Happy Birthday Sound Shapes!

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Happy Birthday Sound Shapes!

Happy Birthday Sound Shapes!

We’re celebrating a big birthday this week – Sound Shapes turns one! At the age when we were wearing diapers and barely crawling, our strange musical platformer has been out in the real world making things happen.

First he came back with some good reviews, then a bunch of awards, and now he’s hanging out with thousands of friends making levels. Who knew our little game would be so driven? As parents, it’s real nice to see.

During this birthday week we have lots going on, and you’re invited to the festivities. Have a look.

Creator Contest

We’re holding a level design/jam competition. To participate, create and upload a level highlighting what you love about Sound Shapes and hashtag the title with #BDay. Upload your level by August 19th, 2013. Winners will be announced soon with the launch of the next Milkcrate.

The top six creators will receive a signed, screen printed Sound Shapes poster and will be included in a special 1 Year Anniversary Milkcrate album which will be a permanent part of the Sound Shapes community.

No purchase necessary. Must be 13 years of age or over and a US resident to enter. See the full rules here.

Happy Birthday Sound Shapes!

Birthday Sale

If you haven’t tried Sound Shapes yet, now’s the perfect time! Starting when PlayStation Store updates later today, and running for the next week (until August 13th, 2013) the game will be 50% off! It’s also Cross Buy, so when you buy it for either PS3 or PS Vita you’ll get the game for both platforms automatically. If you already own Sound Shapes we have something for you too: the DLC is 50% off, and all the avatars are free for the duration of the sale.

A Free Gift For You

If you’re a fan of Sound Shapes (or just want some free stuff) click here to go to a special PlayStation Community thread, post your thoughts or birthday wishes, and get the Car Mini-Album & Entity Pack for free! You’ll need to post by Monday, August 12th 11:59pm PST to get the gift. We’ll be sending the codes out via XMB message and email no later than August 30th.

One last thing before we light the candles… a huge thank you to the guys and gals who make the thousands of levels that consistent blow our minds. Jool, Beej, Gasssst, Gez, Daft, Bleu, Dude, Pika, Amrods, A45, PopTarts, TTough +++ so many more… you’re awesome!

If you haven’t explored the Community yet, have a look at The Milkcrate. It’s a collection of the best Community levels curated around a particular theme or by guest curators (like Baiyon, Ghostly Records, Gamespot, and The Verge) and is a great place to start.

Ok, this is a long post so we’ll tie it up here. Thanks to everyone who supported us this past year – it means a lot. Keep playing, keep creating, and stay tuned, we have many more announcements coming soon.

Happy Birthday Sound Shapes!

Happy Birthday! Cake by our own Sharon K.

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  • Happy Birthday! The Death Modes levels can go sit in the corner while we all eat cake.

  • Happy Birthday! Too Bad the Cake is a Lie!

  • I JUST got my Sound Shapes platinum last Sunday! Glad I didn’t go ahead and buy all that DLC! Now that it’s half off, I will definitely purchase it all though! Such a fun, challenging, charming game. I’m usually a short-tempered gamer, but Sound Shapes never made me rage quit, even though those Death Mode levels got pretty insane at times. It just takes the right amount of patience and luck to get the platinum, and it was a platinum well-earned. Thanks Queasy Games for making such a great game!

  • You guys share a birthday with Ibb and Obb! Nice.

  • SWEET! Been waiting for a DLC sale. Soundshapes was a day 1 buy for me and My first ever Platinum. Thank you guys and happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday Sound Shapes! One day I’ll make it through your evil Death Mode levels. I have all the DLC but I will certainly pester friends to pick it up. :)

  • Happy birthday Sound Shapes. This game is fun!

  • Happy Birthday Sound Shapes!
    Maybe I’ll be able to convince a friend to buy the game with this sale :)

  • Joyeux anniversaire! :)

  • Happy Birthday! What a fantastic game!

  • Wow. One year already? Such a great game. I have platinumed both versions independently and I went back to it for every piece of DLC. Soundshapes convinced me to buy Everyday Shooter and I have been enjoying it a lot lately.

    You’re on my very short list of developers from whom I would buy anything blindly and instantly.

  • Happy Birthday SS! Had your game since the day it came out and it hasn’t come off my Vita :]

    And id personally love more death levels, i enjoy the challenge.

  • Wow I have great timing. I just bought all the DLC a week ago! But it’s OK, I’m more than happy to support this game. I bought the main game day one, and loved it. Can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

  • Woo! Way to go Sound Shapes! Hey, update the store please.

  • Seriously. Update the store. Like, now. Do it.

