The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

PixelJunk PixelJunk PixelJunk. I can’t get Tiki dude and his little Tiki dudelets out of my head this week, since I’ve got PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD on my Vita now. I’m just about to wrap up the first island (last level’s a bit of a pain), and I’m already laying out strategies to rainbow the earlier stages.

But enough of that! Plenty more happened this week on PS.Blog, including Ryan’s Lost Planet 3 hands-on, and my Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer hands-on — we both interviewed Alastair Cornish, creative director at Splash Damage on this week’s Blogcast, by the way.

Fans of last year’s PSN SRPG Rainbow Moon, this one’s for you. You saw a spankin’ new trailer for Ubisoft’s open-word techfest Watch_Dogs, the PS.Blog team was lucky enough to play Dragon’s Crown and interview Atlus’ John Hardin about it (of course, Rey was there to get the whole thing on video), one of the strangest games in recent memory is out this month, we’ve got a bundle that’s just perfect for those of you who somehow don’t have Journey and The Unfinished Swan yet, and lots more!

What are you playing this weekend? (PixelJunk)

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