Payday 2 Out Today, Plan the Ultimate Co-op Heist

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Payday 2 Out Today, Plan the Ultimate Co-op Heist
Payday 2 Out Today, Plan the Ultimate Co-op Heist

If you’re reading this, Payday 2 is almost out — and the Overkill team is off on well-deserved vacations planning our next heist. It’s hard to express just how excited we are about the game finally being available for everyone to play. But soon, everyone will be able to mask up and get their heists started for real!

If you’re new to Payday, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. Payday 2 is an intense and dynamic first-person four player co-operative robbery game unlike any other. It’s equal parts RPG and action game now, allowing players to rob banks, jewelry stores, art galleries, and a hell of a lot more. Even, uh, unusual jobs. Our angle, even on the first Payday, has been “make a game where you feel like you are the bank robber” and we’ve referenced everything from Breaking Bad to Heat to make that happen. We want to make players feel like they’re really experiencing all the tension and high-stakes action of a life of crime.

Veteran Payday: The Heist players are going to remember the intense four-player heisting with the old Payday gang of Hoxton, Wolf, Dallas, and Chains back together again with Bain, their trusted planner. But they’re going to be blown away from all the new additions. Now a player can really pull off the perfect heist, without even firing a shot, with the addition of real stealth and deep team play-based skills. There are 144 skills and four archetypes (Ghost, Mastermind, Enforcer, and Technician) that allow players to make the kind of robber they want to be. There is a working money-based economy, so you’re actually robbing places to get money for things you want, whether its masks, mask mods, money for training or that rare optic.

Payday 2 has five times as many missions as Payday: The Heist. We have vastly improved gunplay and combat and immensely dynamic and replayable missions, some of which stretch over multiple stages. Even a Payday where players can get masks and weapons mods that they can customize. Last, but certainly not least, there is a huge visual and audio leap from the first game and a safe house to test out your gadgets and see the fruits of your labor in your own personal vault. I also need to mention the game’s incredible soundtrack from Payday: The Heist audio director Simon Viklund.

As for DLC, we have a full year of it planned. We can’t talk about it much…but everyone likes an armored car hit, right?
Mask up. The Payday 2 world is your bank. Get robbing.

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  • Hey I am confused, I pre-ordered a copy of Payday 2 yesterday, but am not noticing it in the PSN store.

    I am in Calgary, Canada, on Mountain Time.

    When can I download this game it looks awesome!

  • @greastipher

    Only a few titles Like The Last of US get midnight release on the PS Store. Most games get released whenever the store updates in your area. For me (Eastern Time) that is usually sometime after 5 pm. If I was you I would start looking early afternoon in your timezone.

  • Well i got a message after i preordered on the store to come back there at 12.01AM EST on the 13th to start downloading the game. I was angry when i found out I was lied to. I hope the store updates early today.

  • K. Now let me download it. Oh wait.. yeaa..

  • First, I was given wrong information that told me to check back at 00:01 EAT.

    Secondly, Why are we not given the option to pre-load the game first?

  • EST *

  • Still waiting for the indication to download my pre-ordered Payday 2 game. Anybody know when it’s possible to download?

  • Only reason I pre-ordered it on the PSN store was the advertisement said “available for download at 12:01 am August 13th”. I wish I knew what time zone that was for but I am in New York and it is currently 10:57am and it is still not available. And if you go to the pre-order section the part where is says 12:01 is not up anymore. I will know better next time I rather have the disc anyway.

  • This is ridiculous Sony always lets us down.

  • Agree

  • btw if anyone needs a partner in crime and has a working mic for communication I have one spot available on my team just add me we just need one more!

  • When will I be able to download the game on psn? I pre ordered it and I still haven’t been able to download it.

  • Yeah I learned my lesson after The Last of Us and having to wait until 3am EST for it to unlock meanwhile everyone with a physical disc got to play it a soon as they popped in to their PS3s. This is why I’ll never go all digital next-gen.

  • I preoderd it this through the ps store and now its 12:12 where i live (pst) and i ca nt dowload it what the hell, it only lets me get the theme I WANT MY 40 DOLLARS BACK! NOW or i want this damn game now

  • All i gotta do is head over to Gamestop in the next hour or so :D sorry all you poor devils who got in digital haha

  • And for all of you complaining; your going to have to wait for the store update. How do you expect to download it when the PSN team hasn’t even put it in the store yet?

    Just be chiiiiiilllll, we’ll all be robbing banks by this days end lol

  • screw you ^

  • chill son. Patience is a virtue ^

  • So anyway, when does it refresh on the East Coast?


    Really? Your telling me that cause i suggested everyone chill?
    hahah cute… you must be just all bundled up with rage aren’t you?
    Now im going to be a jerk to you cause you insisted on being one to a complete stranger

    Hope you experience troubles downloading it and never play :) haha you A** clown!

  • I should have known better then to pre-order this game off the psn i been up all night thinking i was going to be able to download the game at 12:01 EST and its now 10:25 am were i live and still no download Sony sure didn’t have a problem taken my money i’ll tell you that much let this be a lesson learn people it’s gamestop for me here on out

  • little disappointed the game didnt release when they told us. Any way, If anyone is looking for a gaming community your more than welcome to join us.

