PlayStation Home Releases Second Floor of Diamond Beach Mansion

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PlayStation Home Releases Second Floor of Diamond Beach Mansion
Diamond Beach Mansion – Second Floor

You already own the beautiful First Floor now the opulence continues with the Second Floor. Roam the spacious upstairs of the Mansion including the Master Bedroom, walk-in closet, Master Bath, Theater and check out the gorgeous view from the balcony. As always the second floor comes with a plethora of items to help you deck out you pad.

If you already own the Diamond Beach Mansion: First Floor, you will be entitled to purchase the Second Floor at a Discount! As an added bonus, moguls who buy the Second Floor within the first ten days of release will receive an exclusive item bundle. What are you waiting for? Your dream life awaits in the Diamond Beach Mansion!

VEEMEE Summer Sale – Age of Swords

The VEEMEE Summer Sale turns its attention to Age of Swords this week. Get all 4 male costumes and 2 female costumes at a huge discount with the Age of Swords – Outfit Bundle. Or get all 6 costumes, 21 furniture items and the Wolfhound companion for a massive discount in the amazing Age of Swords – Mega Bundle.

VEEMEE B-Movie Madness

Join us this week with a very creepy addition to PlayStation Home. VEEMEE’s B Movie Madness brings the horror of cinema with the addition of vampires, wolves and zombie costumes for both men and women. Each costume has a number of various parts so pick up the entire set or be creative and mix and match. Take the time to check out these B Movie horror costumes, we assure you it won’t be in “vein” and they certainly won’t come back to haunt you!

PlayStation Home Update 8-7-2013

VEEMEE Updates – Wrangler, MyGym, and BMX

This week VEEMEE is proud to present five brand new BMX locomotion items for you in PlayStation Home. Each bike comes with a different trick for you to perform. Sick! Or, get yourself in shape with VEEMEE’s all new MyGym equipment. Each piece of equipment has a rhythm based mini game that allows you to earn points and level up. Each level up rewards you with 30 MyGym Tokens that can be spent in the MyGym store. Then you can look stylish in the Spencer Safari Khaki Jeans for men or alternatively expose your shoulders to that summer sun with the Allie Tank Top for women. Great new clothing developed by VEEMEE and available on PlayStation Home.

PlayStation Home Update 8-7-2013

nDreams V-swimsuits and Apartment Androids

Be sure to pick up one of nDreams’ new V-swimsuits, and then hit the beach. Or, if you’re more interested in staying indoors, the Apartment Androids are here to help solve that problem. They will talk to you, react to your mood as well as any gestures you do towards them. A perfect talking point when visitors are at your apartment and they come in three different personality types; friendly, quirky and flirty!

PlayStation Home Update 8-7-2013

Hellfire Moodies

Express yourself with the new Moodies series from Hellfire Games! Change your status to Happy, Sad, Angry, or Confused to show off over 16 custom animations based on your avatar’s mood with the Moodies Moves pack, and float on cloud nine with your own personal Mood Cloud that transforms to fit any mood! Check out Moodies Moves and the Mood Cloud in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime this week.

PlayStation Home Update 8-7-2013

Wacky Walks

Walk around Home in ways you’ve never been able to before. Wacky Walks are available separately or in a bundle. Bear crawl, tumble, glitch, or hand walk your way around town with these new LMOs

PlayStation Home Update 8-7-2013

Lockwood Wellies

You may live in a part of the world where festivals mean good weather; where blue skies and warm evenings are guaranteed. But Lockwood HQ’s in the UK, where a rainstorm’s never far away. That’s why Lockwood created the perfect festival footwear – fashion wellies! Available in several colors in the store and Gift Machine, keep festival mud at bay without putting a dampener on your outfit.

PlayStation Home Update 8-7-2013

Granzella Tanabata Swimwear

The Tanabata Starry Sky Bikini and Brief Sets have arrived! A starlit sky pattern sparkles and shimmers on these swimsuits. The men’s swim briefs are a snug fit for the body and the women’s neck strap type bikini has a pareo attached. For both men and women a bracelet with small stars attached is included in this 2-piece set. Available in red and purple, cyan, and black and green. In addition, like the Celestial Costume, you can enjoy the limited time Tanabata flight in this swimsuit! The flight game can continue to be enjoyed in the Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat after the Tanabata event.

X7 VIP Update

VEEMEE debuts their MyBathroom, Billabong, Street Style and Cats updates in x7 this week. Also swing by the club to check out LOOT’s Dr. Who update, and nDreams’ Harajuku fashion offerings.

This week’s update adds some amazing new content to fan-favorite lines, while bringing in some fresh, new content. Be sure to jump into Home and check everything out. Then return here and hop into the comments to let us know what you think! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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