Soul Sacrifice on Vita Gets Eight Free Quests and New Boss DLC

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Soul Sacrifice on Vita Gets Eight Free Quests and New Boss DLC

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the free Soul Sacrifice episode “Heretic Savior,” and the new map “Luna Wastes,” that we released on July 23rd via patch 1.20! If you haven’t downloaded that content yet, please update your game to version 1.20 from the LiveArea.

There’s no need to download unlock keys from PlayStation Store to start playing this episode. After installing the update, simply go to Read Journal > Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Fellow Sorcerers > Heretic Savior to play the episode. Download now and find out more about the secret society “Sanctuarium,” and its member “Sympatha!”

Soul Sacrifice: Luna

But we’re excited to announce that there will be eight more quests and two new boss characters — “Cat Sith” and “Beelzebub” — added today! For this content, be sure to download the free unlock key after the PlayStation Store updates to play these quests.

To access them, go to Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Avalon Pacts > Forgotten Pact > Hour of Cypress. Game progress to a certain point may be required.

Read the back stories of the two new bosses below, and be prepared for some fierce battles!

Cat SithBeelzebub

Soul Sacrifice: Luna

About the Cat Sith
There once was a small kingdom, and in it lived a mischievous prince. He was the apple of his parents’ eye; he was afforded every luxury. The prince, however, felt nothing but pressure from their lavish attention. He took every chance to slip away from the castle and down into the city.

The city folk knew his face well, though, so it was never long before he was discovered and whisked back home. On one such day, the prince was walking the city’s back alleys when he found a small kitten. From that day on, the prince kept the cat in secret. He envied the kitten. It lived a free life, one that the boy so longed for…

About the Beelzebub
Once there lived an aristocrat of exceptional pride. He left all but the most important matters of his daily life to his servants. “How ought a man of my station be expected to perform such menial tasks?” Such was ever his refrain. But that opulent life would not last forever.

Struck barren by disaster, the fields of his lands produced no grain, nor could his people pay their taxes. The aristocrat was ruined. The fallen noble’s manor soon fell in turn, degrading into a mountain of rubbish. A den of flies. Perhaps due to this squalor, the aristocrat took ill. Still the same refrain continued. “Someone bring me medicine. Someone fetch the finest doctor in the land.” The man’s pride would soon be the death of him…

More to Come!
After these quests and boss characters, there will be more new content added throughout the summer (exact dates subject to change)!

  • August 20th: “ The Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master”
  • September 3rd: “The Iron Lady’s Tears of Red”
  • September 17th: ” The Fall of the Gods”

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  • Mmmmm so much content….

  • Just picked this game up a couple of days ago. Really enjoying it! It’s nice to see it getting updates and support still!

  • Sweet. I need to go back and finish this game. This might just give me the push I need.

  • Let’s hope it’s not the only good thing we get for Vita in this update.

  • I’ve had this since release but got sucked into Dragon Fantasy then back into Persona 4. P4 is done now, I really should give SS a good go now. Are there still people playing online?

  • Wow thanks for even more more DLC guys! And added thanks for still keeping it free!

  • I love soul sacrifice!!!
    Thanks for the dlc

  • I love this game! Extraordinary support for the title. I’ve never seen anything like it. I hope that this bodes well for SS2!!!

  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh…

    It Does Not Matter How Much DLC You Put Out For This Game, It Is Still An Over-Hyped, Tedious To Play And BOREING In RePlay Value Game That I Wasted My Money On. I Had Such High-Fantasys About Soul Sacrifice, And When I Finally Got It… I Played It And I Was All Like ” Is THIS It???”

    I Guess I Was Expecting More Of A Phantasy Star Online/Portable Type Of Game With An Abundance Of Customization And GamePlay Options… You Know, A Game That I Could Enjoy Playing For 100 Hrs ++++ And Not Get Sick Of.

    Really. Soul Sacrifice Is One Of The Most DisAppointing Games To Come Out For The Vita. AND IT IS STILL BEING HYPED AS SOMETHING INCREDIBLEY FUN!!!! Yeeaaaahooo….

    Hey, SEGA… When Are You Releaseing Phantasy Star OnLine 2 For The Gaikokujin??? I Think EveryBody Needs A Game LIKE THAT.

  • I have loved this game since day one and put over 130 hours into it. Thanks to this dlc, I may never see the light of day again. Truely and epic game and the online multi player is awesome! Can’t wait for Soul sacrifice 2!!! You guys did a great job on making this game and I have enjoyed every second of it. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to download this new dlc! Any chance of more story mode dlc?


  • When are you guys going to turn on Whispers for North America? Is there a plan to ever do that?

