Payday 2: What You Need to Know

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Payday 2: What You Need to Know

Hey everybody. We’re incredibly excited to say Payday 2 is arriving on PS3 this month! We’ll be bringing the four-player, cooperative heisting you know and love from the original Payday, but making it bigger, bolder, and badder — with a slew of new features that really give you a chance to live out that robbery fantasy, your way.

Now, before you go hitting that jewelry store without casing it at all, here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about Payday 2.

Cooperative Robbery Fantasy

Payday 2 is a sequel to the successful Payday: The Heist, a game first released on PSN and PC in 2011. Both games are first-person, cooperative shooters at their core. Both games share the same high-intensity, “be a bank robber” concept. But Payday 2 really builds on the robbery experience we pioneered in the first game and takes it to a whole new level. Our goal was to make players feel as though they can pull off the perfect heist. To make them feel like De Niro in Heat, or Vinnie Jones in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels — or even Jesse Pinkman doing a cook in Breaking Bad. We want players to live out the dream of a successful life of crime.

Payday 2: What You Need to Know

Cash Is King

Any good robber knows it’s all about the money. Payday 2 adds a robust economy that pays you for each completed job. Money is used for everything, whether it’s paying for skill training, crafting that new weapon mod, or customizing your Cthulhu mask with an Overkill logo. And if you get sloppy with your bullets… that cleanup is going to cost you…

It’s An RPG Now.

Well … not in the sense that you’re clicking through dialogue trees or watching cutscenes, and there’s nobody named Cloud … but Payday 2 definitely lets you create your own criminal and design the type of robber you want to play. There are four different skillset archetypes: Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, and Technician. Each archetype boasts 36 different skills and specific gear which can be mixed and matched to your liking.

Each archetype has a different set of strengths and abilities. If a player wants to be stealthy, but also carry a saw or silenced shotgun, he or she just needs to level up enough to spec the appropriate Ghost and Enforcer skills. Don’t forget that Portable Saw!

But the RPG comparisons don’t stop there. Completing a job means you get a Payday, where you get a random chance for cash, masks, mask parts, or weapon modifications, all of which can be used to customize your robber’s appearance and effectiveness. With 15 million variations to start, gun nuts and mask-lovers have a lot to look forward to.

Payday 2 Screenshots, 07Payday 2 Screenshots, 10

More Missions, More Dynamics

In Payday 2, there are five times as many scenarios as there were in Payday: The Heist, served up by our new dynamic mission delivery system: Crime.Net. Crime.Net is the mission hub where players can choose a broad range of mission difficulties, each paying commensurately more XP and loot as the risk increases.

The missions themselves are insanely dynamic and randomized, so everything is random, including the placement of cameras, civilian numbers, vault placement and contents, and even where the getaway car arrives (Or if it’s a car at all!). This adds a ton of replayability to the Payday experience. We even offer multi-day jobs, so we can change maps while on a big heist, or even interrupt them dynamically with a completely new map (called an “escape”) if things go really, really wrong on a heist. Best be careful, though. You don’t want to end up bleeding out and upside down in your vehicle, defending your loot when you’re supposed to be sipping cocktails in the safehouse.

Speaking of the safehouse…

The Safehouse

Want to go somewhere safe and practice your lock picking without being shot in the face? Or admire your fat stacks in your very own bank vault? Or test-fire some of your newly crafted weapon mods? Head over to your safehouse where all this (and more) is available to you.

Payday 2 Screenshots, 08

The Perfect Heist, Now Possible

Payday 2 adds stealth. A great majority of missions can be completed without setting off alarms, and — in many cases — without even firing a shot. You can jam the alarm, pick a lock, silently set up a drill, knock out a guard, turn off his pager with a whisper, get that vault open, grab the loot, and go on your merry way. It ain’t easy, but then again, a perfect crime shouldn’t be, right?

Simon Viklund: Redux

Our audio director, Simon Viklund of Bionic Commando fame, also did the Payday 2 soundtrack… and voice-acted Bain. Check out his stellar work right here.

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  • I LOVED the first one…this is coming as a DL title for PSN, right? Or only Disc?

    Also, I guess there won’t be pre-order DLC with a DL copy, huh?

  • It looks great.
    I hate to ask, but is there any chance of a next gen port? Loads of people (myself included) are trying to avoid playing replayable games at the end of the gen, particularly if we’re jumping ship in 2/3 months.

  • @BlindsideDork; I have pre ordered it on PSN (EU) and it include the pre order lootbag.

  • @Playarn

    Darn you America!!!

  • I was a big fan of the first one, and played a ton with my friends. This one looks exponentially better, and just like a much better quality, and more fun game. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • @Playarn well I’ll be…it is up on the online store but it doesn’t say if it comes with lootbag or not. :/

  • Why is there a video of PC gameplay on the PlayStation Blog? Can’t we see what the PS3 version will be like?

  • @kassatsu – PC game first so that’s why.

  • Less than a week till release and there is still NO gameplay footage from consoles versions at all ?

    It’s all about PC that and PC there, PC beta, pc pc pcpcpcpcpc…. sigh :(

    Was our contribution to Payday success not enough ?

