Thunder Wolves: Napalm-Infused Action on PSN August 13th

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Thunder Wolves: Napalm-Infused Action on PSN August 13th

As kids in the ’80s, we grew up with outrageous action heroes capable of toppling entire regimes without ever reloading – and as for how those bullets made everything explode… some questions just aren’t worth asking. At bitComposer Games and Most Wanted Entertainment, we wanted to combine the over-the-top destruction and old-school sensibilities with one of gaming’s most underutilized vehicles; the helicopter.

Thunder Wolves: Napalm-Infused Action on PSN August 13th

Not everyone needs complicated storylines with brotastic melodrama, or epic amounts of padding to fill the hours. Sometimes, we simply have the urge to grab a controller and blow $#!& up from a chopper. Maybe it seems weird to mention destruction as a ‘feature’ of gameplay, but in Thunder Wolves, out August 13th on PSN, we have buildings crumbling into searing clouds, tanks exploding on impact, foot-soldiers being utterly vaporized, and… you get the idea. In short, Thunder Wolves is a little adrenaline-surge rolled up with the perfect after-work stress relief.

Max and Blister are two pilots in one of the world’s most feared mercenary companies: Thunder Wolves. Of course, being part of such a fierce team means having wicked weaponry, but we don’t want players getting bogged down with menus and item-management. Instead, we keep things clean and the action running smoothly with nine helicopters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and 13 missions with an emphasis on seek-and-destroy. Well, mainly just destroy.

Thunder Wolves on PSN

Thunder Wolves on PSNThunder Wolves on PSN

There is one feature of classic gaming that we absolutely knew Thunder Wolves had to have: local co-op. But we didn’t just throw two helicopters on the screen with double the enemies. We want real teamwork, so one player pilots while the other takes the role of gunner. At least if your partner screws up you won’t have to go far for revenge.

Thunder Wolves isn’t meant to be a life-altering experience, and we don’t drone on with generic nonsense about “revolutionary new innovations blah blah blah.” Instead, we keep things streamlined, focusing on solid mechanics and excellent mission variety peppered with a bit of old-school flair and saturated with scorching devastation. Really, Thunder Wolves isn’t rocket science; it’s just rockets.

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  • PSN is not a classification!

    PS3, Vita or both?!

    When will bloggers learn?!

  • Looks pretty fun…might have to check it out. Will there be a demo?

  • I have a problem with my purchases , i bought the season pass for the walking dead some months ago, but before that i got episodes 1 and 2 free with PSPLUS .Now i don´t find the first episode in my download list and can´t play it.The season pass also appears as if i haven´t bought it yet.

  • That doesn’t look like the Choplifter I remember…

  • @1: They usually put Vita in bold if it’s coming out on Vita. They’re pretty adamant about advertising the heck out of those games… especially if they’re already putting a blog out on it, they would make sure the words PS Vita are on there. Heck, they advertised a .99$ ios/Android App just cause it was coming to the Vita. :) — well.. and it’s a boxing game, and we don’t have any of those (and I expect it to be much more satisfying with physical buttons and dedicated RAM).

  • Yeah!! More games like this. Video games that aren’t afraid to be video games. Less pretentious games please!

    Ironically this won’t be be considered an “indie” game despite coming from an independent developer and games by major publishers that are unbearable art games get the “indie” tag.

  • Playstation Move support?!?

    This seems to be a game that would lend itself to that style of controls.

  • I was getting crazy seeing this game on the store and not being able to buy it. This will be a great purchase, thats for sure.
    The trailers are full of over-the-top destruction just like the old days!

    Congratulations to all you guys at bitComposer Games and Most Wanted Entertainment.

    @Zimm108, it will not be like choplifter, it’s more like a hyper desert strike (I’m feeling old).


  • I forgot! How many choppers will be available? It has any customizations system? Looks like ammunition is infinite. It is? It will be cool to explode things without realoading my machinegun. Yes, i love destruction! :D

    • 10 helicopters will be available during the whole game and they all have different weapons. Ammo is infinite but weapons will have a recharge time if you use them like there´s no tomorrow :) The challenge is to use your arsenal wisely ;)

  • seems fun, will definitely buy

  • Hadnt heard of this one but am interested now. I used to love the EA strike series back in the day and have been waiting forever for a good fun helicopter game to come along. Hopefully this will be a good one.

  • This looks like it’ll be an explosive good time! (see what I did there?)
    I love the over-the-top destruction. Classic 80s movies should be a new game genre, where all the best, most nonsensical yet fun to play games get categorized. I’m constantly telling people how, after a long day at work, I look forward to getting home and “killing sh**”. Looks like a developer finally understands me, and made a game just for me. Consider this game BOUGHT. :D

  • Awesome post, Daniel! :)

  • @ xClayMeow

    PSN is definitely a “classification”. And the reason it’s mentioned is so that consumers will know this is a downloadable title available through the PlayStation Store, not a “PS3” game that they can find on Blu-Ray at their local retail game store.

    “PS3” or “Vita” should be mentioned after stating that it’s available through PSN, though. I agree with that. But classifying it as a “PSN” game is also necessary.

  • Despite the great trailer and post shown here, this must be an April Fool’s joke. I have tried to search this site and playstation proper, but do not come back with any results for this game. For some odd reason (if this game TRULY does exist), bitComposer games doesn’t want to confirm or deny whether this game supports the Move controller. Seeing as the only reason many gamers would actually buy this IS to dust of their Move, this is pretty important information. Being such, I can only speculate that the game doesn’t support the Move since they aren’t advertising it as such.

  • Ahhh. Roundabout confirmation in the fact that the game is being developed for both PC and 360 would suggest no Move Support, seeing as Microsoft is willing to pay a pretty penny to make sure that the PS3 doesn’t get better versions of games that are released on all mediums.

  • i remember Time Crysis on arcades…good old memories.
    Nice game!

  • OMG this looks awesome! Day thank you bitComposer Games

  • This looks like fun indeed, may also check this out. But on another not the PS Vita needs more shooters as well.

  • A Vita version would be awesome, pity it doesn’t come…

  • This game looks like fun. Please make a vita version!

  • I have this game on PC and it’s great. It’s like a spiritual successor to the Strike series from EA. Lots of crap to blow up in this heli game.

  • It would sure be something to see a game like this on the Vita!

  • @17 It’s been on PC for months. I almost bought it back in June but saw it was coming for PS3 so I decided to wait.

  • Two questions: 1- is this game a on rails shooter? 2- Is the “health” self regenerating?

    • First:
      This is no rail shooter. You can fly with your helicopter over the maps as you like and decide for yourself from which angle and hight you want to attack the enemy. But there are also rail sequences, where you swithc into the gunner seat and you have to shoot down everything with your cannon while the pilot is flying through a fully destrucible area.

      Health regenerates itself. Lower health is shown by the cracks in your cockpit window.

  • I have been a big fan of Most Wanted since they originally were called Mithis. Loved Battlestations series (Eidos Hungary but boo no PS3 version), Nexus the Jupiter Incident, and JTF. PS3 needs to get a good space game like Nexus.
    Anyway I have been waiting for this for a while and i am glad it is finally coming to the PS3. I’ve been holding on to my credit for this game. They wanted to make the game feel like Desert Strike.

  • Fallout3 psn

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