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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

PixelJunk PixelJunk PixelJunk. I can’t get Tiki dude and his little Tiki dudelets out of my head this week, since I’ve got PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD on my Vita now. I’m just about to wrap up the first island (last level’s a bit of a pain), and I’m already laying out strategies to rainbow the earlier stages.

But enough of that! Plenty more happened this week on PS.Blog, including Ryan’s Lost Planet 3 hands-on, and my Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer hands-on — we both interviewed Alastair Cornish, creative director at Splash Damage on this week’s Blogcast, by the way.

Fans of last year’s PSN SRPG Rainbow Moon, this one’s for you. You saw a spankin’ new trailer for Ubisoft’s open-word techfest Watch_Dogs, the PS.Blog team was lucky enough to play Dragon’s Crown and interview Atlus’ John Hardin about it (of course, Rey was there to get the whole thing on video), one of the strangest games in recent memory is out this month, we’ve got a bundle that’s just perfect for those of you who somehow don’t have Journey and The Unfinished Swan yet, and lots more!

What are you playing this weekend? (PixelJunk)

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6 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait for Gamescom

  • I don’t know if u can answer, but will Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on PSN have a Day 1 Pre-Order and/or come with at least some of the pre-order DLC that Gamestop/Amazon is offering?

  • If u don’t answer, can u let u know in a blog closer to release date?

  • You and Anamanaguchi. Lawd.

  • Oh really, thanks! I would love to download this version of DOA5 this time, since i clocked in over 100 hours with the original version and 50+ hours on the Vita version. Anyway, any info is very much appreciated. I am not worried about the download size, just want to know those 2 things listed or at the very least, if it comes with at least some of the pre-order items.

    • Justin Massongill

      Just an update: I’m reaching out about this but it doesn’t look like I’m gonna have a solid answer for a bit. Sorry. Keep an eye on PS.Blog though — hoping to get some news about this out before launch.

  • can you plz tell me that gamescon will be big for ps vita ? ;)

  • I’m playing: Cloudberry Kingdom, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    I’m watching: Family Guy, American Dad

    I’m listening to: PlayStation Blogcast

  • when we can see the updated of ps+ for august we are sunday (4 day more later than UK) and nothing news about the updated

  • I would like there to be a moment of silence for my Fatboy 60gig that kicked the bucket today. You will be missed my friend. But I want to punch it too because it was in the middle of popping my final few Last of Us trophies and the platinum. I’d cry but jeebus hates crybabies, snitches, and softcore pornography.

  • I can’t wait for the Playstation Plus IGC be released for the US. I recently bought Playstation Plus for 1 year and it is amazing

  • @ kenjial12 plus updates are always mondays the day before store update which is tuesdays

  • a admi said that this week we can get the news about ps+ for that reason i was disgust but know i am ok for u information thanks

  • I’m playing: Nothing at the moment. Just beat Uncharted Drakes Deception last night though. It was amazing. The graphics and gameplay were so good I forgot I was playing on vita. Vita needs more games like that. Waiting for Tales of Xillia tuesday. I’m watching Season 2 of The Killing on netflix and eagerly anticipating August 11th for the final Breaking Bad episodes.

  • Can’t wait for gamescom but please when the ps+ update we’re on august 4th and we haven’t seen anything yet.

  • PS4 questions i want answered

    1.for online will everyone on the console have to buy ps+ or will one ps+ let everyone to play multiplayer there a posibility of a ps4 and vita bundle a video i saw a person using the controller motion contorl to message is the cam required
    4.will ps home be on ps4

    not a question but i think it would be sweet if gta 5 was one of the first games on gaikai since no one knows if it will comes to next gen

  • @12 Oops, obviously I meant Golden Abyss not Drake’s Deception.

  • @rabidninjamonkey it’s an awesome game isn’t it? I just platinumed it two days ago :)

    I’m playing: Ragnarok Odyssey, Zero Escaper: VLR, and Max Payne 3 (one of the best 3rd person shooters I’ve ever played)

    I’m watching: nothing really

    I’m listening to: PS Blogcast

    I’m waiting for: Phantasy Star Online 2 US release, Kickbeat

  • I’m playing: GRiD 2 and Dynasty Warriors 8

    I’m watching; Beelzebub and Space Brothers

    I’m listening to: Creature Talk Episode 79 and some K-Pop

    I’m waiting for: Dragon’s Crown and Tales of Xillia on Tuesday!

  • @Justin Thanks!

  • Playing cloudberry kingdom
    Watching braves vs nationals
    Reading broken angels
    Listening David Bowie, primal scream
    Waiting for ps4 duh…

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