BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Coming Soon to PS Vita

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BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Coming Soon to PS Vita

Hi there! I’m pleased to reveal that our next game, BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, is coming to the North American PlayStation Store this week — for PS Vita!

Here’s a brief history lesson for you. The original game was released back in 2004 on PC by Spain-based Felix Casablancas and Nurium Games. It was the best breakout game of its time, as it featured something very unique to the genre: fully interactive physics. We were big fans of BreakQuest, and when Sony introduced us to PlayStation minis in 2010, we decided to bring BreakQuest to the mini platform last fall with BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, which was quite successful.

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution on PS Vita

Now, we decided to bring BreakQuest: Extra Evolution to PS Vita natively, with new features, a redesigned level selection system, updated graphics, PSN support, and more.

One of the most valuable features of the original BreakQuest was 100 unique levels, each containing its own interactive physics design, layout, art, and sounds. We redesigned them all with better visuals, while still preserving the charm of the originals. Actually, we have 101 levels — there’s one secret one. Try to find it!

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution on PS VitaBreakQuest: Extra Evolution on PS Vita

We also created 10 boss levels, each serving as a unique mini-game. Boss attacks can have adverse affects on your shuttle, like making it unresponsive, reversing the controls, or even killing the bumpers for a short period of time. Taking down these bosses will require some strategy on your part.

Each boss unlocks a new shuttle, which can be selected from the Shuttle Base menu. In the beginning of BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, you start playing with a basic shuttle, but by defeating bosses you can unlock up to 17 shuttles. The new shuttles comes with activated power-ups: guns, sticky bumpers, rockets, multi-ball, etc. — any of them can help you finish levels faster and get higher scores.

We also supports “near” gifts. Some shuttles are exclusive through near, and there are free ball packs hidden there, too!

One of the new play elements added to BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is the Energy Shield, which can help you keep a ball in play. Once deployed, charging lines begin to cross the screen from left to right until they meet in the middle. Once fully charged, you can activate the shield with the L or R buttons. This shield can be especially helpful when you’re having a hard time keeping the ball in play.

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution on PS Vita

Another new element, the Gravitor, can attract the ball to the shuttle’s bumper with a simple press of Square or Circle.

And of course, there are PlayStation Trophies included in this version of BreakQuest as well, designed to reward players for outstanding performance during play.

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution on PS VitaBreakQuest: Extra Evolution on PS Vita

With BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, we’re testing out the “Freemium” business model. We believe that this model is perfect for our game. Consider it an advanced demo of sorts, with scoreboards and Trophies working out of the box. By default, BreakQuest comes with 33 balls. When balls run out, you can purchase more ball packs with 100, 200, 500 balls. Also there’s an Infinite Ball unlock. There’s also a mechanism in game to create extra balls by catching ball parts.

We hope you love the new evolution of BreakQuest. You can find more information on our site, or on Twitter.

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16 Author Replies

  • Not a fan of the limited 33 balls. Should have used the same system as Treasures of Montezuma Blitz.

  • Game looks awesome, but I’m REALLY disappointed you went with a Freemium model. Can I just buy the full game if I want? How much is the Infinite Ball unlock?

    • I understand the dissapointinig, we really tried to make a compromise and make game accessible for wide audience.
      Infinite balls are only 6.99$, 500 balls – 3.99$.

  • I like Fremium games, I hate “pay-to-win” games.
    But like Alexey Menshikov said, the game is like a demo with leaderboards and trophies. To get the “full game” just buy the infinite ball key.

    I love BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, I have the minis version (I found the secret level, but never finished it. IT’S VERY HARD! )

    I’ll get this game for sure! ^^

    • Cheers! I think I have to educated our players to make them understand difference from freemium (purchase premium content) and free to play game with bunch of microtransactions.
      to be honest, I didn’t seen any pay to win at psn yet so I believe we are safe here.

  • So there is no timer that will give you more balls. It seems that most other freemium games work that way. This just sounds like a 33 ball demo, not freemium.

    • If you have timer or any other frustration loop – this is free2play, not freemium.
      Freemium is free + premium.
      We have a mechanics to creat extra balls from parts + free balls may be in the gifts.

  • One of the better freemium modeled games. At first I expected ball packs to range up to $80 like some crazy games. The ball packs are reasonable and put it in line with cheaper fun Vita games if you want to nonstop play. You can earn more balls within the game too.

    • Thanks JimmyHack,
      well we thought to have this for some real fans. In montezuma, there are about 100 ratings for $80 crystalpack, so there is a demand :)

  • Ok, so spend $6.99 and basically have the full game. I can deal with that. :) That’s not bad at all.

  • Will this have some sort of sale for anything PS Plus related, because i plan on joining PS Plus soon.

  • yeah i noticed there’s a PS Plus logo next to my avatar but it didn’t go away after i cancelled my renewal. Strange??

  • Just to refresh my memory, this is basically similar to the game Aqualung and its many different cookie cutter versions by other companies?

  • Was really excited for another freemimum game (Jetpack Joyride was great!), but the 33 ball cap is a huge letdown. Why couldn’t you do the Montezuma Blitz method of regenerating life over time?

  • I’ve been really enjoying this game since i got it. Just finished all levels and now working towards a top 100 score. Very addicting. Just want to say thanks for providing an option to buy it via infinite balls rather than restricting us to the f2p business model. I wish Montezuma Blitz had a similar option as i would play it more. Also, today i downloaded a patch for it which apparently allowed us to choose a level via touchscreen but it isn’t working. Also the patch stated bgm muted during the game which also did not happen. Why would you want to mute the music anyway ? It’s excellent. Thanks again.