    Community is still strong on PS3 and there’s a lot of people playing especially since Payday was free for PS+ subscribers.

    I love Payday:The Heist, bought it day 1. I also bought dlc and so did many of my friends. It’s one of the best co-op titles on consoles and we are still playing it.

    I would realy, realy like to buy Payday 2 but I fear that you are hiding ps3 version because it’s a #*$*$* port with screen-tearing and bad framerate…

    Overkill why are you ignoring us ? What did we do wrong? Why the hate ?

  • @BlindsideDork

    It comes out on PSN/PS3 next week. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to show PS3 footage

  • @BlindsideDork

    The pre-order on the US PSN also includes the lootbag. Go to the Games section on the PSN, then Hot On PS3 and then scroll down to PAYDAY 2.

  • MAn didn’t even beat the 1st game yet, not sure about this yet.

  • @BlindsideDork

    On EU PSN its called PayDay™2 pre-order bundle. Try searching on that. It says in the description that the lootbag DLC include.

    “Pre-order now to receive the full game and Lootbag DLC! Winner of 4 E3 2013 Awards!. PAYDAY™2 is an action-packed, 4-player co-op shooter that once again lets you don the masks of the original PAYDAY™ crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – as they descend on Washington D.C. for an epic crime spree.”

  • Gotta say, it was such a disappointment that the first game did not have splitscreen, it was one of the features I was desperately hoping for, up until release. And no. It didn’t have it. I bought the game as part of the PSN Play thing a few years ago, but admittedly barely touch it, despite it being fun. It’s difficult to get my friends interested in it, who don’t have it, and I have friends that come over my place, or my brother, whom we have shared countless Borderlands hours splitscreen-ing it out all night. So…why…oh why…Has the price increased, and yet we haven’t gotten splitscreen. 15, was worth it, but if there is not splitscreen on this game, you may as well not have released it. Online just doesn’t resonate with me as well as being with my friends. Please, if you guys don’t have it, consider adding it, I check back frequently, and I promise, if it has or gets splitscreen, it’s a 40 purchase for me. :) Promise!

  • I hate the idea of Payday 2 going multiplatform…for real even with the 1st one being released for PC why make it for 360?….money right?..ok ok…even though I hate the idea of going multiplat I love the idea of going retail…gonna get this on blu-ray thats for sure.Thanks for sharing these informations.

    BTW thats a really small bag for a corpse…also you guys should’ve added animations for everything you do…like grabbing the money,putting the ECM Jammer and all the similar stuff…its just weird to see everything popping out of nothing.Big mistake.

  • @ 14 drd7of14 – Great comment and I agree 100%…in games like Payday split-screen should be mandatory.To begin with if there is a co-op option in a game then above all that co-op option should begin with split-screen after that comes the damn online.I also have a brother…and we usually play co-op games together…its so much fun and we really miss split-screen option in some games Payday included.

    In another hand…love the stealth approach option…I’ll be going for that.

  • Would be cool if you could drive the getaway car aswell!

  • I wish they could resist the temptation once–just ONCE–of the big, crazy shootout to show me what getting in and out without killing anyone or firing a single bullet looks like. That’s the only way I’ll buy this game. If they seriously can’t show ONE successful, nonviolent heist, then they’re obviously going for something that I don’t want.

    They just have this fundamental misunderstanding of what made Heat an awesome movie. It wasn’t the big shootout. It was the tension. That big shootout was only impactful because you knew those guys were professionals who normally get in and out without killing a single person. That’s what made Waingro such a loose cannon–he was willing to shoot people. He was dumb. So when you get to the big shootout that spills into the streets, it’s impactful because you know how bad this is going to get. And sure enough, multiple guys in the crew die. That’s why they don’t like to get in shootouts.

    To see these developers miss the mark again and again is so frustrating. If you screw up and trigger the SWAT team and a firefight breaks out, it should be effing HARD. Not all of your team should make it back alive. You should fear an alarm being sounded, not just shrug and whip out your AKs.

  • kassatsu or David , can you guys confirm that Armored Transport Heist DLC will be free to anyone who has pre-ordered PSN version?!

  • Not sure if I will buy Payday 2 I got payday a while back when it was on sale for plus members. It was a cool game at the time but after awhile I stopped playing. I wonder how different this will play compared to the first one.

  • Girlfriend Pre-ordered this for my Birthday! Can’t wait!

  • Does this one have local 2 player?

  • Have the collectors edition pre-ordered! :) cannot wait until the 13th!

    and @ 18, stealth has been majorly added to Payday 2, you can slip in, knock out the guards; subdue who you need, grab the loot and dip out before police force is even informed and on their way. And without shedding blood.

    But, i’m sure it will be VERY difficult to achieve.

    Ohhh, and have you ever played Payday on Overkill or Overkill145+ difficulty? Believe me, you dread hearing alarms and knowing cops will be on you like flies within minutes. Its no easy shootout, let me just say…

    The police will TAKE YOU OUT!

    But I cant wait!!!! :D bring on your Overkill diff. Payday 2!!!