  • New DLC today and you posted a schedule of more to come? Stop, this is too generous. I’ve already played too many hours, gotten killed too many times. Every time I think I’m out, you drag me back again!!!

  • A new “fellow sorcerers” questline? That’s very exciting!

    Don’t listen to trolls like comment #9, this is a very immersive and rewarding game.

  • Finally, a blog post about the new DLC! Been getting them regardless, question though; Any plans on making any new trophies available due to all the (large amounts of) DLC that’s been available for this game? ;)

  • so awesome. Thanks for your continued support with free content! You could easily pull a Capcom and charge for all this, but its heartening to see a developer who enjoys supporting their fans and consumers :)

  • Are we still getting the gods of soul sacrifice DLC?

    Also any plans on doing a art book for the game Yuasa?

  • Sweet! Thanks!

  • Oh thanks, I think you took to long to release this, but, here it is, and we also get the date of the following DLC! Yeah!

    BTW, after all this free DLC, we’ll get some paid DLC with even more bosses, quests, rainments, grunts…?

    Best PS Vita game! ^^

  • still waiting for a price drop before i get this game.

  • Sad to say I ended up selling my copy. Played the game for 130hrs of pure fun but eventually once you get high enough it comes down to spamming arrows at bosses. Sure you could challenge yourself and use all melee and such but it’s pretty pointless when arrows do much more damage. If the damage was toned down to allow melee spells the most significant impact and arrows be more for divine/healer/trap types it’d be great and I might pick it up again if that ever happens.

    Oh and for #9, did you even play the demo? That’s a pretty good explanation of what the game is and if you did indeed play it, disliked it and bought the game that’s your fault..

    P.S. Your post is like a roller coaster ride of random capitalization nauseousness.

  • I really should start playing again – never beat it.

    Of course my copy of Dragon’s Crown will be arriving this week, so that seems unlikely. lol

  • Wish this sold more.. crazy how all dlc is free

  • In the list of reasons to buy a PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice is reason number one.

  • love this game, i also love sacrificing my teamates when theyre knocked down hahahaa love it but seriously best game love it kumi <3

  • Incredible dlcs!!! and content too.I love this game since it was announced in 2012!!Keep it on Keiji Inafune!!


    We should of had this last week.

    Hope we don’t have to wait 3 weeks for the Leprechaun and Incubus.

    At least there will be more players online for a couple of nights.

  • I love Soul Sacrifice its so much better than MH =)

  • All these free quests, I can’t hold them all.

  • This is great news – always nice to see new content.

    Get your Portable ID!

  • so glad I got this on Day One :D

  • way to earn loyalty

    Will sure get any new game coming from this group

  • Man… so much to play. Love this game. Hundeds of hours put into it. Thanks for the Support.

  • @Roll_Chan hold on now, I love Soul Sacrifice, but I also loves me some Monster Hunter (just look at that beautiful avatar). Don’t make me choose between my children!

  • This game should have a PS3 version too, I would buy it again without any problems *___*

    think about it

  • I have yet to pick it up sadly, but that is far more support for the game that I was expecting.

  • I platinumed the game a while ago; but these new bosses look fantastic! I might’ve to go back.

  • Ok, that’s it. I will have to buy this game as there is too much cool stuff as free DLC!

  • Best game ever to spend money on. And worth every buck.

  • Lovin it! Thanks!!

  • Someone keeps forgetting to tag Vita related posts, even ones that are 100% Vita related like this!

  • Say what this is da best, keep giving out the dlc, but seriously dlc with more trophies yes DooD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for all the content. :D

    This is one of my favorite games on the PS Vita. I really hope we get a sequel to this and Gravity Rush.

  • Awesome stuff! Thank you very much for your commitment to localize all the DLC for this game! Even more so since its free. I look forward to the rest of it, and when the additional pay for DLC chapters eventually launch I will definitely be buying them! Keep up the great work!


    Congratulations developers! You keep their promises, and are doing much more for the happiness of all PS Vita owners!

  • Capcom is disgusted at the free content. =P

    This is awesome. Haven’t played the game in quite awhile but will start again to try out this content when I can.

  • SWEET! THANKS!!!!!!!! LOVE U GUYS! Send my regards to Keiji!!!

  • Even more content! Awesome! I already love the game, and I’m glad to see it’s still being supported.

  • If anyone wants to play just add me.I work 2-9 so anything before 12 am and 11am would be the best time for me.

  • I am really hoping for a graphics fix.I really hate the filtering used it makes things look like Ps1 games.I rather have them blurry.I know the Vita can do better then that.

  • Thx again for free DLC. Game isn’t perfect but it’s definitely worth it. I’m currently still playing the game today. New fellow sorcerers would be cool. Looking forward to a huge DLC pack.

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