New PS3 Visualizer App from Q-Games Out Tuesday

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New PS3 Visualizer App from Q-Games Out Tuesday

Hi everyone! It’s been a while but I’m back for a second tour of duty on PlayStation.Blog, although I should point out that I switched Qs in the interim (I was formerly a producer at Q Entertainment, and am now a producer at Q-Games). The reason for my check-in here today is to announce a brand-new app (you’ll find it in the ‘Apps’ section on PSN) for PlayStation 3 simply titled Visualizer, which, as the name suggests, is a new set of over two dozen music visualizers to use with your PS3’s music library.

As you may know, Q-Games is known for its technological contributions to the games industry, in addition to its PixelJunk series of games. Q (initially Dylan Cuthbert and Kentaro Yoshida) crafted the legendary ‘duck demo‘ for the original PlayStation 2 reveal, and later as a company were responsible for a lot of the visual effects, XMB bar, and visualizers built in to the PlayStation 3. Q-Games also handled a lot of the interface programming on PS Vita, so, essentially, we know our way around Sony’s hardware.

It was this history that inspired our then-publishing partners, Sony Santa Monica, to ask us to create a new suite of music visualizers for PS3. Because this happened to coincide with the launch of the PS Move motion controller, the project transformed into what became the innovative music-rhythm game, PixelJunk 4am.

Visualizer on PS3

Visualizer on PS3Visualizer on PS3

However, PixelJunk 4am requires a PS Move and PS Eye to play, and as a result only a certain segment of PS3 owners can enjoy the music visualizers we designed for the game. It’s because of this that we decided to return to the original inspiration for this project and make the visualizers of 4am available to all PS3 owners by releasing them as a standalone product. No PS Move or PS Eye is necessary; all you need to enjoy Visualizer is a PS3 and your music library.

Visualizer lets you loop the app on a single favorite graphic style, randomize them, or cycle through the full range of procedurally-generated, dynamic, high-def, real-time visualizers. This makes Visualizer a perfect visual accessory for your PS3, whether you need some eye-popping backdrops for a house party, or you just want some soothing HD screensavers to dress up your television with.

Visualizer on PS3

Visualizer on PS3Visualizer on PS3

So, if you’ve enjoyed the PS3’s built-in ‘Gaia,’ ‘Valley,’ and ‘Waves’ visualizers, I’m confident you’ll love how Visualizer’s ‘Allseeing,’ ‘Fibre,’ ‘Modular,’ ‘Alien Contact,’ ‘Conscious Thought,’ and ‘Odyssey’ routines –each with its own color variations– make your HDTV look. Of course these all look beautiful on SDTVs as well. Lastly, although this pertains to nothing in particular, it should be noted that Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert really enjoys a good mincemeat pie. He is British, after all.

The app launches in North America on Tuesday, August 13th, at a special, limited launch price of $2.99, as a ‘Thank you’ to both longtime PixelJunk fans and newcomers alike. Once the two-week launch window is up, the app will be available for $4.99. We’ll be releasing the app in Europe and Asia shortly thereafter, although exact dates are TBD. As always, thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

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  • Pretty cool but I think this kind of thing should be free.

    • Hey there. Thanks for the opportunity to clear up a couple of things that I realize I should have pointed out in my blog post.

      1) I think –having read all of the comments below– that folks might be confusing this as a Sony 1st-party product. So I can imagine why you would expect or at least want it to be free, and integrated into a firmware update. However, it is in actuality the first self-published product being released by Q-Games. As we are a 3rd-party publisher, it’s not something that can be put into the XMB bar or integrated into a firmware patch.

      2) We designed a brand-new interface to streamline the process of starting up your music library and switching on these new visualizers. We are charging a small fee to help keep the lights on (so we can keep making cool games; you never know what we have in store for the future). In consideration of everyone who’s enjoyed our games in the past, we kept a 2-week window open for our special introductory price, to give our fanbase and newcomers alike a chance to grab it on the cheap.

      Hopefully this clarified some of the questions I’m guessing more than a few of you guys might have had, and thanks for listening.

