Soul Sacrifice on Vita Gets Eight Free Quests and New Boss DLC

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Soul Sacrifice on Vita Gets Eight Free Quests and New Boss DLC

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the free Soul Sacrifice episode “Heretic Savior,” and the new map “Luna Wastes,” that we released on July 23rd via patch 1.20! If you haven’t downloaded that content yet, please update your game to version 1.20 from the LiveArea.

There’s no need to download unlock keys from PlayStation Store to start playing this episode. After installing the update, simply go to Read Journal > Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Fellow Sorcerers > Heretic Savior to play the episode. Download now and find out more about the secret society “Sanctuarium,” and its member “Sympatha!”

Soul Sacrifice: Luna

But we’re excited to announce that there will be eight more quests and two new boss characters — “Cat Sith” and “Beelzebub” — added today! For this content, be sure to download the free unlock key after the PlayStation Store updates to play these quests.

To access them, go to Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Avalon Pacts > Forgotten Pact > Hour of Cypress. Game progress to a certain point may be required.

Read the back stories of the two new bosses below, and be prepared for some fierce battles!

Cat SithBeelzebub

Soul Sacrifice: Luna

About the Cat Sith
There once was a small kingdom, and in it lived a mischievous prince. He was the apple of his parents’ eye; he was afforded every luxury. The prince, however, felt nothing but pressure from their lavish attention. He took every chance to slip away from the castle and down into the city.

The city folk knew his face well, though, so it was never long before he was discovered and whisked back home. On one such day, the prince was walking the city’s back alleys when he found a small kitten. From that day on, the prince kept the cat in secret. He envied the kitten. It lived a free life, one that the boy so longed for…

About the Beelzebub
Once there lived an aristocrat of exceptional pride. He left all but the most important matters of his daily life to his servants. “How ought a man of my station be expected to perform such menial tasks?” Such was ever his refrain. But that opulent life would not last forever.

Struck barren by disaster, the fields of his lands produced no grain, nor could his people pay their taxes. The aristocrat was ruined. The fallen noble’s manor soon fell in turn, degrading into a mountain of rubbish. A den of flies. Perhaps due to this squalor, the aristocrat took ill. Still the same refrain continued. “Someone bring me medicine. Someone fetch the finest doctor in the land.” The man’s pride would soon be the death of him…

More to Come!
After these quests and boss characters, there will be more new content added throughout the summer (exact dates subject to change)!

  • August 20th: “ The Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master”
  • September 3rd: “The Iron Lady’s Tears of Red”
  • September 17th: ” The Fall of the Gods”

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