  • I really like breakout variants, never played the previous versions of BreakQuest but I think I’ll be trying this for sure. If I like it (which I am sure I will because I like this type of game) I’ll certainly buy the infinite balls. Freemium works here for me because it will give me the opportunity for me to try before buy full access and 33 balls is more than enough to make that determination. I’m looking forward to the release!

    • Thanks! This is exactly we trying to do. And we choosed BreakQuest to release because its has cool mechanics and truly addictive.

  • Thank you for adding the $6.99 infinite mode. I bought the minis title, and really liked it, and didn’t quite catch the part about the infinite ball mode in my first read-through. I’m definitely going to pick it up when it hits the store.

  • I was really disappointed with montezuma micro-transaction nonsense. Bonus crystals are fine as they are not essential to the overall enjoyment of the game…but having to pay $5 every time you want to play the game is outrageous. Would’ve preferred paying $9.99 for unlimited hearts.
    putting that aside…If this game, it’s core, is really only $6.99 with other non-essentials being sold per use then I don’t mind and am looking forward to it.

  • Will the music assets be 320kbps Ogg?

    Any discount for people who bought the mini and then found they weren’t allowed to play it on the Vita?

  • whats freemium mean ? is it free or some ?

    • Its free+permium. So basically game is free with scoreboards and trophies unlock. Moreover, there are balls drops in the game so you can construct more balls to complete game. Number of ball packs for difference price points and full unlock. We found that freemium is basically advanced demo version. In real demo you cannot have trophies and scoreboards upload.

  • This is cool to see more minis being converted to a full game for the PS Vita. Not sure about this game though.

  • I actually appreciate the freemium model because I doubt that I would try the game otherwise and if you really enjoy it then pay for it!

  • will be trying it. please tell me balls spawn over time (didnt see it in the article but maybe i skipped past it) really excited for it. thats all i need, if the balls respawn ill be playing this a lot. (respawn without purchasing)

  • nvm ignore my post. got the answer in the comments, sorry.

  • wow! another retro old game into a powerful handheld! just release that game into mobile! lolz… sorry guys ps vita really need a exclusive games! xD peace all

  • Great, look forward to it tomorrow :)

  • Not sure it’ll be worth $7…. We’ll see i guess.

    • There are 500 balls pack whould be enought to finish game. Onl 3.99.
      There is a minis version for $3.99 but SD graphics, no scoreboards anmd shiny trophies.

  • I was actually excited about the game until I read about the pricing. Does your market research really show that the average Vita owner who shelled out $250 minimum for a premium hand held device is primarily interested in games that appear to cost only a dollar or two? Nearly every Vita owner also has some sort of smartphone and/or tablet device so they already have the ability to access plenty of freemium games. I have zero interest in anything that remotely resembles a freemimum pricing strategy. I also have little to no interest in Vita games that that rely completely on the touch screen for controls as I certainly didn’t need to purchase a Vita to experience that kind of UI which are utterly annoying for these types of games. There is no mention of using Vita’s physical controls, so I would guess this is touch only.

    • Thats correct, Vita is premium device and most users want premium games. And there are some people
      who like the game but want spent less them infinite balls unlock (6.99). thats why we’ve made different grades for ball packs.
      You really need to understand diffrence between freemium and free2play as there are more games coming this way to playstation. Just to summarize: freemium is free+premium, basically and advanced demo with trophies and scoreboards working, you just pay for unlock premium functional. In our case its a balls packs, there is a full unlock with infinite balls. Perhaps we have to scream about it louder.

      BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is PlayStation exclusive title, all levels, music, art made execlusively for PSN. Don’t make assumptions – try and see yourself: main controls are analogue stick, touch controls are optional.

  • Hey, I finish the mini for this and the original. Wonderful games and really very unique. It reminded me a little of the enjoyment I had playing sound shapes, with a wonderful style for each level and pleasing music.

    Actually, I lied. I didn’t finish one of the levels on the 2nd mini. There was some crash bug on one of the bosses. Did you clean up any of the bugs in this one?

    • Thats odd, we never got any crash reports on minis (Vita version had some, so we have a patch already , shame I know).

  • I have no idea what is going on in this trailer o_o

  • Well, for the many many hours I played the game, it crashed twice. Both times were on the boss battle at 8th world. And only after an extended time on that level. Actually, I just went back and beat it, so yay for me.

    Good luck with the launch.

  • Alexey Menshikov , ohhh okay thanks for the info. to bad this is not for psn aswell as i dont own a vita. please correct me if im wrong.

  • Wow this game looks crazy…never heard about it before….was about to ask for a demo but looks like its free hu…well thats even better.But can I play the game to the end without buying a thing…or balls gonna run out really fast and I’ll have to buy the balls pack?

  • Is it just me, or are the visuals not that great? Just feels a little ‘rough’ around the edges. Expected it to look sharper on the Vita, but it doesn’t.

    It’s fun though, but not something I’d unlock the ‘unlimited’ of for the price it’s asking. Not sure if I can justify the risk in beating the game with a one time only purchase of balls too.

    Wish there were a timer for at least one ball. I know you can create balls out of pieces that fall in the game, but that’s null when you run out of balls completely.

    I don’t really like this model. And I’ve supported free games by buying things before, whether it’s DLC content like Frobisher Says!, or a coin multiplayer in Jetpack Joyride (bought it on PS3 and Vita versions even). But this? I just can’t be guaranteed that any balls I buy will be enough, and I don’t like that. And to get the ‘full game’ experience is too much to me.

    My 2 cents.

  • this game is awesome I enjoyed it 5 star for me ^_^ actually I finished the game with 2 balls only

    my proof:

    so people 33 is enough ok!!!

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