  • so does this work in the regular PS3 Visualizer

  • @2 do you know how to read?its a standalone app that costs $2.99.

  • About 5/6 years too late and it should be free or less money.

  • it’s cool, but I kind of wish that it was part built into the PS3’s already existing music visualizer from the XMB, like the existing earth one.

    • Hopefully everyone’s read my reply at the top of the page, but I’ll mention these points again in case people are scrolling hard and fast down the page:

      * Visualizer is developed and published by Q-Games, not Sony Computer Entertainment. Because of this, we aren’t able to be a part of a firmware update (that’s reserved for Sony functionality and feature updates) and has to be released as a standalone product.

      * We would liked to have made it as easily accessible to use as the built-in music player/visualizers, but it’s pretty much just as simple to use. You just activate the app from the Game Apps/Downloadable Games tab instead of the music tab.

      * We love free stuff as much as anyone, but as we need to keep the electricity pumping and salaries paid, we’re charging a nominal fee. We may run future PlayStation Plus promotions in the future, but for now we have organized a launch window discount of $2.99 for early adopters. That’s about 40% off the normal price.

  • Odyssey reminds me of long-exposure photography, love it. I hope there’s a silky PS3 XMB wave type effect available for PS4’s background, the one shown already looks a bit random.

  • Takes me back to the PS1 days when we had the cool visuals for listening to CD’s. I wish we could get those back.

    • Baby Universe (I don’t know what it was called/ever released in the US) was a personal favorite of mine.

  • I wish visualizers were available on vita as well : \

  • Will we have to load it as an app or will it be integrated into the music player of the PS3 with the 3 default visualizations as additional ones?

    • We explored the possibility with SCEI (global headquarters) about such integration, but it was determined by the powers that be that Visualizer should be released as a standalone app. Although it is a music app, it will actually appear in the ‘Game’ category of the XMB bar, and you activate it as you would any other downloadable game. Once Visualizer has started, you can access your music library and play music just as you would with the built-in music player.

  • Oh, and please make a different interface for the Vita… it just seems too childish looking with the bubbles. I’ve always loved the interfaces of PS hardware but I have to say the Vita’s is the weakest as far as stylish and sleek. :)

  • “Pretty cool but I think this kind of thing should be free.”

    Couldn’t agree more, especially given that I already paid for these exact same visualizers when I bought PixelJunk 4am, which also supports playing your own music and using those visualizers.

    Honestly, it’s kind of insulting that I’m expected to pay for this. To reiterate: I already paid for it when I bought 4am.

    This should–at the very, very least–be free for people who bought 4am or have a PS Plus account.

    • Hi there, and thanks for your feedback. Hopefully my explanation at the top clears up why it’s 1) not free, and 2) not a part of the next firmware update. This isn’t a Sony product, but a standalone item published by Q-Games.

      Since you already have 4am, you don’t actually need Visualizer, as you can already play your music through the built-in visualizers in 4am. This app is for people who don’t already own 4am, and/or don’t have a PS Move or PS Eye. You aren’t missing out on anything, but thank you for your support as an owner of PixelJunk 4am!

  • I just noticed James Mielke posted this. That’s pretty rad.

    Hey, man, awesome job on Electronic Symphony. That game was literally a system seller for me. Also, I wish you were still on podcasts. Miss your 1UP and EGM days. Maybe a guest appearance on 8-4 Play to reunite with Mark?

    • There’s always a possibility of an 8-4 appearance. If I see the guys (and I will) maybe I can beg myself onto an upcoming podcast. :)

      Thanks for buying Electronic Symphony. That was a real labor of love for me. Music and games? Best combo ever.

  • I agree it should be free. But the main point for me is- if you can’t use this like the other ones…ie: go into the music section of the xmb and press x, then this is a pointless release, no matter if it is free.

    Who wants to launch an app (that they paid for) to listen to music that is stored on their ps3’s harddrive.

    Again, if i can play music and then press square to choose one of these, then i’ll buy it. If not, I think most would pass.

  • @Chuckbait
    Yup, I completely agree! That’s my exact feelings. Hoping to get a confirmation on this!