  • Sound shapes was a great decision to buy on Vita, The best indie Musical game ever!
    I was actually going to buy 2 DLCs but Because of sale I will get 3 or 4 DLC,Thank You!

  • I agree with #12. The beat school sections (main game + DLC) were challenging and satisfying to beat. But death mode was so hard and frustrating, that when I finally beat my last one, covered in sweat, and the platinum popped, I felt like I had actually overcome a real challenge. I’d love to play some more!

  • Wow one year already!? Happy Birthday and I hope to see what you guys are up to next soon :)

  • :D this is great! this week is full of surprises!

  • The Community is the best place to have Endless fun in Sound Shapes.
    Its like finishing campaign and then head for Multiplayer continuously.

  • Happy Birthday Sound Shapes! I love you on both the PS3 and the Vita :)

  • Happy B-Day Sound Shapes, had your game since I first got my Vita, it is one of my favs. hope you release more DLC in the future

  • Happy Birthday Sound Shapes! Thanks for an amazing game! I gladly purchased the game and all DLC the day they all launched! This game was such an awesome change of pace and it still brings a smile to my face every single time I play it! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  • I remember playing through the stage “Touch The People” over and over until the level and it’s soundtrack became second nature to me.

    I loved the game to bits when it released, and a return visit is warranted. I’ll definitely pick up all of the DLC releases I’ve missed over the past year.

  • Considering you guys are in Toronto, why can’t Canadians join in the contest? :)

  • I am waiting for this to be free in the PS+ IGC.

  • You know I just bought the cars dlc last week and I’m not even mad. It was totally worth the money. Amazing game and easily one of my all time favorite indie games. To celebrate the one year anniversary, I finally finished death mode and got the platinum trophy a week a go. AND I didn’t even snap my Vita in half!

    So….where can we download a slice of cake?

  • Agreed with #26 This game should be for PS+ IGC.

  • already bought the Car Mini-Album & Entity Pack. owell it was worth it. also happy birthday sound shapes. you are in the top 5 all time favs of mine out of the 125 psn games i own. you are accepted in my hood and we soluteee you. also i WILL be buying all the dlc half off today. keep it up and keep it hood.

  • Happy b-day, I already bought the car and entity pack, think I’ll get the 80’s add on

  • Happy B-Day SS! ^__^

  • This is totally the best, this game is cool & can’t wait to see what is coming next!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy bday sound shapes, really love this game.

  • Sound Shapes is brilliant. It’s a game that I can always go back to and enjoy.

  • Happy Birthday Sound Shapes! I’ll definitely go pick up the dlc seeing it’s on sale (and I’ll 100% the trophies as well!)

  • GREETINGS for all Sound Shapes developers team! \o/

    I have the game and all DLCs, and I ´m going to buy all DLCs that you make in the future.

    I have all trophies! This game never out from my PSVITA!

    Happy birthday and continue the fantastic job!


  • Happy Birthday!!! I have Vita and PS3 versions, but I played only on Vita. Awesome game!!


  • Very happy 1st Sound Shapes! Hope you enjoy the #Vinyl levels, it can never hurt to make some for #BDay too:D thanks for all the cool celebration gifts!

  • Happy B-Day Sound Shapes. Absolutely love the original level packs. Expecially the Beck levels. I’d buy DLC in an instant that included partnerships with musicians and their new level packs.

  • Happy, Happy Birthday, Sound Shapes. Congratulations, Queasy, on your smash success and much love to my fellow Shapers: Beej, Daft, Gez, Old_PopTarts, Gasssst, Pika, TonyTough, Earl_LeeGrave, Bleu, jool, DUSTINISGOOD, redespair and many more (including @YOSP!)

    I look forward to the shapely future! <3 See you on the leaderboards….I'll get that top spot on 'beef jerky' yet ;)

    (Diamond Elephunk Factory 4EVA.)

  • Happy Birthday Sound Shapes! Thanks for cheering my days up with music and platforming :D

  • Cake!!!!!!!!!

  • Absolutely love Sound Shapes. My favourite levels were the Beck songs. Also love the fact that it’s a cross-buy game and I’m currently replaying the game on my Vita. Happy Birthday Sound Shapes!

  • More DLC please


  • Yes…


  • Happy B day to great game that made me happy sad happy sad sad happy happy overall happy

  • Fyi…There is an issue downloading the level every body dies of THE VERGE album in milkcrates…can someone lookito this…tried on vita and ps3…nothing….

  • I have problems with the 1.07 update (PS Vita, error C0-10932-5), I can download it and therefore I can not enter the community, nor access your content and dlc’s I’ve purchased.

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