The Drop: Week of August 5th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of August 5th 2013 New Releases

Brandish your blade, dust off your grimoire, and rally your online adventuring party. Dragon’s Crown thrusts you into a fantastical medieval world packed with labyrinthine dungeons to explore, vile monstrosities to smite, and nearly endless online adventure. Your mission is to dive into the dank underworld, uncovering treasure and strengthening your mettle as you unlock the secret behind the ancient dragon threatening the world.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop!

Dragon’s Crown

(Also on Blu-ray / PS Vita Game Card) — Dragon’s Crown thrusts you into a fantastical medieval world packed with labyrinthine dungeons to explore, vile monstrosities to smite, and nearly endless online adventure. Your mission is to dive into the dank underworld, uncovering treasure and strengthening your mettle as you unlock the secret behind the ancient dragon threatening the world. Simple, easy-to-learn controls allow anyone to dive into the fray and enjoy the breathtaking sword-and-sorcery action. In addition to long-lasting gameplay, the game also features a vast array of character customization features – with six wildly different classes to play as, raiding the catacombs for epic loot remains fresh and engaging.

Although intrepid adventurers can certainly enjoy Dragon’s Crown on their own, the real excitement begins when four players team up online for a four-player cooperative mission. And don’t expect the portable Dragon’s Crown to be scaled back in any way: The game will offer the same fluid hand-drawn animation, blazing special effects, and haunting soundtrack on both PS3TM and the new PS Vita, with some special interoperability features between the two versions to be revealed at a later date.

IbbandObbTitle-300x300Ibb and Obb Ibb and Obb is a two-player game. You have to work together to find your way through the non-newtonian world. Gravity isn’t what it used to be. In the bottom half of the world gravity is reversed, enabling ibb and obb to walk on both sides of the floor. You can move from one half to the other through warps in the floor. The layout of the level creates all kinds of puzzles which you’ll only solve if you work together. Collect the diamonds on your way through the world and earn more if you play fast and work like a team.

Superfrog HD (Cross Buy / Cross Play) — Superfrog HD is a 2D amphibian platformer that is an HD remake of Team17’s classic Superfrog, which was released in 1993 on the Amiga. It will feature all-new graphics and will be appearing on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Tales of Xillia Tales of Xillia follows Jude Mathis, a clever medical student attending school in the capital city, and Milla Maxwell, a mysterious woman accompanied by four unseen beings. Players will be able to choose either Milla or Jude at the outset of their adventure through the world of Rieze Maxia, where humans and spirits live together in harmony. The kingdom of Rashugal has been experimenting with a powerful device that has been draining the mana from the world. Realizing the harm it is inflicting on the world, Milla and Jude set off on a journey to destroy it and restore the mana back to the world. Over the course of the game their lives will intersect with a vast ensemble of characters that will teach them the strength of unwavering conviction.

Tales.of.Xillia.full.755116Players will engage enemies with the critically acclaimed Linear Motion Battle System that the Tales of series is famous for. The system allows for real-time movement and attacks, giving the player a more tactile role in the midst of fights. The battle system in Tales of Xillia has been upgraded to Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System to let two characters combine their attacks to utilize devastating dual-character attack, letting fans strategize the best party setup for their style of play.


PlayStation 2 Classics

The Red Star The setting is 1939. The European continent is plunged into war. The globe is carved into 50 naval districts. Players must take command of Naval forces from the United States, Japan, Great Britain, or Germany. The objective is to seize control of as many districts as possible, and defend against enemy aggression. From the North Sea to Midway to Okinawa- every conquest is one step closer to victory!

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  • 1st!

  • Omg, I’m gonna buy Tales of Xillia on Playstation store c:

  • 7 years after the PS3 launched, we get to alphabetically sort our music, alphabetically sort our movies, our trophies are alphabetically sorted, but why aren’t our digital games sorted alphabetically? Why can we only sort by creation date and recently played?

    Not talking about the store download list, but that would be nice too. No, I’m wondering why I can’t go to play a game in the list of 80 or so games I bought, PS+ games and demos, and have them alphabetically sorted. I am a bit OCD with it.

    It’s funny how if you reset the PS3 File System that all the games default to alphabetical, but there is no way to keep them like that.

    So, anyway I am just wondering why you guys have not implemented alphabetical sorting in a firmware update. And no, folders are not the same, and folders are not what I am asking.

  • Any chance of a PSN bundle that has both the PS3 and Vita versions of Dragon’s Crown at a discount?

  • Really excited for Xillia and Dragon’s Crown! Cannot wait for Tuesday!

  • Pre-ordered Dragon’s Crown for PS3. Can’t wait!

  • @4

    agree, im not totally happy about not even being able to categorize all my Downloads either. I have close to 1000 items and its hell when im trying to re-download something I bought years ago.

  • sorry, that last comment was meant for Number 3

  • Can we get an early PSN update? maybe Monday midnight? pretty please? I’m impatient, I WANT TO PLAY DRAGON’s CROWN NOWWW!!!! DESUUUUUUUUuuuuuu

  • Superfrog finally! What a fantastic game. Keep the old classic Amiga games coming! :-)

  • Day one purchase, Dragons Crown for my ps Vita. Come on Tuesday. Would love to see ps1 crash bandicoot games available for the Vita too.

  • Nothing worth it until the end of the month to me

    Can’t wait for Project Diva F and Diablo 3

  • neuro punk still crying lol dragons crown looks amazing gladto see it on vita

  • That picture you put up for Tales of Xillia is great.

    Got the Collector’s Edition of that game preordered and ready for pickup on Tuesday. It’s going to be a great week. :D

  • @ BasickAlphabit: I was not talking about the store download list. Not sure how I could have made it any clearer.

