Killer is Dead: New DLC Images Revealed

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Killer is Dead: New DLC Images Revealed

There’s no better outfit for executioner Monda Zappa than a suit and tie. But that doesn’t mean his companions can’t enjoy a few new outfits in the meantime…

Killer is Dead, the latest endeavor from legendary game creator SUDA51, will initially ship with the Smooth Operator DLC pack, which provides players with additional content right at launch. The pack includes tantalizing alternate costumes for Vivienne and Mika, as well as a bonus pair of in-game glasses that can help Mondo with the ladies — though he doesn’t need that much help. The Smooth Operator pack also features a full-length, special bonus mission — aptly named “Episode 51” — with a brand new target to execute, and the introduction of the high-class Betty. This episode will revolve around the enigmatic and vampiric Sebastian, whose sophisticated tastes are only rivaled by his high sense of style.

Killer is Dead DLC Images, 05

Killer is Dead DLC Images, 02Killer is Dead DLC Images, 06

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Launch copies of Killer is Dead will additionally be packaged with an 80-page, hardcover art book, and a soundtrack containing 25 songs. Killer is Dead launches on August 27th.

Bring your sword… you’ll need it.

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  • Game look awesome! I love the playstation support Xseed! Keep up the good work!

  • Thumbs down for any Day 1 DLC.

  • @2

    It’s free and ships with the game, learn to read.

  • I haven’t heard of this game before today but it looks cool , might check it out . Any chance of a demo before release ?

    • No demo available for KID, sorry. We’ll have a new action-packed trailer available before release to check out, however!

  • digital release ???

  • Heck yes!!!! I can’t wait to get this in my grubby hands. This will be an epic quest for sure. Any chance of anything related to Killer 7 to make a cameo?

  • i’ll pass on this until i play a demo. The art style is a real turn off for me and i wasn’t the biggest fan of Suda’s previous games Shadow of the Damned or Lolipop Chainsaw.

  • Already pre-ordered Killer Is Dead a month ago and I can’t wait to give a try. This game sounds like a great change of pace in both artstyle and gameplay then your typical game.

  • I love you XSEED. If I had a 3DS I would buy Senran Kagura Burst (Possibly I will end up buying it after all even If a don’t have a 3DS… Some friends have one after all)

    Also, KID looks like a NMH for PS3/360, and that’s awesome. (Yeah, I know that NMH:Heroe’s Paradise exists, but still)

  • Hi Brittany. Thanks (Xseed Games) for keeping localizing awesome and ott bonkers Japanese titles that huge publishers would consider too niche to localize. Also huge thanks for providing dual audio for us Japanophiles (dunno whether it’s the publisher’s or your decision, but it’s greatly appreciated). Your translations are top notch and I’m rather impressed with the quality of the English voice actors, you’ve assembled quite a stellar cast. Thanks for your hard work, Exseed Games!

    • You’re welcome! We’ll do our best to keep bringing over the niche and the crazy. The voices were personally chosen by the Grasshopper Manufacture team so we can’t take credit for that, but we’re nonetheless very happy you like them!

  • First I’ve heard of this game. The art looks good. I will definitely check it out!

    • You should see it in motion. It’s a pretty unique (and awesome) take on the cel-shaded look, if I do say so myself.

  • SUDA51!!
    Anytime that name is attached to anything I just buy it. I never question it. Why would I? And why would anyone?

    • I don’t know, man, I don’t know…but we appreciate the guys like you who are supporting us and SUDA51!

  • I had this game pre ordered for a while. I cant wait for my day 1 edition. Thanks guys for not screwing NA out of one I appreciate it.

    • We certainly try! We packed in lots of stuff for the Launch Edition, so we’re glad you find it the pre-order worth it.

  • Awesome!

    So is the “Smooth Operator” DLC only for pre-orders, or will I be able to walk into, say, Best Buy or Target on release date and buy a copy that includes this?

  • Loved Lollipop Chainsaw and No More Heroes is one of my favorite games of all time. Needless to say I’m excited for this game. Will definitely pre-order Killer is Dead.

    • If No More Heroes is one of your favorites, you’ll definitely be enjoying KILLER IS DEAD. The gameplay and atmosphere will be right up your alley!

  • I love hearing about DLC before a game is out. Such a smart decision. I know, it is a preorder bonus.

    • Not just any pre-order bonus, but costumes AND an entire lengthy episode. With vampires. Delectable enough to sink your teeth in, right?

  • any chance on senran kagura shinovi vs localization?

    • If you’d like, you can head over to the request forum on our website, but this here is KILLER IS DEAD territory. :D

  • Yes I already pre-order the game, this will be good times indeed DooDs!!!!!!

  • I’m loving that art style!

  • + honkayjeezus on August 12th, 2013 at 4:13 pm said:
    I love hearing about DLC before a game is out. Such a smart decision. I know, it is a preorder bonus.

    Its really sad…
    This is the sick new generation of gaming.
    I like new features, DLCs and these stuff. But its very usual and most of times expensive (like CoD maps).

    • Luckily this DLC comes with the game at no extra cost, and all you gotta do is pre-order and grab a launch copy. We like keeping it simple!

  • this game it looks ok

  • You guys are awesome.
    Killer is Dead, Valhalla Knight 3, Rune Factory 4, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace and Senran Kagura Burst, i can’t wait to play all of theses games. except maybe i will skip Senran since it’s will be download only.

  • I can’t help but wish that Killer Is Dead would come to Playstation Vita too!

    I’ll tell you why…

    I love Suda51, but — as a fairly recent chronic illness means that I’m now constantly in and out of hospital (and almost always in bed), I’ve had to flog my PS3 and go exclusively handheld — this’ll be the first of his games that I’ll be missing out on! And I’m devastated!!

  • Will the PSN digital download have access to the day 1 DLC?? Regardless this game looks F^&%ing amazing, like all SUDA 51 and XSEED games!

  • Why do Japanese developed games always think it’s appropriate to offer DLC that makes the female characters more naked? Are Japanese gamers really that deprived that the only way they can get off is by looking at a pixelated set of tits? Sexism and Misogyny sucks regardless of what country it’s coming from.

  • @socialclimber_85 I completely agree that sexism is wrong and only getting worse, but “hypersexualized” (real word?) women isn’t the main point of the game, the WHOLE game is hyperstylized. The game’s protagonist is a male gigolo executioner that in its self is insane, so why would that game tone down any other part of it? Like in “No More Heroes” when Travis recharges his beam katana, that’s for the ladies!

  • This game was slipping by my eyes until E3…thank God for E3…I caught this game and gave to it some of my attention…damn this game looks good…its already a must buy for me…and these cell-shaded are looking gorgeous and well made.BTW I dont know if its Vivienne or Mika the blonde girl but damn she’s hot and beautiful,love that outfit of her.I guess thats Vivienne,great name btw.

  • Gotta be honest I really didn’t follow this game at all. Why? I didn’t hear about until I looked at those awesome pics above. I still don’t really know what it’s about but I love how it looks.

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