  • Looks cool but I think it’s should be free…

  • Ever wish you could listen to music on your PS3, with the sublime visuals from PixelJunk 4AM acting as a visualizer for your tunes?


  • @Chuckbait: Yep, exactly why I don’t use the Visualizer in PixelJunk 4am that often. I’ve done it a few times and I love the visualizers, but I don’t like having to specifically boot into it with the intention of listening to music for that long. It’s usually pretty impromptu when I listen to music on PS3.

    But unfortunately, this is the same thing. It’s just presumably going to be listed under the Music tab of the XMB instead of under Games.

  • Any chance in somehow linking this to Music Unlimited?

    With Sony pushing its music service with discounted Premium subscriptions, less & less PS3 users are storing music on their hard drives. Seems like it would have made more sense to have this visualizer integrated into Music Unlimited.

    Kool visuals, though.

  • That song is super catchy. Important question: Will there be preloaded cool songs like these? I’m not very creative but I love music, so I’d get it for that.

    • Visualizer doesn’t include any music, as licensing fees would make it prohibitively expensive. We’re not trying to turn you guys onto new music with the app. We just want to make your music library look cool.

  • Wow it took 7 years to add new visualizers and they’re not even free!

  • I’m tired of the same 3 visualizers so I’ll get it, although I wish it was free. Whatever though.

  • Better late than never I guess. Sucks its not intergrated into the firmware and costs money. Oh well, thanks for trying I suppose.

  • About friggin time. I’m snagging this as soon as it’s out. I love vizs and really wish Sony would have worked withe these guy or the like earlier on the music visualizer but better late than never. I just hope the PS4 has some reall visualizers built in.

  • how this is not free is beyond me.

  • Wow thats awesome…although that crazy Visualizer on PS3 and the earth one being the best I’ve ever seen…its really cool to have some others but like the #1 said….this kind of thing should be free….or at least $1…$3 is too much.

  • will this work with music unlimited?

  • Might check this out it seems cool, I didn’t play the Pixel Junk4am game but this will be another great app for PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • This is exactly what we were hoping for. All you need is a PS3, some music on your harddrive, and a controller to navigate the XMB. Let us know what you think!

  • Hey James!

    Are the visualizers 1080p native? Do they render in 3D?

    I always wished 4am had 3D support. Maybe for the PS4 ;)

    Looking forward to playing PixelJunk Inc!

    • The Visualizer is not a 3D application, but they are 1080p native, and it runs at 60fps.

      And thanks for the support on PixelJunk Inc. We’re working hard on it.

  • Very cool! I haven’t checked my devices in awhile, but are there plans for bringing new visualizations to PSP and PSVita?? I can see adding these visulaizers to these mobile devices (hint hint, iOS and Android). :)

  • I would had been great to have 3D visualizers, can we play music of DLNA servers?
    I will buy it anyway, I hope we can have updates or DLC.. adding features.

  • You’re not a 1-st party publisher!?
    It’s because you decided it or someone at Sony is very very distracted?

    BTW when is this coming to EU store?

  • we WANT Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks on PSN Store PS2 Classics.
    (i will not stop until this is achieved on EU PSN Store) >:/

  • @ James Mielke

    As cool as this looks, without being intergrated into a firmware update, I’ll have to pass on this for 2 different reasons:

    1) I’m an audiophile. When I listen to music, it HAS TO sound the best it can. Unfortunately, I don’t see with my ears, and often don’t care for any visuals, let alone light, when listening to tunes. I either go to my living room with the 1000W auditorium speakers and crank it like in the old Maxell commercials ;), or I’ll use my 7.1 headset and abuse the ears a lil…but visuals is hardly ever a part of the enjoyment experience for myself.

    2) When I want to listen to music othrough the PS3, I prefer to do it through the music tab where Music Unlimited, my Media Server and PS3 playlist all are, not theough a “game” in the games tab. music should be in music, games in games, not music apps in games. My OCD just can’t get past that, sorry.

    Despite that I won’t be purchasing it, I do hope you and Q-Games do make this a profitable endeavor for yourselves, as I would hate to see a smaller indie company like Q-Games go down the drain. Competition (direct or indirect) is always good for any industry, as it promotes innovation and ideas within.

