Ibb & Obb Tag-Team PSN Today

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Ibb & Obb Tag-Team PSN Today

In October, we introduced you to ibb & obb. Today it launches exclusively on PSN as part of PlayStation Store PLAY.

Four years ago, we founded Sparpweed with the intention to make our two-player, double-gravity prototype into a full game. We teamed up with Codeglue for the development and started production.

The game wouldn’t be the same without Kettel’s warm melodies and Tomasz Kaye’s lentil centric sound effects. Five guest artists decorated the secret levels and many others helped in all kinds of ways. PlayStation showed a lot of commitment and patience, and guided us through the whole process. Thank you all!

ibb & obb on PS3ibb & obb on PS3

From day one we built the design around the interaction between the two players. ibb & obb is all about the joy of exploring a new world and solving puzzles together.

I hope many of you will enjoy playing ibb & obb at home with a friend, brother, sister, parent, significant other, grandchild or online with a random gamer or PSN friend. When playing online, you can discuss your strategies through voice chat. Or if you don’t feel like talking, you can use the right stick to draw trails and sketch out your intentions.

ibb & obb on PS3

The demo is free and will give you a good idea of what the game is all about. Find a comfortable couch, grab a friend and give it a go.

Pick up ibb & obb today for $9.99, and remember: you’ll get bonus PSN cash vouchers if you pre-order or buy multiple PlayStation Store PLAY games!

If you have questions about the game or its development, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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  • Looks pretty…so many games to play…You should stream this to my vita. :P

  • Looks cool. When might that store update be ;-)

  • PS Vita version, please! I’ve pre-ordered this, but these type of games should be on PS Vita ='(.

  • The art style looks amazing and my friend and I have a play session scheduled for tonight to play this game. I have a question how long is the game roughly?

    • Thanks. Playing through all normal levels should set you back 5 or 6 hours. But this really depends on how fast you are at solving the puzzles. If you find the secret levels and want to take on their devilish challenges, you might be busy quite a bit longer.

  • Thanks for also releasing a demo. This definitely looks like a cool co-op experience, but I’m glad you guys also gave us the chance to try before we buy.

    • Sure, I believe trying before you buy makes sense. I don’t want people to buy the game if they end up not enjoying it. Too many great games coming out and you can only spend your money once. Have fun.

  • Platinum trophy?

  • so looking forward to this. art is amazing. love me some coop games i can enjoy with my wife. thank you guys at sparpweed.

  • Very intersting game, I will download the demo.
    Just one question, is this a Co-Op game only?

    • I’d say it’s co-op only. We designed the game purely for the two player co-op experience. You can play locally or online.

      That said, we have included a single player option, but this is only for those who want to test their multitasking skills to the max. We consider it a bonus mode.

  • In case you miss:

    Accoring to Codeglue (via twitter) will have PlayStation Home Rewards.

    That good news for Home users that miss lots of game-related content

  • Pre-orderd mine a while ago. This game looks great for the wife and I to play together. And it releases on my birthday! yay!

  • @9 , the blogcast last week talked about the game and said that it can be played single player but it’s not very fun that way and a lot harder to get anywhere , recommended for co-op only .

    • We agree with that. We made it for two players. Make sure to bring a friend or match up online.

      We did play the game a lot in single player ourselves while building the levels and testing the game. After a while you become quite skilled at this and it becomes an interesting challenge that will give your brains a decent workout. We added it for those who want to try that too.

  • PSVita ver. please!!! from Tokyo!

  • This little game looks SICK! If I buy two copies online is there a way I could give one to my friend? or they are attached to my psn account?

    The problem is that he lives in other country and is really hard for him to get us$ and there are no 10$ PSN cards.

  • @14 , games are locked to your account , they can’t be shared or gifted , your friend has to buy it on his account ( if the game is available in his country or he has a u,s account )
    the only way to ” gift ” a psn game is buy him a psn card and send the code to him via psn or e-mail , he can redeem the code and buy the game
    I do that all the time , a few months ago I got a one year plus membership and a $50 card for a friends birthday and sent the codes to him on psn , he redeemed the codes and got plus and money for games as a gift – easy peasy

  • @fleabagy2k

    If he has a US account just buy a $20 code download off amazon. It emails from anywhere within minutes to a few hours. They unfortunately don’t have $10 code download so $20 or $50 are the only options.

  • The whole multi-tasking aspect has me so psyched! I’ve had money in my wallet for months and now I have something to use it on!

  • why does it still say to preorder it if it came out today?

    • Hi, the game will be activated as soon as the PSN Store updates. Likely that’s later in the afternoon if you’re in the US region.

  • it wont let me download it.

  • can you play this game by yourself?

    • Like JimmyHACK mentioned. There is a single player option where you control both characters simultaneously using both analogue sticks. This is super hard.

      The game is for you if you’re looking for something to play with a friend. There is a free demo so you could try that out and see if you like it.

  • @ LosTxHopE You have to wait for the store to actually update. It’s usually an afternoon update. No set time.

