Sweet Fuse: At Your Side Lights Up PSP, PS Vita August 27th

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Sweet Fuse: At Your Side Lights Up PSP, PS Vita August 27th

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side (hereafter referred to as “Sweet Fuse,” “The Product,” or “Oh Captain My Captain”) is an otome game, developed by Idea Factory and Otomate, and published by Aksys Games. Coming to PSP and PS Vita (via PSN) on August 27th (and to retail soon after that), it follows the escapades of Saki Infaune, irascible fictional niece of legendary game developer Keiji Inafune as she navigates a deadly theme park and searches for that most elusive of emotions: Love.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side on PSP

What is Love?

Apart from, presumably, not hurting me anymore, that’s a question history’s great thinkers and poets have been asking for ages. Some say it’s an illusion—Plato seems to think it has something to do with the pursuit of knowledge and perfect, unknowable, divine objects. Scientists might tell you it’s a biological and chemical imperative that drives us to procreate and thereby propagate our species. I certainly can’t claim any special knowledge as to the answer, but I can tell you that Sweet Fuse is dedicated to the examination of it. But not exclusively!

As protagonist Saki Inafune (Default name—you can name her after you, if you want. Or after anyone! Sometimes I name her “Jennifer Lawrence” or “Joseph Gordon-Levitt”), you’ll be navigating not only the ins and outs of falling in love, but also the ins and outs of trying not to die in one of a series of theoretically deadly games hosted by an insane porcine villain.

In All the Wrong Places

As you may have already surmised, there are hot boys in Sweet Fuse, and not just the toned, flexing, truck-driving, bacon-eating kind. They are also the romantic kind—or, as the French call it, some word I don’t know, maybe “fromage.”

Saki volunteers for participation in a game that will determine her fate, the fate of a bunch of hostages, and the fate of several dreamy young hunks: Shidou, a serious and dedicated police detective; Mitarashi, a loud, reckless, hot-headed escort; Wakasa, a young, skittish pop star; Meoshi, a shy hardcore gamer; Shirabe, an older and experienced journalist; Urabe, a quiet, kind fortune teller; and a mysterious young man who offers his help. She’s got spunk, spirit, and smarts, and she knew the risks when she signed up for this assignment, but she never expected… to fall in love. But who she falls in love with, and how, will be up to you!

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side on PSPSweet Fuse: At Your Side on PSP

Heartache to Heartache We Stand

Each day, Saki and her newfound companions will be forced to play through a different diabolical game devised by their corpulent captor, the irredeemable Count Hogstein, and each game will be a perversion of a video game-themed attraction from the theme park they are imprisoned in. These games demand cunning and cleverness from each participant, but in the process tempers are rubbed raw and eventually one of Saki’s unique abilities is revealed: the never-miss “What’s Wrong With You?!” technique. Will she remain meek and quiet, or lay low all who oppose her with a barrage of vicious invective? You decide! Personally, I recommend the latter. Saki has sass for miles.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side on PSPSweet Fuse: At Your Side on PSP

All You Need Is Love

Although a sharp mind certainly doesn’t hurt! Clever as Saki’s male compatriots are, it comes down to her to pull their collective (and perfect) butts out of the fire with her “Explosive Insight” ability. Separate truth from lies—fact from fiction—or it’s all over. Everyone’s counting on you! There is, like, literally a bomb about to go off if you get this wrong! Or maybe poison. Sometimes spikes! It depends. Point is, no pressure or anything. Pick the right keywords and you can save everyone! Pick the wrong ones and, well, have you seen Saw? It’s nothing like that. Not nearly as gruesome. But you still die.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side on PSPSweet Fuse: At Your Side on PSP

Whenever I’m Alone With You

So where does all this end up? In one of fourteen different places! Each of Saki’s decisions tip the heptamerous scales to send you—and her—down a different path. All seven stories are different, and all seven stories together provide the clues and hints you’ll need to uncover the truth behind Count Hogstein’s game, and his perverse enjoyment thereof.

If you want to solve the mystery, you’ll have to work hard to put all the facts together. Saki’s unflagging good humor is certainly up to the task, and once you’ve tasted how sweet this—…no, actually, that metaphor is really disturbing. But trust me when I say you’ll want to play through each route and figure out the truth. If fact, I suspect you won’t be able to re-fuse!

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5 Author Replies

  • Day one… thanks for localizing this, despite it’s inherent weirdness.

  • Should have made this Vita only. Maybe then these PSP’ers have a good reason to buy the new system.

  • Inafune’s just going to cameo in all the games now, isn’t he? Neptunia, this, what next?

    Looks a lot of fun.

  • Games of death? How fun! Almost reminds me of a Yu-gi-oh Zero scenario. Will pick up! Now we await the oblivious PSP haters.

  • Didn’t even known this was a thing. thanks for the informational post. And also for the Oh Captain My Captain.

  • thanks for the localization looking forward to it

  • I hope by “coming to PS Vita” you mean it is a native Vita game. I have zero interest in new games made on PSP while the Vita has been on the market

  • *also, that trailer doesnt show anything about what the game is actually about or how it plays. I’d encourage you to look into making more explanatory trailers in the future :)

  • Sounds interesting, I would be willing to check this out.

