odori festival.

  • Since nobody from Sony is giving any answer about the Tomb Raider bundle problem on PlayStation store, i will question this here.

    Are you guys at least looking into the problem? Any ETA?

  • The Casino personal space is set to retail at $49.99, just FYI.

    $60 if you buy everything separate.

  • I have some questions: 1. Any new game spaces coming soon? 2. Is there some PS home items for sale besides veemee sales? 3. My biggest question of all is, when is Playstation Home be leaving beta? 4. If there’s a firmware update to help fix any errors we had and other great features coming, would you please let us know?

  • Ah, I`m not the only one repeatedly kicked with errors. I get them on Home and from the PSN itself for over three weeks now, and they`re all different errors. I`m so tired of constantly having to log back in I just stay offline or not play the PS3 at all. I`ve asked Sony about this and they told me the PSN is fine and running smoothly…so apparently it`s all of us and they won`t be doing anything about it.

    No point in buying anything on Home when you can`t stay on long enough to enjoy it, and errors can kick you when you`re in the middle of purchasing stuff messing it all up. I wish people would stop buying on Home and the PSN until Sony fixes the errors, they`re not gonna do anything if you throw money in their lap you`re just misleading them into thinking everything`s fine.

  • I had the same network errors until I hooked my ps3 up with a Ethernet cable after that I had no problems

  • Great to see more content coming out for PS Home!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are you people trying to FIX all the D31 Network Errors , or you just seating there , thinking about what to put out next week ? Because if that’s the case then at least have the decency to REPLY and say , yes , we are doing something about it , or NO, we don’t care , we are too busy to bother with Home . Its Ridiculous trying to go to one`s space and be disconnected over and over again without any of you saying anything about it , or Are We Pretending that Home has no Network Errors ? well ?

  • If only there was a way to clean up the terrible, rancid community on Playstation Home…..

  • keep getting D31 error code everytime i go to a apt or club .when will this error be fixed?

  • PS home for ps4? Please say yes.

  • Where can you buy the Casino games individually? Or more to the point, CAN you?? All I see in the store is the total games bundle for 9.99…all I really want are the slot machines. :)

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