    @ kericowe There is single player option but it is more a bonus and crazy hard. Game is meant for co-op. Local or online.

  • @JimmyHACK oh okay, thank you. im just really excited for the game lol

  • Does the online co-op support voice chat? I know, silly question, but you have to ask it cause there are some games that don’t still. Being teamwork based game I would assume it supports voice.

  • @24 “When playing online, you can discuss your strategies through voice chat.” Yes it does…

    I’ve got to say this game looks totally wild and fresh. Even just watching the video was a delight so I’m sure it’ll be awesome to play.

  • Thanks guys. I missed it in post eventhough my whole purpose of reading the post was to look for that info.

  • Help! I’m trying to preorder the game right now before the store updates, but I am getting an error both on the PS3 Store and on Sony’s web store. HELP?!?

  • It says, “You are not eligible to purchase or download this content.”

  • It’s been a while since I obsessively refreshed the blog in search of the “Playstation Store Update”. Hurry up Ibb and Obb!!!!!

  • Funny,online,voice chat support, It’s getting better and better =D can’t wait to play it.
    Awesome work and awesome game guys,

  • This game looks really great but i’d rather play this on my vita. I’ll buy it if/when it comes out? Do you happen to know if its gonna be released on vita?

  • I really hope you guys bring this over to the Vita and make it Cross-Buy :D

  • Just got finishing installing! Thanks Richard, and best of luck with the sales and such.

  • I’m looking forward to this game…thanks for releasing a demo…I really want to try it first…being only co-op means that me and my brother will have lots of fun with it.If I like…I may buy it later when I add credit to my wallet.

  • @ Richard Boeser in response to 21

    Man thats awesome…I didn’t know about being able to play alone controlling both characters….looks very challenging…now I’m even more excited…thanks for sharing that.

  • i cant waittt to play this with the A.I , i hope the A.I is just as smart.

  • nvm i just read the comments. sounds like itl get frustrating in single player controlling both chars. i must say i give you guys much credid for atleasttt adding the single play option. im a single player typa guy.

  • Another perfect game to play on PSVita… and…



  • WARNING!! This game is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuyyyyy too HARD definately not for the casuals,i delete it off my hard drive after 45 mins stuck on third level. Definately not for the casual players and i play tons of indies just look at my profile for proof.

    • Sorry to hear that. Did you play this single player, because that gets really hard.
      Playing with two makes the challenges a lot easier, though the puzzles will gradually become more and more challenging.

  • UNREALGOD , that not kool.

  • UNREALGOD is being UNREAL. This game exceeded my extremely high expectations. Ibb & Obb is a swell treat if you are looking for a casual co-op experience. I was playing with the Wifey, and if a part was tricky she could just hop on top (or below) me and go along for the ride.

    If you like co-op games….buy this. For REAL.

  • just tried the demo and i did not find the single player experience hard at all. beat the demo with out a sweat. eather im super talented or it gets harder beyond the demo for solo play.

    • The game does grow more difficult after the demo part. If you want to play it single player it’ll get really hard. Some found that frustrating. We designed it as a two player co-op experience. The single player should be looked at as a crazy bonus mode. We highly recommend to try it with a friend : )

  • After installing the game my trophies don’t seem to sink as well as to other buddies of mine are having the same problem
    It keep setting my trophies to off-line when I don’t wanted that way. we need help please respond :-(

  • Played this game yesterday with my 7 year old daughter. We got about halfway through before getting stuck on a puzzle. We’ll have to give it a go again . Great game!

  • Single player is really interesting. Tough for me to separate my up/down, left/right but once I could remember which character was which stick it became more natural (red is right! lime left!). I would LOVE to see a patch that allowed R1 & L1 to be used for jumping. That was what I had the most trouble with, using the stick to jump is really… not comfortable…

  • By the way the game is an amazing game in co-op and single player but in single player I find it extremely fun because it tests your motor function and mind skills :-)
    And yeah it’s fixed thanks

  • you guys did a great job I give this game two thumbs up
    And if I’m able to beat the single player mode I want the Golden banana award for being one smart chimp

  • Pre-ordered a couple weeks ago, downloaded it last tuesday when the store updated.

    Now I’m just waiting for the weekend to play in co-op with my brother!

    Congrats at the people at Sparpweed! Glad to support games likes this! :)

  • I redownloaded this game after seleting it cause it was so hard,anyway i did not want to turn fans off by my earlier comment on the game,i just didn’t have enough time to get indepth with it.anyway the game is sefinately good i gave it another go and i passe the third level playing coop,i must admit it is challenging when playing alone but i had hella fun once i got into coop mode.the game is worth checking out though if u guys are up for the challenge.p.s i delete game to blow off steam when i get frustrated then redownload once i cool off i hope i did not misrepresent the game by doing so,my sincere apologizes for the developers who worked hard on the game.its just my way of blowing off a little steam i did the same thing with the game demon souls lol!

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