Rain Developer Diary Vol 1

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Rain Developer Diary Vol 1

Hi PlayStation fans! On behalf of the Rain team, we want to say thank you for all the positive comments we’ve been receiving this year — especially coming out of E3 — as we continue to unveil more about the world of Rain. The teams at Japan Studios and PlayStation Camp have been busy this summer finalizing development and putting the final touches on Rain. They’re determined to bring a truly unique and engaging experience to PSN later this fall.

Today, we’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Rain with the release of the first video in our new developer diary series.

Game Director Yuki Ikeda explains how the concept of being lost plays a large role in Rain. A child may feel scared and alone, but also simultaneously curious about his surroundings. This is how the story of the invisible boy came about. Our Lead Planner Tomoharu Fujii, Art Director Seiichi Terashima, and Designer Tomokazu Oki also share some of the secrets in creating an environment that relies on the boy’s ability to become invisible. The world of Rain will pique players’ curiosity and invite them in, one step at a time, triggering a unique emotion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first developer diary. We’ll be back with more, so stay tuned to PS.Blog for more information as we gear up for a busy summer!

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  • vita version please!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Vita Version???

    Vita only gets mobile game overpriced!

    Vita is abandoned for a long time, be content in playing the rare exclusive launched and the few that may come!

  • This should be made on vita first and foremost.

    … anyone else think these subtitles are crazy fast lol

  • This is going to be an awesome game, Studio Japan never disappoint

  • I agree but I would prefer to see it on cross play, Ever since I first saw this game I cant wait to give it a try, the story looks interesting and the artwork stunning. No matter the price this game will be in my collection upon release.

  • Now. This is one game I would like to experience on the vita.
    Plus. Where is the rest of the psp games like metal gear solid portable ops, metal gear acid 1 and 2?

  • Cross Buy is all i’m saying…

  • This is originality at it’s best, I will definately buy this game when it comes out. And I don’t normally buy games day 1 but this is why I do.


    WORLDWIDE: The most News about the Vita are NEGATIVE!

    Sony ABANDONED customers who bought VITA, putting only games ported, and calling the Vita as “PS4 Control”. 


  • What an excellent video.! Im getting this.! a 11 out of 10 THE FAZEONES LOUNGE.

  • I want it on my Vita! A vita version please :D

  • Looking good!

  • I fell in love with Rain the first time it was shown. Very excited for its launch and will buy day 1. I’ll pre-order if you offer it.

    • We’re very happy to hear that you’re excited.
      We’ll have more information soon so please stay tuned!

  • @Stranger_Eddie: I own a Vita and have plenty of games for it. Your rancorous spew does not speak for me. I’m very satisfied with what Sony is doing overall. Now, announce Gravity Rush 2 and I’ll throw a party.

  • I cant wait for this game…Japanstudio games are day 1 buy when announced.

  • @Ender_Bean

    Until mid-April I was also fully satisfied, believing.

    Currently, Warrior’s Lair was canceled, the games are ported from cell ALL MORE EXPENSIVE, we see only releases PS3, PS4, and rare exceptions games Vita Exclusive!Worldwide, the 3DS sells absurdly, the Vita is losing ALL sales.

    I have 2 sticks with Vita games. And I’ll just buy more games VITA EXCLUSIVE!

    I got tired of seeing overpriced ports, and no real new games that explore the Vita hardware. Mobile games, every IOS and Android do.I came to the conclusion that it is useless fans begging Sony to launch franchises Top PSX (Spyro, Crash …), or even the PSP (Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts BBS Final Mix …), because the people applaud pay TRIPLE tHE PRICE for mobile games on Vita, while the rest of the world shows its sales INCREASING LOW!

    I Hope to see franchises like Rain in Vita … But, does not depend on an idiot like me who is seeing the product I bought so heartily, seeing others cheering for decisions to cancel games, or have ports overpriced.


  • God this looks really boring. i beat it will be overpriced like Journey was as well.

  • Nothing else has interested me lately as much as this game. I am entranced by the sound and look of rain so a game like this looks so relaxing. really looking forward to it’s release.

    • Wow, thank you so much!
      We put in so much work on the sound so we’re glad to hear that you like the music!!

  • Can’t wait to play this. Keep up the great work!

  • This game has flown under my radar until seeing this post. Very intrigued by what Studio Japan is trying to do with this game. Will be keeping an eye on this one until it comes out later in the year.

  • I noticed some screen-tearing right across the screen. Why not go for the triple-buffered + hard v-sync approach? Is it a concern for control feedback? I think for a game like this, image quality is much more important.

  • I’m guessing this rain isn’t heavy?

  • When was the last time I got lost? Was when I got lost in the awe that is Rain. I look forward to this.

  • Chalk up another vote for Vita. I don’t own a PS3 and I won’t be buying a PS4. I game on Vita and PC.

  • Release date? =)

  • I like that the developers are experimenting with different concepts and aesthetics.

  • I know it’s just rain but it’s beautifully designed. The concept really draws you in. I would also love if this came to Vita as well but I don’t mind utilizing my PS3 to play this.

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