  • Sony bunch of liars.

  • I’m upset about them telling us it would be released at 12:01am aug 13 as well. They sure do let us down a lot. They should give us some sort of compensation for lying to us and no other way to say it other than they straight up lied to all of us.

  • It’s 11:34 a.m. where I am and I still can’t download the game this is ridiculous, even when I called customer support hoping for more information they told me I had to search it on the website, sony has really dropped the ball on this one.

  • Pretty pissed about not being able to DL this preordered game. They said a 12:01am release. They told me the same thing with TLoU and screwed me over there too. It’s now where I could walk into a store and get this game, which I may do, but I can’t get my digital copy yet. This is BS to the extreme. How can you promote a digital gaming landscape and not properly offer the service to your customers? If you guys at Sony cant even get it right with this gen, how do you expect your customers to believe you’ll be able to deliver services the way you’ve advertised with the PS4? I’ll never preorder another game off of the PSN again. You, Sony, have lost this customer on the preorder market. Thanks for nothing.

  • I called and they told me it would be available sometime after psn updates so sometime tonight. It sucks!!!!! I could have gone and gotten the game at the store this morning and had something to sell when I was finished but bought off the store cause I was supposed to be able to late last night/early this morning before I could have gone to the store and gotten it. Sony bunch of liars. Glad I didn’t preorder the ps4 yet I’ll wait and see the reviews for both ps4 and xbox 1 after they come out before deciding now.

  • This game is not up on XBMP either, only place I see it available is Steam. I stopped by my local Fred Meyers and Walmart this morning and no luck on either console. Going to try Gamestop when they open, but they are about worthless on new games if no one pre-ordered.

    Going to be a little disappointed if Sony and MS both drop the ball. Even more so with Sony as the first title was only on PS3.

  • cry me a river. i preordered the collectors edition from the store because i wanted the Dallas mask and when i get to the store today they said that the shipping date is tomorrow!

  • I pre-ordered from Gamestop, they do not have it in stock. they do not know when they will get it.
    505 Games(Publisher) said they only shipped it today. I am wondering If i can still pre-order on PSN to get pre-order exclusives before the store updates SMH

  • Sony 1 advice, if you not going to keep your word don’t put games for pre order on the store.

  • Relax people…. Relax! Think yas get it bad? Think again! Ya all don’t seem to realise how lucky yas are getting it first. While you get the game very soon, us EU have to wait until Friday to buy it retail! :( Even tho the digital is available tomorrow after yours.

  • This is some nonsense why do they promise you a time and date when you can download it and they just break it.

  • Just called GameStop here in Boston they are not getting the game till FRIDAY I hope this is not the case on the PSN STORE

  • @30 the only reason i didn’t cancel my preorder and go with the psn version is because i NEED the collector’s edition. you should definitely preorder on psn now before the store updates later!!!

  • This is BS Sony Me and My Nephew share the same PS3 console and i bought it on his account. I really didnt think it was a big deal. But when i started looking for the Pre ordering info it says this game can only be played by the purchasing account!!!! WHAT!?!?!?!?!? Your telling me i spent my hard earned money on this game and i cant even play it on my own account! Sony you better fix this!!!!!!

  • @36 you should’ve read before you bought.

  • Ok I said a few thing earlier that may have been a little premature maybe not too but I’m going to try and give sony some credit and say maybe it’s not their fault on this one maybe it’s the publishers error maybe the publisher promised sony something they couldn’t deliver. If it’s not in stores then it sounds like the publisher screwed up and is probably holding up the digital version due to some promise made to retailers just speculation of course but very probable. Also I’m looking for a partner in crime message me if you want to team up.

  • @37 are you seriously defending this!?!?! we are the consumer and your giving me this corporate bull crap do u work for sony!?! if not then i have no reason to talk to you.

  • 1. you really should’ve looked before you leaped.

    2. don’t blame sony, blame 505 Games.

  • @40 who the hell looks at the description at the very bottom when your buying a digital game

  • I like how this page was removed from the front blog page… -_-

  • @41 everytime i intend on sharing a game between 2 consoles i always read the description to make sure the game allows the feature. not all games allow it but most do.

  • I just checked gamestops website and it still shows available for preorder so they probably didn’t get it when they were supposed to either. Probably a problem with production if sony does not give us anything for the delay i have faith 505 or Overkill will :)

  • @ #36 i really hope that not the case i saw that to it never done that before so idk what will happen if it does it sucks -_-

  • @43 IM not game sharing we use the SAME PS3

  • This game is released 5 days ago in europe and still not available in US store, wtf! All of my friends are playing for days now and they already reached rep 40+, 5 friggin days! why do i pre order stuff when i m the one gettin it last?

    suxxx bad! and no matter where u r in the USA , 12:01 AM is over for at least 9 hours!

  • oh well, sucks for you. i would definitely start reading EVERYTHING. it’s still unfair to blame sony though, the publisher made that decision.

  • @48 HOP OFF Sony doesnt give a crap about you. I Blame SONY and the PUB because SONY allowed this so they all get the blame and im Posting this for people can KNOW and BOYCOTT this method. Not even EA did anything like this.

  • @44 don’t count on that the only thing they are going to give us its an apology.

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