  • If there is no native Vita version then you have no right saying it’s “coming to Vita.” Please clarify ASAP.

    I bought a Vita for Vita games. I don’t buy PSP games, period.


  • Riding on the native Vita version train here. While the game looks interesting in a fruity bizarro way, if it’s not even a native Vita game with trophies I’m not taking the plunge.

    It’s not hating on the PSP games, it’s wanting devs to support the Vita with more games.

  • huh very…..interesting to say the least. Although I will say it is pretty cool having a female lead in a game like this, it’ll definitely be a new experience for me (I wonder if this is how girls feel while playing relationship-based games with male protagonists hmm….)

    And I’m trying to figure this out, does this play anything like Zero Escape? I really enjoyed that game, so I think I may give this one a go too if it does.

    And thanks for bringing this over!

    • You’re welcome! :)

      I wouldn’t say it really plays like Zero Escape, at least not the puzzle sections from the ZE games. The puzzle bits in Sweet Fuse involve deducing which of several ideas is the answer to a sticky situation Saki finds herself in. She’ll recap what’s going on, and then the game will highlight several key words or phrases, and you have to pick the right one to advance. The story sections are pretty similar to ZE, though: You’ll read through the story and make some choices that govern which path you end up taking.

  • I don’t understand all of the PSP hate. People assume because it was developed for the PSP, it is old and outdated. However, I don’t. The PSP has a great library of games…..adding them to the PS+ program is awesome. I would like to see more PSP games localized for the Vita….like any Star Wars Game.

  • Fantastic! Thanks for bringing this, it looks fun!

    The written introduction of this game was very good as well, nicely done!

    And of course, don’t pay any mind to the juvenile posters who petulantly disparage PSP localizations. They are just grumpy that the Vita doesn’t have more titles.

    Great job!

  • @Mr. Bateman Thanks for the reply. What you described sounds quite interesting as well, so I think I will be checking this out depending on the price (lots of stuff hitting the vita in august).

  • We own a vita and i won’t purchase a psp game to my vita. You know why? because I support my vita. So those who hate the psp haters just BACK OFF and SHUT UP. Go play your psp in japan.

  • There are sooo many good jrpg in vita that are not localized why do they support to localize psp rpg.

  • I am in love with the art style of this game. A purchase for sure, but I’m still debating whether to play the download on my Vita, or to get a boxed copy and dust off my PSP 3000.

    On a side note, I played my first two Aksys games ever this summer (VLR and Muramasa Rebirth) and I must say that you guys do an amazing job localizing Japanese games :)

  • Hi, sorry but I have to side with all the Vita-thumping dooshies here. I need trophies added to consider buying this.

    I have a PSP Go, very small and nice but I gave up on handhelds because I need 2 sticks. Hate the slidey button! The Vita is the most perfect handheld, why can’t everybody see that?!!!!

  • Is there any chance that you’ll localize games like this for guys? Not just otome games? I love that Aksys has picked such a niche genre, but, well, I’m a guy. I’m not interested in otome games.

  • I’ve played Hakuoki and was really boring (for me); interesting at times but boring generally.
    I just want a normal game with a female protagonist that’s not useless and where you can grow a relationship with whoever you want to (even with another girl).
    I’m gonna wait for DanganRonpa (I’m excited for that one).
    Anyways, thank you AkSys =)…

  • Love, friendship, those values I take them seriously. This game looks interesting.

  • I love Hakouki! I adore the fact you’re supporting otome games. I’ll continue to support these releases as day one purchases, but I have to add that this game specifically doesn’t look too interesting to me. I’m pretty indifferent about the art design so it’s rather hard for me to pick out a guy I might like.

    I’m sort of under the impression that you’re still looking for otome games that bother genders can enjoy, which makes sense from a business standpoint. I mean Hakouki was about samurai and kicking butt. It was pretty light on the romance and heavy on Japanese history (which worked for me, I love history).

    This looks to be the same just with the focus on the game mechanics (aka light romance for girls, but advertising the unique gameplay for anyone who might not be interested outright). As I said, this is fine, but it does make me worry that perhaps these titles aren’t preforming as well as you would like and you need to find games that offer a safe middle ground.

    Regardless, I’ll do what I can to support and spread these games. I’m completely enamored by the ability to have games like this legally available in English. Hoping one day we get a Vita game so I can get some trophies to sweeten the deal. ;)

  • This looks amazing. How much is it going to cost in the UK?

  • I just noticed that all the headings are titles to songs.

    If this has even just half as many rabbit/bunny puns as ZE:VLR does, I’m sold!!!

    PS. I have to find out why my Zero III avatar doesn’t show on the blog but does on the forums and XMB.

  • I fixed it and it’s now retroactive :)

  • let the psp die already. Vita won’t grow if you keep supporting that dead format.

  • @Ryumoau Sony has continuously said they would like to support their consoles for long periods of time, so I don’t see the psp “dying off” just yet. Besides I keep hearing the psp is still doing pretty well in japan.

