PlayStation Blogcast 083: Here There Be Dragons

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PlayStation Blogcast 083: Here There Be Dragons
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Dragon’s Crown (PS3 and PS Vita) takes the throne on today’s show! We begin with some hands-on impressions before diving into an in-depth interview with John Hardin of Atlus. Then plunge into the darkness with Batman: Arkham Origin‘s new multiplayer mode Invisible Predator Online, including a new interview with Creative Director Alastair Cornish from Splash Damage. Of course, you’ll get all of next week’s North American game releases, new voicemails, listener letters, a PSN Gem of the Week and more!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • I was just thinking about the blogcast :D

  • And have any of you guys tried the ibb & obb level in LittleBIGPlanet 2?

  • :c Still no info on the Tales of Xillia PSN release for NA.

  • Thanks a ton for bringing Ryan back! Love the Blogcast!

  • Its Deep Down from capcom a ps4 exclusive? I sure hope so since ps4 has 0 third party exclusives since the lost of FFvs13 (15) and not even Kingdom hearts 3. Hell not even MGS5… sony didnt do a good job saving third party exclusives.

  • and im happy to finally see ryan.

  • Oh and pls Can someone here tell me if theres going to be an offer to buy both physical versions of Dragons crown? like getting both for 60 or something? bc i wanned to get the vita version but since its the underdog one and Obviously dont have cross play I will totally get the ps3 version…. but in reality i wanned to play on the go too with the cross save… :(

  • Farm Phresh!

  • @3, Tales of Xillia comes to PSN this week

    Dragon’s Crown and Tales of Xillia Head to PSN Next Week

  • Did I just hear Mr. Shuman say that Tales of Xillia will be on PSN? Like first day? Because if this is the case then I have a preorder to cancel. Please be true!!!

  • anybody else now want to see him in a wizard costume now?

  • Hey Sid Shuman, I think Dragon’s Crown is a title that should have definitely been shown at the E3 conference.

  • Playstation Blogcast hosted by Sid the Shumanizer and his minions the Shumanites (nick et. al).

    LOL! sorry..

  • Shouldn’t we be getting the PS+ August Update today?

  • Dragon’s Crown will be avaliable in the PSN too?

  • So great to have Clements on the team! Beyond :)

    P.S. My new avatar is the shhhhhh

  • @ NoNE-lefT-AliVE
    that’s on Mondays

  • Looking forward to listening to the blogcast on my commute home.

    Ryan Clements – a great farm fresh addition to the team.

  • First time i listened to the entire blogcast. I enjoyed it, but next time less talk about magic the gathering and more talk about octopi or is it octopusses? Great week for games. I wish i could afford both, but I am choosing Tales of Xillia over Dragon’s Crown. I will definitely get DC next month though. Any word on the mysterious PS1 classic you teased a few weeks back?

  • Ryan is gonna be a regular? That would be great! Downloading now

  • Glad to hear Tales of Xilia day one digital is confirmed. Still would have been nice to have that preorder bonus for those of us who are stuck with digital releases. :(

  • Excellent blogcast and very happy that Ryan (Beyond!) has joined the team. Very good guy and great fit to the blogcast.

    Thank you guys for another great episode!

  • Clements and Aram Jabbari need to be on the show all the time.

  • Love Your Blogcast, you guys need to be on TV

  • yes i prefer to hear next week releases right away. well really thats all i want to hear. sorry gangstas

  • Wonder what happened to the ps plus monthly outline they said they’d announce on the last Thursday of the month. Kinda big deal back in Feburary. Two or three months of it then they just stopped. Maybe I’m missing something. Anyway I feel like a ****** expecting to hear it now. Kind of a nice treat of breaking news for the blogcast listeners.

    Thanks for the fun atlus interview well done, hope Nintendo doesn’t buy them up Persona 5 ps4! Oh yea good tip on the salt and vinegar almonds, though I thought you said beans, good thing I kept listening, i imagine eating beans sure doesn’t sound like that well maybe 30 mins later on the other way out. Been listening for awhile now and love your what we are playing segment. Thanks for keeping me pumped to keep buying games I’d never heard of normally.

    Playstation gem: max Payne 3 (7 bucks what…)

  • my 1st time listening to PS Blog Cast

  • i know that my request doesnt have to do anything with the blogcast but anyway, are we going to be able to pre order killzone mercenary on the ps store, i prefer to buy digital games and there have to be plenty more people who would like to….ps vita rocks!!!