  • I was a big fan of PJ Eden… PJ Monsters is cool too.
    I doubt that the smart people on here thought this was a Sony release.

    The price isn’t the issue, just the fact that the time it takes to launch this app is far too long to wait to listen to music.

    I used to hope that game companies added custom soundtracks to their PS3 releases.
    putting custom soundtracks as a reward in Eden was rude, i thought. You shouldnt have to “unlock” custom soundtracks.

    I wish you luck, and big sales for all your future ps3 releases….just dont see any value in this one.

    Take care. (please consider a pixel junk eden II as well as Monsters 2). Thanks for taking the time to read the comments.

  • I think the VITA needs this Music visualizations. I would buy it if it was on the vita appstore

  • Bunch of greedy assh@#&$ wanting everything to be free.

    How about YOU go work for free? No?

  • Aw dammit man…..if only I knew if this would work w/ Music Unlimited….

    Still though, as a bit sucky as it might be that it’s not actually integrated into a FW update; I am kinda glad/hyped to see some new visuals for play music.

    Might bite w/ this one (at 3 bucks i suppose that ain’t half bad…who knows, maybe Plus members might get an additional discount come release date? Ah one can hope, right? lol)

  • Didn’t you guys make the original vizualisers?

    why not just ask shu for a favor to put them on the ps3 in a firmware update.

    Make it easier for everybody except your external relations division :3

  • Finally thank you guys for doing this. The ones that came originally for the PS3 weren’t cutting it.

  • Hey is there any way that you could patch the app to allow the visualizer to work through a mic (headset, PSeye)? So listening to any music at a party would work… That would be awesome!!

  • So are we looking for add ons in the future? … Is this going to be like buying backgrounds for the ps3 …lol dancing girls of summer visuualizer theme in August payday 2 dancing gunners next month…lol

  • Hey James,
    Thanks for clarifying the questions in some previous posts…since I have enjoyed what Q-Games has offered in the past, you can count me in for 3 bucks! hope it helps “keep the lights on”!

  • Looks great, but I pretty much only listen to Pandora. If you could add the ability to visualize my Pandora feed, I’d be all over this!

  • Even though I probably won’t use it too much, I can’t help but throw one of my favorite devs three buckaroos. Anything that will keep you guys in business and making games is good enough for me.

    Might even hold off for two weeks to you guys a fiver. xD

  • 2.99$ are good to get this amazing enjoyment. At least i can pay for this because i want some new source that should be working, but please no fake dramas! Who deals with guaranteed and working setups. Canadians can trust on http:// www. MyChoiceVideo .com

  • Why can’t I find the App? Is it possible to download the app to a cd or dvd and then install it on the PS3? I have a very specific reason for asking a seemingly stupid question. Live overseas, yadda yadda. Would love to have this on my PS3.

  • Well, found it. Now I just need to figure out a way to download a the file to a thumdrive or soemthing and then put it on the PS3. Any idea’s?

  • I was really excited about this app – unfortunately, it doesn’t work with dlna sources or the cd drive. It only operates with music stored on the ps3 hdd. Total waste.

  • @James Mielke, please see what can be done to add DLNA support to the Visualizer. NO ONE I know stores their music on the PS3 HDD, nor should they as it is a complete waste of space and effort to copy and organize all your music on to the console. Also, the game appears to not respond to the official playstation 3 remote, I know it is a “game”, but this is music. Thanks.

  • I would like to chime in and agree with zod000 and drsiebling above.

    This app would be a lot more functional for a lot of us if it included DLNA support. I have nearly 400 GB of music stored on my network hard drive, and I have no music on my PS3. I stream everything, and prefer to keep it that way. I love the idea of this product, and it’s extremely impressive and a job well done, but for someone like me, I have my PS3 filled to the brim with games and no space to add music, which I have encoded at an extremely high bit rate, causing the file sizes to be quite large.

    DLNA support is a must for this! Please see what can be done! I own almost everything Pixeljunk has ever created but can’t see this being useful for me until the feature is added.

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