    You should go back and reread.

    @ stealthcombat: oh how cute, you’re crying over my complaint. You should grow some thicker skin and stop being so butthurt over legit complaints.

  • If anyone wants to play some co op in Ibb & Obb feel free to add me.

  • Where is the Fanfare for Tales of Xillia >< you have any idea how hard it is to build momentum for this series. Sell!!!

  • Why Dragon’s Crown says “PS Vita Game Card”. Isn’t it available as a digital download?

  • i was being nice bro never said i didnt disagree either i to have100+ dls but thes sony ppl r not ur parents u cant cry to get wat u want in the real world plud wit ps dropping its most likely not ganna happen

  • For those of you who keep complaining about not being able to sort your games alphabetically, I thought it might behoove you to know that you can sort your games into their own files by pressing triangle over a game, going to information, and changing its file name. Said files are, in fact, alphabetically separated, but the games within them are not.

  • blah blah blah TALES OF XILLIA!! WOOOOOOTTT!!!!!!! blah blah blah blah blah……..

  • @18 (Fedast)

    Yes. ALL retail games are also on PSN for download. It’s just saying that the Vita version is available as a physical copy for people who want it.

  • @ 20 sajoey: I already stated that folders do not solve the problem. Please read next time before you post.

    @ stealthcombat: the more people bring it up, the more it will bring it to Sony’s attention. Couldn’t hurt. I’ll stop once alphabetically sorting is implemented in a firmware update.

  • After trying to resist buying Max Payne 3 all week, I finally broke down.
    Not as good as what I thought, but not bad.

    As for Dragons Crown, it may be worth it once it becomes CrossBuy, and at a price worth the gams actual value.

    Ibb and Obb were considered since Stealth Inc was purchased already and would get three bucks back.
    Still have a little time to think about it.

    Is it Cross Buy?

  • Can you confirm Xillia is in digital format? I want to make sure that it is.

  • Any chance for Silent Hill: Downpour as a Digital Download? If not, I’ll just download it on 360 Games on Demand.

  • TALES OF XILLIA should be headlining this! Gonna be amazing. It is on the PSN right and not just Bluray???? EU has had the preorder up for a few weeks but NA gets rammed. Baffling considering how high profile the game is. GET WITH IT! :P :D Cheers!

  • but neuro shouldnt ur topic be a forum dispute gus sayin

  • And ugh at the Red Star. Please hire someone else in the know as to what a PS2 classic is. Game isn’t bad by any means but it has been available for PSP/Vita for some time now and a ps2 classics release really just isn’t needed. Gimme some DQVIII or Final Fantasies or Tales games or Rogue Galaxy or Dark Cloud… know….the actual ps2 classics. :P

  • Eh, some stores in my area already had US copies of Dragon’s Crown on sale. Just waiting for the voice packs now.

  • Dragon’s Crown! Awesome! :D I might get it on Vita due to portability…

    …Speaking of Vita, Where’s Crash and Spyro on it? At least we get PS2 Classics every week. Glad that’s not forgotten.

  • holy crap, The Red Star. This was an awesome gamevthat gotvdelayed so much most people lost interest which was a shame as it’s one of the better co op brawler/shooters. For those who don’t know, it was a lot like the Capcom title Cannon Spike on Dreamcast. I figured the rights were tied up and we’d never see it again. (its based on a manga as I recall)

  • @neuropunk If that were true then why is the blog share not updated in close to a year?
    @29 That might be even less effective then posting on drop comments.
    Ps Blog Share needs to be put back up so there is a place to voice ideas and wants.
    PS. Dragon Crown FTW

  • Also yeah I’ll second the alphabatizing thing as I have a ton of games especially classics and it’s annoying to sort them now. Please add alphabatizing

  • pls Can someone here tell me if theres going to be an offer to buy both physical versions of Dragons crown? like getting both for 60 or something? bc i wanned to get the vita version but since its the underdog one and Obviously dont have cross play I will totally get the ps3 version…. but in reality i wanted to play on the go too with the cross save… :(

  • Come on day 1 ps plus discount on Dragons Crown!!! Fingers crossed!

  • The breasts in Dragon’s Crown are a bit much. Makes me sort of embarrassed as an adult who games.

  • Getting Dragon’s Crown and Tales of Xillia at retail, and pre-ordered Ibb & Obb. I’m going to be so busy for the rest of the year… ugh.

  • Will their be any psone classics?

  • @37

    THIS. It certainly helped make the decision of which game to pick up day-one this week (DC vs. ToX) a lot easier!

  • Awesome how Playstation staff are advertising Dragon’s Crown more on Vita for this video. I loved it.

    The sorceress’s melons were totally in your face.
    Niiice touch with her holding Wormsbane Light Staff@1:25…

  • Nobody here seems to be as excited about ToX as I am…


  • Next complaint about the “Breasts” in Dragon’s Crown is going to get ripped in half. It’s just breasts.. In a video-game.. You don’t see people complaining about the overly “Meaty”men now do you…

  • I don’t think a lot of people will get the Vita version unless they only have a Vita. I just wish it was cross buy so I could play it on the go or at least remote play. I mean I understand that you guys couldn’t make it cross play but I gotta buy two copies if I wanna cross save? Really

  • @28 agreed. He should ask that in the PS forums.

  • @44 I am tired of hearing the “Breasts” complaints as well so very annoying.

  • Got Tales of Xillia, -Day 5. And I have to say it’s a blast.

  • Pre-ordered Dragon’s Crown for Vita! Didn’t pay for launch day delivery though, so will have to wait a few days.

  • I might get Xillia if i find it for cheap and used

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