  • @18 there is YouTube footage of people playing the PC beta version and pulling off quick and efficiently planned heists without even firing a shot.

  • Already pre-ordered on Steam to get into the beta, so, no PS3 version for me. :( :)

  • If I may shamelessly promote myself, 505 Games is hosting a giveaway for PAYDAY 2 through our site. Still plenty of time to enter:

  • About damn time you start making mention of this game. I suggest you give this game coverage on the PS3 blog. I am sick of it not getting the respect it deserves. This game beats the hell out of the first one. And it is ready. It was confirmed by Bo himself. Search: Payday: The Heist Forums. And look the the forums on steam. And it is talking all about Payday 2 and Payday: The Heist. SEE YOU AT THE SAFEHOUSE! *prepares mask*

  • I just can not wait for it to be released already! Practiced a whole lot Payday: the Heist just to train up a bit for this one. Also, I’ve been looking up the beta gameplay footage, I see Overkill has given away some free DLC already because of the success they’ve made with the beta progress. I would like to know if also PS3 gamers who pre-ordered the game will get the extra DLC for free.. If not I would be bummed because I would have liked to test the beta on my console.

    Congrats to Overkill, the game has really progressed a lot. If anyone who’s sort of a veteran at the first payday game want to add me for this sequel add me on psn.

  • @BlindsideDork

    you get the pre-order from the psn, its on the store now to buy, then when you click on it it says you get the pre-order bouns and you get to download it at 12;01 tuesday morning, i have to wait till the store opens, and im in canada and trust me we dont get all the usa does!!!

  • lock and load and remember cover everyone now lets get this done! “get on the *beep*ing ground”

  • Bought the first one and now just got to beat it!

  • Can’t wait yeahh 5 hours woohoo! See you guys/gals online =) let’s do this!

  • I can’t wait to play this! I have to wait until 10:00 A.M. to play though because that’s when my local gamestop opens.

  • The only thing I want to know about Payday 2 is why, in addition to the standard terms on the PSN store:

    Purchase or use of this item is subject to the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service and User Agreement and this item’s use restrictions. This item has been sublicensed to you by Sony Computer Entertainment America. One-time license fee for downloads to up to 2 console systems that are associated with the purchasing account.

    …the following has also been added:

    No more than one activated PS3 system within a 24 hour period. Content may not be used by any other account. You must sign in to PSN each time you start the game.

    Please explain.

  • is anyone else having the problem where you go to download it and all it downloads is the god damn preorder theme and then nothing else…. It said it would be available for download at 12:01 and it is now past 2am where I live and it still wont let me download it… I thought the point of Day One digital was that you could download the game before the store updated but I guess not

  • Yea same thing, Alot of people got that message. And now one can play it because some per on forgot to do there job.

  • I think we’re going to have to wait until the store updates to play it and who knows when that will be

  • Yes this is really messed up.. Whole reason i pre-ordered at ps store is that i could play it immediately when it would drop. Thanks to thos scumbags we have to wait till 12pm or 1 pm for the store to be updated, well if this is how sony wants to roll then i’ll buy hard copy’s instead next time for my future purchases

  • That’s ridiculous, this is why discs are better I opted to pre-order the disc instead of Playstation Store Download but I have to wait for the store to open to get it but it’s worth it i’d say after reading this.It was supposed to be available @12:01 A.M. , what’s the sense in digital release if they don’t stand by their word of 12:01A.M. ?

  • what time is psn its self going to update iv been up since 11AM this is pissing me off…

  • Hai, Went to bed waited at 12:30, still no download GMT-5 Eastern Time USA. its 8:18, whats going on here SONY. People all over the world have it =( why not the ones on the network! Share with steam already would ya.~!

  • I WANT TO PLAY MY GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON SONEY!!!

  • Update the Store, you said we can download at 12:00am thats why i bought the digital,copy, if this happens again im sticking to disc.

  • It will happen again it happens with DLC all the time it basically makes u wait til the end of the day before it’s downloadable from the store so just buy disc’s from now on you’d be playing by now or downloading it @ least gamestop opened east coast time 30 minutes ago alot of people beating the digital dowloaders that’s messed up if u ask me.

  • why has this not released on the PSN yet? when last of us came out people where able to download Days before it came out and play it @12:01 am. why is this game along with the other pre order releases getting shafted ?

  • Guys,Payday 2 is coming out on PSN Store on August 14.NOT August 13 I waited at 12:01 and it still was not updated and on the Payday 2 website it shows all the release dates.

  • Ok I just talked to a Sony rep and he states that the store is updating and that Payday 2 will be available to download at 5PM.So It is coming out today at 5PM EST.

  • only in Europe it comes out the 14th

  • doinqemdirty Thank You for the update I was getting frustrated having to check the store every hour so thanks for the update.

  • I just woke up hoping to play this game its 1:46 p.m. where Im located and I still cant download I hope doinqemdirty is right because if not when can I play????????

    If anyone comes up with further updates please post and thank you I will be checking this and the plays station store every hour till I receive my pre-ordered purchase.

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