LittleBigPlanet Update: Sackboy Shoots Across the Stars!

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LittleBigPlanet Update: Sackboy Shoots Across the Stars!

LittleBigPlanet Update

The Perseids Costume Returns This Week

LittleBigPlanet Update 8-5-2013

We all know that Sackboy is the star of LittleBigPlanet, but once a year, he likes to dabble in being a meteor instead with this celebratory costume that he wears to mark the occasion of the Perseids meteor shower being most visible from Earth!

This FREE Costume will be released when the PlayStation Store updates this week and will be available for just one week, so don’t forget to pick it up and join in the celestial celebrations!

Team Picks

It’s a Summer Spectacular with a fab party game and a sunny platforming adventure among our LittleBigPlanet 2: Team Picks this week. So dress up in your best summer wear and head to these new Team Picks to add a little sunshine to your playtime.

The Party Island!
by Townzee

Sunny Beach
by ariosr

You can find these levels and oh so much more in the latest LittleBigPlanet 2: Team Picks!

Vita Picks

Things are a little darker in this alien adventure in the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Team Picks this week. This excellent adventure game features multiple weapons, vehicles and an inventory system… And trust me; you’re going to need all the help you can get whilst dealing with this devious alien menace!

Aliens Cybernation
by lordwarblade

LittleBigPlanet Update 8-5-2013LittleBigPlanet Update 8-5-2013

LittleBigPlanet Update 8-5-2013

You can have this level ready to play by heading over to Vita and queuing up the new LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Team Picks!

We always love to see exciting new LittleBigPlanet levels, so if you have any great levels to share with the community or some stunning videos that show off your favorite levels and creations, then be sure to tweet them to us @LittleBigPlanet.

Come And Visit Us

LittleBigPlanet Update 8-5-2013

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5 Author Replies

  • LittleBigPlanet 3

  • I want new costumes not old ones.

    • Don’t worry, we have a whole range of new costumes and exciting content heading to LittleBigPlanet over the next couple months and onwards until the end of the year and beyond! :)

      We even have a range of costumes coming next month that shows just how awesome “old” costumes can be…
      But that’s all I’m saying for now… Let’s get this month’s new content out first. ;)

  • Ah, it’s Perseids time again. Thanks.

  • SPACE!!!!


  • Awesome update guys :) your hard work is admirable, and Sackboy adventures never get old! =D

  • Any word on whether The Last of Us costumes will be released for the US?

  • I wonder if the Bee Costume will ever make it’s way to LBP2?

  • I love LBP games!

    Please bring us more level packs, there are many great movie/tv and book franchises that I’m sure would be both fun, and would enjoy the cross-media advertising.

    Same with costumes please!

    The last couple of random outfit packs seemed like someone just hit randomize over and over until they saw something mediocre, but maybe some people like that/are lazy.

    So please more things like star wars or marvel or pick some of the many sony brands to make levels/costumes of.

    I have LBP, LBP2, LBP Vita and LBP Karting and I think that 99.999% of the time you’re doing great things.

    But my wallet would love to spend on some new levels/costumes :)

    • Don’t you worry, we definitely have plans to release some new and exciting content of all types this year and I’m sure that we’ll be seeing some more popular characters making their way to LittleBigPlanet. ;)

  • Hello, we would like costumes DLC free for limited time for example valentin’s day dreses,Incredible’s drees,
    Muppets dress or some other. Thanks

  • Steven Isbell:

    When you said that old content was coming for LBP, can i imagine that LBP and LBP2 content is coming to LBP vita?

    I´m a big fan of LBP games (I have all LBP´s games) and I´m creating a new game that is shaped by 9 different levels, but LBP vita doesn´t have many music tracks, materials, objects, etc. Many of the material and music i want to use in my level already exist… LBP and LBP2 of course.

    So, do you plan to make some dlc levels that allow us to obtain LBP and LBP2 content on LBP vita?

    Or, do you plan to make some new dlc levels that allow us to obtain new music tracks and materials?

  • STOP! DO not buy ps vita I owned mine for less than 3 months , and “randomly’ a crack appeared “internally”” in the screen ! they want to charge me $130 to fix it and its under warranty SONY SELLS DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM !!

  • P.D.: I don´t hate the DLC costumes ( i have a lot of them), but i think that LBP Vita already has a lot of dlc costumes and you need to work in new Level packs (it´s only an opinion)

    • We know that everyone wants to see more content for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita outside of costumes and this is something we’re working on! :)

  • @2 Well, I want old DLC costumes that still aren’t in LittleBigPlanet Karting yet. There’s still a bunch I want to see like the Garfield & Odie costumes. Or maybe more DLC Karts.

    Can’t wait to pick up the Perseids costume. Only Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and LBP’s Birthday is left. :)

  • It’s good to see the community support for LBP2!!!!!!!!

  • Too busy enjoying Little Big Karting. Although thanks for giving me that epic unicorn costume and balloon kart, media molecule :)

  • I just got a ps vita update buy why there is no info aboute it on the blog but the good news is the update fixed my sony music unlimted and now its working and I saw the plus is that all comeing tomorew if so wow cool

  • …Turn off Sixaxis controls for Sackboy’s head in LBP Vita?

  • LittleBig fallout3

  • hi guys, is it available in the uk i’ve just looked on the store and it’s not there, do i just have to keep checking until try do the update or has that already happened? also add me up if you want, my ID: bottlebags

  • LBP Karting on the Vita!!

  • will there ever be a fruit pack costume for lbp2?

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Is there a site/part of the LBP community that lists upcoming/in development costumes and levels, or do we just wait here for eventual news?

  • Wow great to see that TLoU costumes will be released this month…I cant wait for Joel costume…that will be insta buy.

  • I wish you guys would support LBP: Karting even 1/10th as much as you do LBP2, it’s a flawed game with horribly broken online servers but the 3D creation tools are AMAZING and there are some utterly brilliant levels that aren’t getting the plays they deserve because the game isn’t supported anywhere near like it should… new players only seem to play Team Picks and hardly ever bother to look further afield, plus Team Picks is the lifeblood of the online experience so you would think they could make the effort to add 2-3 new Team Picks EVERY WEEK like they do with LBP2? (To be fair the past 2 weeks have had 2 added each week, maybe somebody’s listening?

  • [CONT’D] – Also… we want CREATIVE DLC, how about some of the sticker packs from LBP2? The game is crying out for more variety of windows plus a new set of foliage (that doesn’t break the thermo) would be a godsend…

    And while we’re at it… please, somebody fix the online servers, I’m so sick of my game freezing up when a friend loses connection or get’s kicked, or when I invite them back to my pod or just when I’m milling about in the menu’s… you get the picture, or perhaps this is one of the reasons you don’t play the game extensively and promote it’s content too? :(

    Btw Steven, I am going to keep on flooding the forums and blogs with similar impassioned pleas for support until somebody starts supporting this damn game, lol… :)

  • Will there ever be a the simpsons costume, level, or sticker pack???

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