Atomic Ninjas Survival Guide

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Atomic Ninjas Survival Guide

Hi everybody! This is Jakub, from Grip Games. Because the launch of our newest game, Atomic Ninjas, is getting closer, we’ve created a Survival Guide for you, which will help you get ready for the merciless world we’ve created.

Those of you who already heard about Atomic Ninjas know that it’s quite different from other seemingly similar games… and the rest of you are going to find out from the new trailer below. Atomic Ninjas is a hilarious, fast-paced, 2.5D multiplayer platformer where you cannot directly kill other players. Instead, you have to push them into various deathtraps, hazards, pitfalls and other general risks to public safety, which we’ve placed all around the game’s seven arenas for your killing pleasure.

This first survival guide trailer gives you three simple rules that will help you become a successful Atomic Ninja.

Rule number one says that you have to be smart and use all the little playthings in the arenas. Traps, moving platforms, air vents, hiding spots… nothing is too malicious in this game. Some arenas are big, open spaces; others are cramped corridors, or something in between. And each has its specific features and tricks for you to discover.

Secondly, as we all know very well, being exposed to deathly doses of radiation gives you Super Powers, and Atomic Ninjas are no exception. There are eight upgradable Super Powers for your ninja use. You can become invisible, super-fast or nearly invincible, for example. We’ve also equipped the ninjas with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets, each having its own unique twist on gameplay. And using all your weapons and Super Powers is key to victory.

Atomic Ninjas on PS3 and PS VitaAtomic Ninjas on PS3 and PS Vita

The final rule of surviving in the world of Atomic Ninjas is simple: be the toughest, smartest, fastest, and the most malicious player ever — crush your opponents! Your results will be constantly measured up against other players, and also your friends. So make sure you have something to show!

Atomic Ninjas is coming exclusively to PS3 and PS Vita in just a few short weeks. We’ll have details about the release date and pricing really soon. You’ll find them right here on the PlayStation Blog, together with the second survival guide video that will tell you about another hilarious feature of the game, called “Noob Rage.”

Atomic Ninjas on PS3 and PS Vita

Feel free to visit our official page, Facebook, and Twitter profiles to get updates and new content from the world of Atomic Ninjas.

Have fun!

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4 Author Replies

  • Psvita version=instant buy.

  • Since nobody from Sony is giving any answer about the Tomb Raider bundle problem on PlayStation store, i will question this here.

    Are you guys at least looking into the problem? Any ETA?

  • BuBBeRX , yea this spot is the solution to get the answer ….. anyways hurry up and release this already. been interested since day one. hope the a.i is good.

  • I see by your official website that this will be coming to Vita in Fall! Any idea on price point and file size for vita version?

    • We will announce the price and the final release date very soon. But I can confirm, that it will definitely be under 10$. The file size is around 110MB. It’s a small game ;-)

  • This looks like Smash Bros. It would be cooler if this was the Playstation All Star Battle Royal gameplay .

  • I normally don’t go for multiplayer-only titles, but this looks so freaking fun.

    How long do matches normally last? Looks like it would be perfect for short bursts on the Vita!

    • You can also play single player, against bots. Although playing against people is much more fun! You can set the length of a match – from five minutes to fifteen minutes.

  • Just tell the Price and PSN PLUS discount for Vita, and i´m going to buy! END OF QUESTION!

  • This looks like a cool game , may check this out at some point.

  • vita version is autumn 2013 D: guess ill buy ps3 first

    • We have postponed the PS3 release date a bit and pushed the PS Vita release date a bit forward. So, there is a good chance we will release them both at the same time. It currently looks like late September.

  • I like it. The artstyle is good. Looks fun to play as well.

  • 5-15 minute matches, bots, and under $10?! SOLD!

    And cool to here the Vita version has been bumped up a bit.

    How many maps will be available at launch or is it always just the same arena layout?

  • There are six completely different arenas, plus one special training arena. The layout is different in each arena. There is a very small map with only a few platforms, there is a big arena with large open spaces, another arena is made of long, narrow corridors…
    Just for you, the names of the arenas are: Wormhole, Reaktor, Factory, Infernus, Spooky and Cave. But don’t tell anyone ;-)

  • The accent for that trailer made it that much more awesome.

  • cant wait

  • This looks like a heck load of fun. I love the mechanics and idea around the multiplayer of having to knock players into hazards. Another fun game for me to play on my Vita! Thanks guys! :)

  • Psyched for this game ^_^
    This will be my first psn game purchase in about 9 months!

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