PS Mobile: Little Acorns Lands This Week

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PS Mobile: Little Acorns Lands This Week

PS Mobile Update 8-7-2013

Every Tuesday, there are new games, apps and updates added to PlayStation Mobile. Chillingo’s Little Acorns along with Thomas Hopper’s Shuttle Quest 2000 released this week. There are also updates to Hyper Reminder, Radiant Flux, and Word Blocked. There is also new DLC content being added to Penguin Party.

New Releases

Little Acorns on PS MobileLittle Acorns on PS Mobile

Little Acorns by Chillingo (EA Inc.) ($1.49 for full game, $1.49 for each in-app purchases)

Guide Mr. Nibbles the acorn-hoarding squirrel through a variety of levels in this charming platforming adventure. Collect the acorns scattered around each zone to stock up for winter. Featuring super simple controls, a variety of game mechanics with a cute and loveable look, Little Acorns is an adventure that is completely at home on PlayStation®Mobile

PS Mobile Update 8-7-2013 PS Mobile Update 8-7-2013

Shuttle Quest 2000 by Thomas Hopper (Free for demo, $4.49 for full game unlock)

As the pilot of the unique ‘Battle Shuttle’ join the fight against the evil General Xzarod and save the galaxy in this RETRO Action-RPG-Shooter!

  • Play the first chapter for free!
  • Battle in 30 story missions over six chapters
  • Fight 6 giant Megaship bosses
  • Collect or buy resources and use them to craft new items
  • Equip weapons and drones in one of 4.2 million combinations
  • Meet all sorts of characters on ‘Shuttle Station 8’
  • Play unlimited random missions with ‘Custom Flight Plans’
  • Hyper Reminder by retas ($2.79)
  • Word Blocked by Quirkat ($1.99)
  • Radiant Flux by Thomas Hopper ($0.99)
DLC Content Additions
  • Penguin Party by XMPTGames (Free, Circus Map pack – $1.49, Hats of Wearable Pack – New $0.99, Old $1.49)

PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Wikipad or Sony Xperia Z tablet, can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store for the same price.

Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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2 Author Replies

  • Little Acorns looks like it could be fun.

  • I love squirrels!

  • can we get Cytus sale? :D:DD

  • $1.50 I’ll pick it up

  • No. It’s NOT “right at home on Playstation Mobile,” Paul. You want to know why? The game, fairly simplistic and 2D, can’t even run at a steady 30fps! On the 3DS, by all accounts a far less powerful system, Little Acorns runs at a perfect 60fps, in both 2D and with 3D activated.

    How could PSM have so many performance issues? How do you expect us to get excited about PSM games when they are INCAPABLE of running well? Little Acorns should have been an absolute breeze to get running at 60fps, but no, instead we’re getting 20-30fps framerate.

  • anyone know why the ps forums dont work ps vita?

  • @5 You 1080p 60FPS guys are hilarious.

  • @FriedConsole. ARE YOU KIDDING? Please, tell me you are. A 2D platformer, especially one this simple, should be 60fps. This is established with 2D platformers. This is not a tech matter. This is a responsiveness issue. You’re acting like I’m talking about some graphics-intensive 3D game or something. Are you suggesting performance is not important? Are you saying we should be happy with sub-30fps performance in a 2D platformer on our high-tech handheld? Especially when it’s far less powerful rival runs the game at a perfect 60fps.

  • Any chance trophies are ever going to make it to PSM?

  • @5, OMG, as long as it controls well, who cares? I bought Little Acorns and there is no problem at all playing the game. Doesn’t WipEout 2048 run at 30fps? I had no issues playing that game either. 60fps is great, but not every single game needs it.

  • Updates
    Word Blocked by Quirkat ($1.99)

    Does that mean the game got a patch or something?

    • It does, I’m not exactly sure what the update is at this time. But yes, that’s what’s going on there.

  • I’m aware there are limitations to this, but I kinda wish ps mobile was available for laptops/pc as well.

  • Nice looking game though.

  • When problems overwhelm us and sadness smothers us, where do we find the will and the courage to continue? The answer may come from the caring voice of a friend, a chance encounter with a book, or from a personal faith. For Janet, help came from her faith, but it also came from a squirrel. Shortly after her divorce, Janet lost her father. Then she lost her job. She had mounting money problems. But Janet not only survived, she worked her way out of despondency and now she says “Life is good again.” How could this happen? She told me late one Autumn day when she was at her lowest, she watched a squirrel storing up nuts for the winter. One at a time, he would take them to the nest. She thought, “If that squirrel can take care of himself with a harsh winter coming on, so can I.” Once I broke my problems into small pieces I was able to carry them, just like those acorns, one at a time.

  • PS Mobile always have to check online when you launch or are playing the games on PS Vita?
    If yes, the game looks fun but I’ll not buy it…

  • Seems like a good game just with the PS mobile games had trophies DooD.

  • The update for Word Blocked fixes a crash bug in the “Relaxed” game mode

  • PS Mobile should fuse into the PS APP SONY is releasing when the PS4 hits.

  • @vanwinkle

    Are you goofy or something? Playstation Mobile is not only on PSVita? And yes, I chose goofy because no other word I would use to explain you is appropriate on these forums.

    There are other devices they have to keep in mind, like the ANDROID ones that have the playstation mobile app. No, not all of them can possibly have 60fps.

    IF this were a PSVITA game then I would agree that it DOES make a difference. That not being the case, you sir /ma’am are a FOOL.


  • I’m sure that should be ‘Shuttle Quest 2000’ and not ‘Space Quest 2000’.

  • Oh, dead on arrival PS Mobile again.
    Sony needs to improve minis service, add trophies, leader-boards instead of wasting time on PSM.

  • I’d be interested in this more than the zero I’m interested in it now if it had trophies. Its not just me either. Even just a few bronzes. Same reason I’d never pay for minis. I’m not that obsessed with trophies but playing a game without them just doesn’t seem right anymore.

  • it’ll be more fun if it had trophies… yet I love squirrels

  • PLEASE RELEASE MORE, sorry I just had to say it let the INDIE WARS begin.

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