VidZone Update: New 80’s & 90’s Zones

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VidZone Update: New 80’s & 90’s Zones

We all like to take a look back at what we used to call the “wild west of music video”. Back when MTV had just started showing us that music was now as much a visual feast as an audible one. The 80’s bought us some of the most iconic, crazy, weird, colorful, and some of the wackiest hairstyles that people have ever seen. The 90’s bought a refinement of visual style and technique into the mix, but did tend to miss the fashion mark every now and again. Here at VidZone, we would like to celebrate both of these decades of music video triumphs as well as the epic fails. So, we present to you, the 80’s and 90’s Zones.



  • RUN-DMC – Flashback
  • Duran Duran – Greatest Hits
  • Mötley Crüe – Centre Stage
  • 80’s Party TV
  • 80’s Power Ballads TV
  • 80’s Groove TV
  • Will Smith – VidZone Recommends
  • TLC – Flashback
  • 90’s Rock TV
  • Alternative 90’s TV
  • The Best of 90’s RnB TV
  • Biggest Girls Of The 90’s TV

Read on to find out what this week’s update has to offer.


Artist Of The Week: A$AP Rocky

A$AP heads up this zone, and for good reason, he’s blowing up right now. We also have:

  • Daft Punk – Artist Focus
  • Slash – Live In Concert
  • Country TV
  • UKF TV

Zone Highlights

In each blog post we will be highlighting the hottest Zones on the service and inform you of any ‘Must See’ videos we have: Read on for more details:


Hip-Hop Zone

  • Must See Video: Juicy J Ft The Weeknd – One Of Those Nights
  • J. Cole – Centre Stage
  • A$AP Ferg – One To Watch
  • Old Skool Hip-Hop TV


Pop Zone

  • Must See Video: Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop
  • Justin Timberlake – Artist Spotlight
  • P!nk – Artist Focus
  • Britney Spears – VidZone Recommends

VidZone brings you a world of music videos tailored completely for you. Download it now for free from the PlayStation Store under the Apps category. As always, please keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook, as well as at the official site. Got any requests for VidZone? Let us know!

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  • I downloaded and tried vidzone out. Its a great potential service because there is a ton of content and all free!

    But the app is painfully slow, no one is going to sit there and watch music videos if soooo much time is spent wasted looking at loading screens. I hope this gets fixed on PS3 and is Already fast on PS4.

    a PS Vita app would be the best most useful version of this app, but of course its not available as an app because no one has any common sense to put it there first. just like all the other PS3 PSN games that should be made for vita first and foremost.

    Great idea with the vidzone app, but awful awful execution so far. Yeah sure you can update it months and months and months down the road while it should of been fast loading when it was released. This app has been in Europe for years now (from what i remember hearing a few E3’s ago). How is it still not optimized.

  • While I am very happy we got Vidzone (at last) it doesn’t have alot of videos that the EU version has. What gives? I find myself using tbjs app BUT on my EU account because it has a wider and bigger selction. Is that going to change over time? Are more and more videos gonna be added?

    @bbal230 it must be you internet because it runs fine on my PS3.

  • Hopefully Canada will get this soon.


    As Canada hasn’t yet gotten VidZone, I don’t know how valid this is, but I read on the blog when the US first got the service a person commented that you could Remote connect to your PS3 from your Vita and VidZone will work….maybe give it a try and see . (would be great if this feature is active).

  • @GaMeR_bOi_83

    Its not my internet, i can guarantee that. Its just the time it takes for the app to load up the video to stream it is just to long.

    The experience should be closer to streaming music, i understand it cant be instant but it should be closer to how fast streaming music is online.

    Its the same as with the PS Store. The PS Store app on the PS3 is awfullll. Its not the internet connection, the appl just lags in itself and is slow to pull content from the web.

  • I like Vidzone & i’m glad that it made it’s way stateside finally. whatever features that are needed to make the service better will be put in there as long as we give our feedback.

  • I like this app I don’t use it as much because I’m on my Vita more. I love it still & keep up the good work. Make it from everyone soon

  • VEVO on PS Vita yeah

  • When this service will be available in Brazil?


  • I like the idea and have tried it, but I’m having a hard time understanding how it works. Is it a video on demand service? If so, are the only videos available those on the channels in the menu? And if so, the US version really doesn’t have very many videos. If there is a catalog of videos that aren’t on the channels, then it desperately needs a browsing feature.

  • @ bball230
    no I’m pretty sure its just your internet connection. I’m running it at the highest video quality that vidzone gives and it sill streams fast like usual for me

  • Wait… the “M” in “MTV” stands for “Music?”

    And they use to play such a thing?

    Mind. Blown.

  • Where is: Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato, Will.i.Am, Maroon 5 and other great artists song videos???? ‘ Need more good songs on vidZone!!!!

  • As someone who witnessed the launch of MTV, I was very much looking forward to this service when it was announced. However, as much as I enjoyed catching up on some classic videos of the 80s and 90s, I didn’t enjoy being subjected to watching the same TV commercial 4-5 times in a row after every other music video I was allowed to watch. That’s just ridiculous! I’m better off sticking to VH1 Classic. At least they run 4-5 *different* commercials after every 2-3 videos.

  • Protip: You can use Vidzone during remote play with your PS vita.

  • This could be a really cool app,but the amount of advertising on it was ridiculous. I skipped a video I was watching and was forced to sit though 3 Pirates of the Carrabean commercials IN A ROW!!! Just so I could watch a 2 minute music video. Not cool.

    They should add trophy integration for sitting through some of those!

  • @15 — lol. Here’s the possible start of the trophy list you suggest: Easy bronze trophy (“Consistent”) for seeing the same commercial five times during one commercial break. Another easy bronze (“Dedicated”) for watching more commercials than videos in an hour’s time. And a silver trophy (“Get a Life”) for sitting through a cumulative total of 1,000 commercials in one week.

  • In Canada we get free videos on Vevo app on Xbox.

    Might want to at least try to release this here to even out the competition. Just saying..

  • @Bball320
    Get off your high horse. Vidzone works fine with remote play so chill out and stop hating.

  • Get that Miley Cyrus crap off of here Sony. Don’t you realize her lousy song promotes drugs? I hope no kids saw that on here.

  • I want a VEVO app, and one on the PS Vita while we’re at it. :P

  • Bring it to Canada!!!!

  • This only has like 40 videos on the whole thing, Might as well use YouTube app instead of this. Grade: F for FAIL

  • ah ha those repeating commercials are hilarious. other than that it’s a pretty good set up. bring on vevo next.

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