Tales of Xillia Out Today, Exclusive to PS3

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Tales of Xillia Out Today, Exclusive to PS3

Hello PlayStation.Blog readers! I have great news to tell you all: Tales of Xillia is now available exclusively for PS3 in North America, both at retail and digitally on PlayStation Store.

Do you like adventure, over-worlds, mana, warring nations, great spirits, lesser spirits, upgradable shops, real-time battles, lovable characters, and huge bosses? Tales of Xillia has all those things, and more! Do you start to involuntarily shake with giddiness at the mere mention of a wyvern? Buddy, you better sit down, because we’ve got MULTIPLE WYVERNS!

Not only that, but Tales of Xillia also has two main protagonists. On one side we have Jude Mathis, a bright medical student attending the university in the capital city of Fennmont. On the other side you have Milla Maxwell, a mysterious woman who travels with four spirits and will stop at nothing to accomplish her mission. You get to choose whose side of the story you want to see, complete with unique cutscenes and events complementing each campaign.

Fortunately, both heroes give you access to the thrilling new battle system powering combat in Tales of Xillia. As with past Tales of games, enemy encounters in Tales of Xillia happen in real time. You have direct control over your character and their attacks, along with swapping out party members mid-battle and switching between fighters on the fly.

Tales of Xillia on PS3Tales of Xillia on PS3

New to the series is the linking aspect of the battle system. You can link together with another party member who can provide support actions and special linked artes attacks. Knowing which party member will provide a specific support action or linked arte is a crucial tactic to take advantage of in desperate situations.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what Tales of Xillia has to offer! It’s a massive adventure with a diverse cast of characters, beautiful locations bursting with color, and an incredible battle system that goes well beyond traditional JRPGs. And if you enjoy Tales of Xillia, be sure to keep an eye out for its sequel, Tales of Xillia 2, as well as Tales of Symphonia Chronicles — both scheduled to arrive on PS3 next year.

Tales of Xillia on PS3

And one more thing: be sure to check out PlayStation’s Twitter account. The fine folks there will be giving away a bunch of downloadable game codes for Tales of Xillia this week to lucky fans!

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  • Waiting for the update …

  • what time does the store update ?

  • languages ? only english or french

  • Namco, all we want is Vesperia PS3 here in America. =( I’m looking forward to Xillia, Xillia 2, and Symphonia HD, but c’mon D:

  • Looks interesting indeed. But yeah, I want those HD remasters and Vesperia.

  • this game is awesome ;D i’ve missed jrpg’s

  • Already picked up my CE. Thanks! Bring over Vesperia!

  • Oh my goodness! Between this, Ni No Kuni, FFX/X-2 HD, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD, I’m not sure we’ve had this good a RPG year in a while. Thank you for bring this over. I hope to pick up my collector’s edition when Gamestop opens!

  • Looking forward to buying this and Dragons Crown today. If not I will buy a new Vita. I have been playing Tales of Xillia 2 recently and it is awesome.

  • My wallet is ready now. I’ll buy it on Hour 1 (not Day 1). Update ASAP please. I wish I could buy it now and make PS3 download it when I go to work, and play it when I’m back home. Too bad they don’t make this game download automatically. I’ll have to wait till Thursday to finish downloading.

    Namco, you should focus more on Tales fans in Western (or at least some non Japanese fans who don’t familiar with Japanese). We need all the Tales series (from the past series to the future) arrive PS3 or PS4, a perfect platform for RPG fans. Please don’t make the localisation too late like this, we have to wait 2 years to play it in English.

  • Update? It is already tomorrow her in the Philippines.

  • Come on people everyone knows the Store updates whenever Grace Chen feels like it.
    Just check back by Thursday.

  • Perfect timing i am in mood for good JPRG

  • @12, I know. Still need it though…

  • Grabbing this the moment its out! Thank you Namco! How about a PSN release of Vesperia? Or the Tales Vita games – either of them. I do hope that your subsidiary D3 are at least going to give us God Eater 2. Anyway, will be playing this tonight. Keep those localizations coming. FF really dropped the ball this gen, its time for a new contender to step in and take the JRPG crown.

  • My Copy should be arriving here at my desk at work shortly :-D so excited.

  • Still waiting on Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R. The Vita is seriously lacking in games in the west (and thus why it’s not selling), why not localize these?

  • I just got my Collector’s Edition this morning! Can’t wait to start playing later today.

    Quick question though, is there going to be any DLC? Costumes, weapons, etc…?

  • Pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition! I cannot wait! Bring it on! My body is ready! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • So need to find the time to get this game! Love me some Tales of games since the very first one!

  • My DLC code is not working. :( BTW it is case sensitive.

  • My game is out for delivery!

  • Cant wait. Namco we also want Tales of Innocence R Vita here on the west, thanks!!

  • Already have it paid for.. and I’m going to pick it up after work! :)

  • Update already !!

  • I’ve been avoiding any trailers or previews of this game because I want to be completely surprised when I play it, but I watched just this one, and wow, the animated cutscenes look so much crisper than the ones in Tales of Graces f (loved that game BTW). My collector’s edition will be here Friday and I’m on vacation starting Friday! I cannot wait! Thank you so much Namco!

  • I wonder if I’d like this game. I always look at JRPGS and like their visual presentation and story, but I simply CANNOT STAND menu based combat. Especially when the action gets transported to a “battle location” instead of happening where my character actually is. It just breaks my immersion completely.

    Is the combat in real time? As in, I REALLY control my character directly? Does it happen in the same place where the character was previously or transports everyone to a “battlefield”?

  • will the digital version come with the preorder bonuses the physical had?

  • I am looking forward to seen, what US store is getting of DLC for Tales of Xillia, since it most likely will be the same EU is getting :)

  • Note to Sony (and all related publishers, including Namco): You should really consider putting up the CE/pre-order bonuses for your games a week before its launch.

    In other words, the LE/CE edition vouchers aren’t valid until the Store updates. :(

  • @27: Real-time but in a battlefield. That trailer above is awful. Check out gameplay footage on YouTube.

  • @29 There is DLC; it’s in the Limited/Collector’s Editions. As for when that DLC will be available to everyone else (as well as any other DLC), I don’t know.

  • Told myself I wouldn’t buy any other game besides the 2 Batman games later this year so I could save up as much as possible for the PS4 launch……..
    Well, that idea went out the window.
    Can’t wait to get home from work tonight and start playing.

  • I am new to this series, having just finished Tales of Graces f, and loved it. Picking up my pre-ordered copy of Tales of Xillia in a couple hours so will be starting it tonight!!!

  • Yay exclusive!

  • I already picked up my Tales of Xillia collectors edition today. Now we need Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R to come to North America for PS Vita.

  • Waiting for my pre-ordered copy of the game, I’ve been waiting two years for the game and I can’t wait any more. Thanks for bringing the game to this side of the world Namco.

  • Got the delivery notification yesterday for my collectors edition, should be arriving today! Pumped!!! Thanks for localizing this in NA. Really appreciate it sooooo much!!

  • Thanks for making this digital on psn, for those of us whose ps3 stopped reading disks.

    But i’m curious why you guys at Namco choose not to give NA gamers the option to preorder the gamne digitally, despite EU having that option? It kinda sucks that i will be paying the full $60 for the digital version but won’t get any of the bonuses like the preorder costume or the ps3 theme. :(

  • 2 years later…

  • Really good game so far! Everyone should give it a try!

  • Haven’t played it yet, but I have two Collector’s Editions sitting here under my computer desk. :)

  • Also can not wait for Symphonia HD collection next year. It was not only my first Tales game but one of my earliest jrpg experiences. I cannot wait to relive it again, with better graphics and more importantly trophies!!
    The sequel to Symphonia is a travesty though. I hated it when i first played it but maybe going back to it again i may appreciate it more.
    I’ve purposely have been avoiding all trailers and articles detailing Xillia 2. I’m afraid of it spoiling anything about the first game. All i can say for sure is that i will definetly get it next year if i’m not too busy with my ps4.

  • My copy is on it’s way! Man, I can’t wait to play this! Thanks for localizing Tales of Xillia and Xillia 2, Namco!

  • Just waiting the store update…

  • Oh, hey. I took my picture with that person during the E3 Home event. Hello, anime person I took my picture with!

  • i got the day one edition that comes with the soundtrack & art book YAAAY ;D loving this game so far

  • Gah! I must finish Tales of Graces f before I open the limited edition Xilia. Thanks for bringing this of NamBan!

  • Hurry and update it !!!

  • I love Tales games thank you very much!

    I picked up my CE copy this morning at 9:30ish.

    But can you please let us redeem the CE DLC codes already? I’ve had the game for hours and I don’t feel like playing because the experience would be incomplete (even though the DLC isn’t really necessary).

    Thanks for bringing us Tales games!

    Now get them codes workin’ :)

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