Mars War Logs Out Tomorrow

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Mars War Logs Out Tomorrow
Mars War Logs Out Tomorrow

As a sci-fi action RPG, Mars War Logs will take you to a never-before-seen version of the Red Planet. The Turmoil, an event that transformed Mars, reversed centuries of terraforming. Human governments struggle to keep a once-prosperous Martian civilization together while battling over precious resources.

Mars War Logs is the story of Roy Temperance and Innocence Smith. One’s a renegade technomancer, and the other was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a tale of friendship, resistance, and freedom.

Mars War Logs on PS3

Spiders Studio was founded with the Mars project in mind, but it took nearly four years for the idea to mature and the tools to develop. One of the greatest challenges was to get the player involved with our characters and their quest for freedom and justice. To do so, we empowered the player with choices that really affect the outcomes and events of the plot.

Mars War Logs is also, and foremost, an action RPG. Players have to fight other humans and mutants, but there are also monsters unique to a Martian ecology that are shaped by Mars’ wild terrain, the Turmoil, and human terraforming. We put a lot of time and dedication into making the combat as unique and fun as possible, so when you’re fighting scary mole rats down in the Martian tunnels, please think of us!

Mars War Logs on PS3Mars War Logs on PS3

On Mars, resources are scarce and technological advancements are rare. There are very few examples guns and advanced weaponry out there, so players will find themselves crafting and customizing their equipment with salvaged items from throughout the world. That also means fights can get real close, and a little dirty.

We offer a range of possibilities when you need to use your firsts instead of your words. Players can charge in and attack head on, or sneak around and get behind enemies for silent takedowns. Alternatively, players can use Roy’s technomancer powers and blow away enemies in a storm of electricity. Even with all these options, though, we tried to make sure battles are challenging so every victory feels like a reward.

Mars War Logs on PS3

Bringing Mars War Logs to gamers was an exceptional and enriching journey. We hope you’ll enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed working on it.

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  • Whoa, this comes out tomorrow? Any word on pricing? Looks pretty solid.

  • Looks amazing… I can’t wait for play it!, BTW… how much $$$$?

  • is there going to be a demo I want to play it first just to see how the combat system is

  • Been watching this one for quite awhile and it’s looking very good! :)

  • PS Vita support? Not interested in it on PS3 but Vita would be a day one buy for me

  • Nice cinematics, but since it’s a video game and not a movie, shouldn’t you be showing some actual gameplay? You are releasing the game tomorrow and yet you don’t want to show us the actual game? If you are not confident enough in your game to show it, why should I buy it? I’ll wait for the likely poor reviews before I consider buying this.

  • @6 YouTube is your friend.

    The Combat Trailer is a better sell, imo, because I agree that seeing gameplay is always better than cinematics. I’m really looking forward to it.

  • @7 I hear you, I checked out youtube, and watched a few reviews. This game came out a few months ago for pc. Who knew people played video games on those still? I never even heard of the game before today, so I was skeptical, but the reviews are actually good. If it’s under $20, I think i’ll buy it. It actually does look fun.

  • Sweet i might pick it up if it has a low price!!

  • I saw some reviews and it looks pretty interesting. Ill pick it up when it has a sale.

  • True, I hadn’t heard of it, either, so I’m glad they said something here. It looks right up my alley! I finally got into Steam for some old school games but I still prefer playing on the PS3, so PSN will always be my first choice. Wow, Payday 2, Ducktales, and now this… tomorrow is looking good!

  • why is everything mostly free for ps3 how is sony going to make money on the newer sytem if all the free stuff is on the older sytem

  • I might even cancal my ps4 preorder and sell my ps vita back

  • and stay with ps3

  • No free stuff Sony is making a lot of money this week I pay $180 for 3 psn games and some free DLC you tell m3 is that free lol

  • Fallout3

  • I will not pre-order a PS4 im am not a beta tester

  • oh wow nevermind I just saw my friend open a new ps4 and play some games I take that comment back and I talked to my friend from sony and plus is avable 1st day ps4 is out and there is a alsome raceing game free for plus on the 1st day

  • lol

  • I remember playing this on pc, it’s actually a solid budget tittle. Can’t wait to see what the development team comes up with next

  • so I had to show you this ps4 info its very helpful this info no one know aboute sorry I had to show this to everyone click this link this info was held back from you guys but im trying to show you this incurgeing you to buy ps4

  • @ devilmosh Yeah Ducktales looks cool, but I’m more interested in free Bit trip Runner 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus discount! @ punkmusic2009 and IXxHIJACKERxXI You guys don”t need a separate post for each sentence. You can put multiple sentences in a single post! Try it out!!

  • Fantastic PS Plus candidate right here!! Not quite good enough to spend money on, but definitely good enough to enjoy playing through once.

  • Not sure about this one, it seems average at best. But a demo for this will definitely be needed for sure.

  • I know the store is Updating today but what ever happened to Tag for the ps vita when is that supposed to come out I know that coding can take some time but I’ve been waiting since I’ve heard about it I’m just a really huge fan of sony got my ps2,ps3,psp,psvita and hopefully getting the ps4 just wondering when it will be out

  • Whats The Price or is it a Free To Play it looks Pretty Aseome

  • Im picking this up tomarrow. BTW ppl its $19.99 and there is a demo of it coming out tomarrow as well.

  • Been playing this on pc nice to see it come to the playstation.

  • Anyone have a summery of the ETTB (estamated time to beat) the game?

  • why didnt i know about this game before today? ugh wont be able t o get it tomorrow, not sure how many people will. but it does look solid. i will be buying it. and im sure others will.

    really really looks good. congratulations. hope its as good as it looks!

  • @26
    $20 isnt bad. hopefully can buy it in a few weeks. really hope i dont forget about it.

  • Wow, this game seems to have just come out of nowhere! and it actually looks really cool. Hopefully it’s worth the entry price.

  • wow this came out of nowhere, Playstation Blog is always full of surprises. This looks pretty good, I think I will check it out

  • Haven’t heard of this before, but the trailer looks very good. Seems like the plot might be fun too.

  • id say 19.99 is too steep, release it cheaper more will buy it

  • This game got mediocre review scores but it looks pretty awesome. Something I could certainly get in to. From my research, most folks say it will take anywhere from 8 hrs to 18 hours to beat depending on your play style. :D

  • @ 35 Thanks for the ETTB info. Now I cant wait for the PSN to update today.

  • @ 14 punkmusic2009 – Staying with PS3 is a good choice but selling the Vita isn’t.

    This game….I been reading and hearing this name its been quite some time and I never got to see it in action this is actually the 1st trailer/video I see from it also I always see that picture of that weird girl with things attached to her head…..the game looks cool and it has a good concept….a demo would be good…I’ll have to see some gameplay videos to see if its really good and worth it.

  • Mars? Powers? RPG? I’m in. Surprisingly the women interest me more than the main characters.

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