  • 31 days months: impair months until july, pair months from august… this is the same as the knuckle thing.

  • Ok. Love the show…. but NEVER eat something on the air again. Thanks.

  • I usually enjoy the podcast and the developer interviews. However, I found the Dragon’s Crown interview and broader game discussion to be a sharp reminder that this podcast is almost all about PR and that listeners shouldn’t think for a second that there will be a balanced discussion of the pros and cons of a game. There was no mention of the overly sexualized art style that many women and a good number of men who respect women may find offensive. Businesses should put being a good citizen of the world ahead of the profit motive and just do the right thing. It ‘s ok to make an juvenile game that some will find offensive. Howver, to discuss a game while ignoring the potentially significant offensive parts is not ok. To not mention at all the way that women are portrayed in this game while promoting it is severely unbalanced and irresponsible. I hope that Sony will won’t spend any more time promoting this game unless they do it in a more balanced and responsible way.

  • yeah, eating on-air isn’t a good way to retain listeners.

  • Sony, release a DualShock 4 in the original PlayStation grey.

  • Fallout3 for psn

  • @MKPACK Maybe they didn’t bring up the “offensive artstyle” because it didn’t occur to them. Not everyone is as repressed and uptight as you believe it or not. Why are people so overly sensitive these days? It makes no sense to me, there are games like God of War,(which i love btw) with nudity and extreme violence, but a clothed woman who happens to have large breasts is too much for you?

  • Another week, another blogcast episode lol.
    Good episode as always guys, I found the dragon’s crown interview particularly interesting and now I’m considering possibly picking it up at launch.

    As for the new releases section, I agree with Nick, I’d rather have it where you guys share your thoughts on the games as you’re going through the list. I dunno…it feels more natural that way.

  • Not sure if anyone will see this but…voice chat is currently not working properly on the ps3 version of hot shots golf world invitational which was released a week or two ago…Was working fine with friends in stroke play online and all of a sudden it is no longer working since maintenance.

  • Beyond! I’m so exited about Dragon’s Crown! Can’t wait for next week! This was the 2nd blogcast I listened and I gotta say you got yourselves a subscriber! Great content’ keep up the good work.

  • Hey, Sid. I hate to post this here, but it seems that the mofilm video contest is not appearing, and I was wondering if you could clarify that for me, as I have been working on a submission, but cannot see where to submit it, or even download the brief anymore.

  • so…. wheres my rant??? which is awaiting moderation? i really hope u didnt deleted guys…

  • WHY DOES PSN KEEP SIGNING ME “IN & OUT”?! EITHER STAY ONLINE OR OFF!!! & IT’S NOT MY INTERNET CONNECTION, BECAUSE I’M REALLY SICK OF PSN “NOOBS” ASKING ME ‘BOUT MY INTERNET WHEN I “CALL” PSN & ASK WHY “THIS & THAT” ISN’T WORKING PROPERLY! THAT’S WHY WHEN A “SONY REP” ASKS ME A “FOOLISH” QUESTION ABOUT A PROBLEM THAT I “DON’T HAVE”, I JUST END UP “HANGING UP”!THEN, NOT-TO-MENTION HOW MANY TIMES 1 MUST GIVE PSN THEIR “E-MAIL” ADDRESS. I’M SORRY, BUT PSN “IS” STUPID WHEN THEY’LL ASK YOU FOR YOUR “INFO” THEN, THEY “TRANSFER” YOU OVER TO ANOTHER “NOOB WORKER”, ONLY FOR THAT PERSON TO ASK YOU THE “SAME LAME” THING!! Can you say “LACK OF COMMUNICATION”! Since it seems PSN will never “get right”, then I have no choice but to finally say goodbye to any PS product after all these years since the 1st wave of “PS1” consoles hit U.S. in ’95.BTW, I had to “turn PS1 upside-down” just to get it TO PLAY. Guess I should have known THEN. All well, ENDS WELL.At least on X-box I won’t feel like i’m being “TARGETED” on there from “DEFENDING” myself from “HARASSERS”.

  • I like the current format of discussing each news item as it is announced. Don’t change your format for the whiners! That being said, I’m going to whine a bit.. I have to agree that you should not eat on air during a podcast…

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