Superfrog HD on PS3 and PS Vita Launching Tomorrow

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Superfrog HD on PS3 and PS Vita Launching Tomorrow

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! Well, it’s been six months since we originally revealed that Superfrog was making his return in glorious HD on PS3 and PS Vita, and in that time we’ve been super busy over here at Team17.

We’re really excited to announce that Superfrog HD will launch tomorrow on PSN for $9.99! As a bonus, PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% discount.

Superfrog HD on PS3 and PS Vita

Superfrog HD features 24 reimagined levels based on the original designs, spread out across six differently themed worlds: Magic Woods, Spooky House, A Day at the Circus, History Lesson, Ice Caverns, and Factory Failure. Fans of the original levels needn’t fear — the 24 original levels can be unlocked by winning a spin on the Fruit Machine!

We’ve added several new features for Superfrog HD, including an endless runner mode, Frog Trails, and a Level Editor for players to create their own crazy courses for our favorite amphibian to navigate!

Those playing Superfrog HD on both PS3 and PS Vita can use their Vita as a controller while playing the PS3 version. Doing so will give you the added benefit of uncovering secrets, which are displayed on the PS Vita screen! Go through a portal on the PS3 version, and Superfrog might end up in a hidden area on your Vita!

Superfrog HD on PS3 and PS VitaSuperfrog HD on PS3 and PS Vita

Similarly, you can move your save file between your PS3 and PS Vita, so you can keep Superfrog moving — even when you’re on the go!

We hope you enjoy Superfrog HD. Don’t forget that if you purchase it on PS3, you get a copy free to play on PS Vita! And vice versa!

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