  • This is insane, genius, incredible, etc. I will buy ASAP. THANK YOU, AKSYS.

  • Thank you for localizing this title. I am picking up a physical release of the UMD for collectors purposes. There are a significant number of great PSP titles that never were localized to North America. I appreciate that AKSYS much like Atlus and XSEED have taken the time to bring these over. These no Vita no buy complainers likely don’t even realize this is a glorified visual novel and even if such a game was released exclusively for Vita I doubt they are your target audience. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to your future titles. :)

  • I am most def buying this!! although I do with it came with trophies (native Vita game) but whatever It’s still a game i’ve been wanting to get since I saw it online.

  • @31 IF YOU LOVE YOUR PSP game so much then why you even bother us who don’t like a psp on our vita. Mind your own business.

    There are so many visual novel rpg games in vita but they never localized it. Instead they localized a psp title. That’s the reason it makes vita users rage! It seems like Sony doesn’t even trust their own product outside japan.

  • Hey Aksys, thanks for keeping retail alive for PSP!

    I’d love if you could bring over “Grisaia no Kajitsu: Le Fruit De La Grisaia”, it look awesome. A PS Vita version was announced recently, and it looks up my alley… and I’d love you for all time. :D

    I know these types of games are niche, and that one is probably even more niche given it’s not otome, but… you never know for sure unless you try? :D…. D: *sigh*

    On a more realistic note, if you could bring Xblaze Code: Embryo… I would love you eternally too. :D

    Two chances for my undying devotion… (implying you don’t already have it)

  • really? Don’t put vita in the description anywhere. This is a psp game, that vita can play–like many other psp games.

  • Great post! I’ll be picking this up to support VN localizations.

  • Not really a fan of digital comic books. Let me know when the hard copy comes out.

  • @Ryumoau People like you are the reason why not every PSP game are going to be localized. There is a game I wanted on PSP and will never be localized. It’s a game that originally released on PS3, but also on PSP as well. That type of game really shows how much the PSP can do. Isn’t that awesome? But no, you don’t care. Shame on you.

    @33 Really? Name one Vita visual novel that never got to see the light of day in the states. And you mind your own business. He’s got a point, you know.

  • Ha, did you know that some people actually support the Vita by not buying anymore new PSP games?

  • @38 What would you feel if you bought a ps3 then instead they localized a ps3 game, you get a ps2 compatible game?

    This is whats happening to ps vita now that is why it’s dying in west market because all good vita games stays in japan. If you really like a psp that bad then mind your own business and let PSP haters flood negative comments here.

  • @hazelcabug I would feel terrible. But hey, at least my PS2 won’t be sitting in dust. It’s like buying Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 for the PS3, but you got the PS2 version instead. They’ll play exactly the same, but they’ll be graphical differences.

    Also, I don’t love my PSP to death. I mean it’s great. It’s the perfect portable PS1 emulation device. Unlike the Vita, it can only support a few. And have you ever been to Japan or anywhere close there? I have and I seen mostly people have PSPs. It’s disappointing not to see many people with Vitas. Guess Sony still thinks the PSP makes more money.

  • will the dialogue be dubbed? I played Persona 4 dubbed and honestly I think the subbed version will be have a better feel for a romance game like this

  • That Kimimaro guy looks like the typical awesome character…I like him.Cool trailer.

    @ 2 willster98 – So you assume those who want PSP games dont own a VIta just because they want PSP games?…hmm…I own a PSP and a Vita and I still play on PSP….just like I still play PS1 and PS2 owning a PS3.

    @ 28 Ryumoau – The only thing that should die here is your constant wish of writing stupid comments…I know that your brain is dead already so why dont you stop writing nonsense.

  • @ 40 hazelcabug – Wow dude you’re one of the most ignorant people I’ve seen in recent days…take a good look at your comments and see who’s being negative here.

  • Definitely riding the native Vita version train as well. I can’t really tell what the game is about, however don’t say its for vita when it appears to be a PSP title you can play on vita. Btw, more exclusive games for Vita PLEASE!

  • Great news, I’ll buy for sure. My wife loved it when he saw the trailer.

  • Lets see if this game is exploitable.

    It would be a shame if this game gets released at the 27th and then pulled some days later due to an exploit ;)

  • @44 Welmosca – Look who’s ignorant? Why did you buy a vita if you like psp game?

  • @ 44 Welmosca – You can’t even know how to comprehend, That’s the point I am being negative here. I said, mind your own business let “PSP haters” like me to spam negative comments here. There are tons of Vita titles that are not localized, WE BOUGHT A VITA WE SUPPORT VITA GAMES but Sony don’t have faith on Vita owners. They prefer to localized a psp instead of vita games.

  • So happy to see a publisher willing to translate another Otome game. I enjoyed Hakouk event though it really wasn’t a game. This one looks like like it has more game-play to it. As a Vita and PSP owner, I too am disappointed at the lack of Vita titles in general, but I can understand why a game aimed more towards females would not want to be limite to the tiny Vita user base. Most of the time it seems like Sony doesn’t even know female games exist and is happy to let Nintendo serve that segment of the market.

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