Take a High-Level Look at Splinter Cell Blacklist

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Take a High-Level Look at Splinter Cell Blacklist

Even though it’s been such a long road to where we’re at right now, it’s still hard to believe that Splinter Cell Blacklist will be launching in just over a week!

We understand that more eyes are on us now than ever before – but that doesn’t mean they’ve seen everything we’ve already put out there.

Splinter Cell Blacklist on PS3

This video is a solid wrapper, giving you a high-level look at the entire scope of the game: the extensive Single-player campaign, the 14 unique CO-OP missions, and Spies vs. Mercs.

Oh, and it’s also narrated by Charlie Cole, the man behind Sam Fisher’s gadgets.

Anyway, I won’t take up any more of your time. Right now, at least. Once you get your hands on Blacklist, we should take up plenty. Enjoy the video!


Take a High-Level Look at Splinter Cell Blacklist

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  • I really want to see Sam Fischer take path like Big Boss of Metal Gear Solid.

  • The video wont pop out for me?

  • never mind.

  • I might be one of the few that thinks this; I want to see another Ghost Recon, not another Splinter Cell. You guys seem to change so many of the things about this series that it seems you are unsure of where and how to go – your excuse is evolution, but that’s not what I see.
    I thought it was rude for David Footman to blame gamers’ reactions (negative) for information about this game that your company put out – he should only blame Splinter Cell for information that is to be perceived, because, frankly, that is all the audience has to rely on. This kind of capricious attribution is only bad for a game’s success. My advice is to listen to the gamers who play your games, not what you think they want (beta?). I’ll just have to test the demo, and maybe I’m wrong in part of my thinking. Thanks for reading.

  • Awesome trailer. I love this series and I only just played / finished “Conviction” a few months ago. (Wish I had sooner.)

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this installment. Keep up the great work :)

  • Amazing trailer…been a SC playa since the 1st one on PS2….I have the HD collection and I cant wait for Blacklist….I wasn’t expecting to be good…but at each trailer and details released the game looks better and better…co-op missions are looking extremely fun to play….stealth all over with,damn thats my thing….I’ll buy without doubt.Thanks for sharing the video.Also thanks for making the co-op missions split-screen….after beating alone,me and my brother will have lots of fun playing it together.

  • Can’t wait to play it. Loved Conviction, wish it made to PS3 also. Double Agent multiplayer was probably one of the most intense games I have ever played, the feeling of urgency I got from playing the multiplayer was amazing. Will Spies vs. Mercs in Blacklist feel as fast as it did in Double Agent?

  • awesome stuff!

    maybe this is the game that will finally make me enjoy the series.

    didn’t like the old games, love the stealth, but the controls and movement are clunky as hell

  • Why this game is in Preorder whitout Game bonus (PSN NETWORK)…..Fail!

  • You will get the code the day the game come out Ops lol

  • the game looks awesome and I’m probably going to get it at some point since I’ve beaten every other splinter ceel but i don’t like how sam looks or his voice in my opinion they messed up on that.

  • I think that I will love this game

  • It looks like a good game. I might try it out.

  • Ghost Recon was awful the buttons should be like any other FPS Shooter it was no fun! I wouldn’t buy another Ubisoft game after that waste of 63$ no thanks would rather spend my money on Battlefield 4,Payday 2 or Cod ghosts and I don’t even like cod but at least it is better than ubisoft ghost recon buttons and the game engine was generic too however I did like tom clancy’s end war that was a good game. If ubisoft fixes the button setup I would get this…

  • I forgot about GTA5 how could I LOL save your 60$ for that splinter cell will be another ghost recon lol

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